Chapter 4.10: Holy Shit, it’s an Update!

Wow, that was an incredibly long hiatus!  It’s kind of ridiculous that I started this legacy in May 2010 and am just now on Gen 4.  Ack!  I need to get this thing going! But first I just wanted to share a brief look at what I’ve been up to since my last post almost 2 YEARS ago!!  Nursing school has pretty much eaten my soul… and my social life.  Also, SnapChat is awesome.

rest areaDeep fear of public restrooms.  This was a major breakthrough.

explosive puppy poopSpent all day cleaning up human poop only to come home and clean up puppy poop. There was so much *shudder*

mad cheddar at casinoThis looks like play, but I assure you there was nursey stuff going on the next day.  Also, there was absolutely no excuse for crazy eyes ‘cause I only won $23.  lol

have a nice dayExams can suck it hard.

WTH was I thinkingDaily sentiment.  But I’m loving it!

Enough crazy time with Amanda.  Who’s ready for a legacy update?

So just to recap: Lafayette is the new Gen 4 Heir.  He married Bethany, who’s a quirkly little Ghostbuster.  We love her immensely.  Randall and Gaston are now elders clinging to their last breaths (not really but that was pretty dramatic right?).

I thought we needed a quirky little house to go with our quirky little family.  And I found the Wheelhouse.  It’s an amazing Steampunk Victorian home.

Screenshot (2)

And it comes with these sweat ridesScreenshot-2 (2)Screenshot-10

Screenshot-11Bethany:  Let’s woohoo in the car!

Lafayette:  Okay, but hurry before the Dads get there first.

Screenshot-12Gaston: Let’s woohoo in the elevator!

Randall: You read my mind.

Screenshot-15Lafayette: Baby, you really crank my tractor.

Bethany:  Aww, you say the sweetest things.  Let’s go check out that time machine.Screenshot-21Bethany:  You wanna piece of me bro?

Lafayette:  God, I love you!

Screenshot-22Lafayette: So, do you think this thing is safe?

Screenshot-29Bethany:  Dunno.  Press that button.  And that button there. And turn that thingy over there.

Screenshot-24Time Machine: Vwarp…Vwarp….Vwarp…

Screenshot-27Lafayette:  Dear God!! The Humanity!!!

Screenshot-28Bethany:  That was frackin’ awesome.

Lafayette:  Let’s never speak of that again.


Screenshot-33Lafayette: Ready to go again?

Seriously?  They love doin’ it in the time machine.  I finally had to just start cancelling actions ‘cause this is a legacy not a porno.

Screenshot-38DV: I just don’t even.  Who is this woman?  Why is she in our home? More importantly where is her shirt?!

Screenshot-40DV: And pants!!??  Mr. Unicorn is scarred for life.

And then this happened:Lafany have a child from the past

Welcome to the family Beauxregard Boudreaux!Screenshot-41And this is about where I totally lost my saved game.  I imagine it had something to do with the 2-year hiatus. *face palm*

So now the Boudreauxs live here:Screenshot-46

Screenshot-63Randall:  I am telling you Beth.  There was something other worldly in the sky.  And it was not a teapot!

Bethany:  It’s not that I don’t believe you.  But…

Screenshot-64Randall: Fine, why don’t you call the crazy police and have them come take me away.

Bethany:  That is always an option.

Bethany has no time for Randall’s shenanigans.  There are more important things to do at the new house.

Screenshot-69Bethany:  Look at the awesome things I can do!  I’m getting pretty good at this thing.

Screenshot-85DV: Uh, is that suppose to happen?

Bethany:  Everything is fine.  Trust me. I’m a pro.

Screenshot-87DV: Yep.  Looks fine to me.

Bethany:  You are not helping this situation.

Screenshot-91Bethany:  OUCH!  MY SPLEEN!!!

Screenshot-92Bethany:  Dear God the humanity!  Turn it off!  Turn it off!

Screenshot-99DV: *laughing hysterically* Are you okay?

Bethany:  Just… just don’t look at me.

Yeah, this is a ridiculously short chapter.  Mainly because it’s taken the good part of 2 days to get my game updated and everything installed the way it should be.  But I did finish the Family Tree. It’s so complete you may question if I did the work myself.  I did.




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