Chapter 4.8: Catfights, Weddings and Babies

Welcome, welcome!  The Boudreauxs have been on a little hiatus while I’m in school.  Luckily, it’s spring break and I don’t have to work on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I have missed them just has much as you have.

Just to refresh your memories, here’s what happened last time on The Legacy: Gaston molested his ice bunny pop, Suzette is dating town Slayer Christal Seaweedy, Sabine aged up to a young adult, and the rest of the family was pretty much adorable the entire time.





DV:  So whatcha doin’ there Randall?

Randall:  Shhh, I’m making science.


Randall: OMG!  Is my hair okay?

DV:  Yeah *giggle*  Altough I think it’s the rest of you that a little, um…well done.


DV:  Hey Sabine!  What are you up to?

Sabine:  Shhh, I’m writing.

Sabine's book is going well

Sabine is well on her way to becoming a Renaissance Sim.  Her first task is to max out her writing skill.

Sabine wants to move in with Tony

And she’s got other plans of her own.  All in good time dear.


Gaston:  What happened, my little teapot?!

Randall:  I had a small accident.

Gaston:  Come with me.  I know how to make it all better.





Remember last chapter that the kids were supposed to go on a field trip to the Specter Family Mausoleum?  It seems that they couldn’t stay out of trouble.

put that skull down lafayette

suze crosses the chasm

And they each came home with a cool little poster featuring the cemetery





Random Town Updates:

Tonya and ira broke up

Try as it might, the game just can’t seem to get the Stormcallers and Boudreauxs together.

guy donates to geobe

Really, Guy?!  You know he’s murdered half of Generation 3 right?

ira stalks tonya

Oh, and now Ira’s being creepy.  Ew.

Graham hooks up with Morrigan

Tony’s mom is all about her some Graham.

Christal beat by lolachristal goes to hosptial after fight

More evidence that Christal sucks as a slayer.  Really?

Georgie promo lieutenant

Georgie has another promotion.  It’ll be good to have family high up on the force.






Lafayette invited his girlfriend Bethany over.  She’s already aged into a young adult.  It’s okay, ‘cause Lafayette is only a few days away from turning into a YA as well.


And it’s a good thing,  The kissing is quite awkward.


DV:  She so pretty!!

Lafayette:  Yeah, and I’m gonna tap that.

DV: I would send you to your room for that comment but then I’d only be encouraging that behavior.


Here’s a better pic in all her Steampunk glory.


Bethany:  I really should be going.  I’m so exhausted.

Lafayette:  We could have a slumber party. I’ll even share my sleeping bag with you.

Guess who else was invited over?


DV: It’s Tony!

Tony:  Lafayette’s girl is just good enough to eat.

DV: Uh, uh.  Stay away.  You got a girl of your own!


DV:  What’s that face about?


Tony:  Sabine, will you be the Buffy to my Angel?


Sabine:  YES, YES, YES!!

DV:  Seriously, she did the cutest little happy dance.


DV:  Nice job Tony.

Well, in all the excitement I completely forgot the Suzette is supposed be having a birthday today.  Yay!


Everyone:  It’s a birthday!!


Suze:  I can not wait to get away from these crazy people.

DV: I know what you mean.


DV: Even Tony’s excited.  And I see why.


DV: And the Boudreaux genetics never fail me.  Just gorgeous.

Suze:  Can I move out now?

DV: You no wanna be the heir?

Suze:  Ah…no.

DV: Suzette rolled the Handy trait and her LTW is to be a One Sim Band.


Suze:  Um, I broke your computer.


Suze:  K, thanks. Bye!


Dv: And Suze’s departure when unnoticed by the rest of the family.

Sabine:  I hear you have a big game coming up Daddy.


Randall:  Enough of this sports talk.  So Tony, what do you do for a living?

Tony:  *chokes*

DV: Oh, I’m not sure I mentioned this.  But Tony works as a Decoy, well on his way to being Emperor of Ebil.  He’s also leader of Town Dracula.


DV: Tony was relieved he didn’t have to answer that question as he was saved just in time by Gaston’s little breakdown.

Gaston:  My baby will be all grown up soon!!! Ahhhh!


DV: Which spawned Randall’s little outburst.

Randall:  OMG!!!   I’m married to Gaston Boudreaux!!


DV:  Um, awkward moment much?


DV:  okay, this is just creepy.  You’re gonna do it in your parent’s bedroom?


DV: Ugh, and you’re going to do it in your daughter’s bedroom?

And the answers are Yes and Yes



DV: Seriously, I think we’ve got another Lisette on our hands.  Sabine and Tony did it like 4 times, completely autonomously.  Please let this night end…




Gaston Dring Promotion

DV: It’s good to be a celebrity.  Gaston gets a lot of these promotional jobs.  Which is good, ‘cause their bills are like 7k.


Randall:  *humming to himself*

DV:  Are you cooking?!

Randall:  Making pancakes for my lovah.


DV:  mmmm, looks….well done.


Randall:  Holy Shit!  It’s magnificent….


DV: Oookay.  It’s a coat rack.


Sabine:  Oh Lord!  Imma be sick.

DV: I tried to warn you about those pancakes.  Ya’ll never listen to me.

It’s a busy day in the Boudreaux household.

Lafayette award ceremony

First, Lafayette has an awards ceremony.

Lafayette has a recital

Ten he has a recital.

Plus Gaston has a game that night too.  Looks like he’ll be missing both of Lafayette’s events.

Gaston team won 15-0

But it was worth it in the end.  The team kicked ass.

Gaston Promo Sports LEgend

Which allowed for another promotion and Gman is not maxed his career level.  Go, Gaston, go!




DV:  Not very manly or vampy Tony.

Tony:  I can’t help it.  I just love her so much!

Gaston is invited to Polly party

DV:  Randall got an invite to Polly Marks party.  Sounds like fun but he won’t be able to make it because he’ll be at a WEDDING! *does the Snoopy dance*




Tony:  Sabine, I will stand between you and all which would harm you.  I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul and my Life.

Sabine: Tony, I will shield you from the Light of Day with my flesh.  I will never betray you, for you are my Heart, my Soul and my Life.


Gaston:  Aww, my baby girl.


Randall:  Awww, GAWD.  My baby girl! *sobs into hands*


DV: Even Suzie made it to the wedding.  This lighting makes her eyes look a little creepy though.


*sucking face*  Yep they’re official.


DV: this is Melodie Byrd.  She looks just like Bradley!  But she has Sim!Amanda’s hair color.


DV: And this is Melodie’s twin sister, January.  She doesn’t really look like Bradley or Sim!Amanda


DV: Love is in the air.  Christal and Suzie are all in the mood.

Tonya Stormcaller:  This is a little awkward.


Christal:  I just got lucky in the shower.

DV:  lol.  nice outfit.



It was a very nice party until trouble started to brew.


DV: Yep, that’s January Byrd kicking the crap out of some guy.


DV: Ah, looks like we have a sibling squabble going on.  That is a one of the Byrd boys.  Ivan I think.


DV: Way to stay classy guys.  Geez, I can’t take you, I mean, Sim!Amanda can’t take you anywhere!


DV:  Ha ha.  Ivan got his ass handed to him by a girl.


Jessica Talon:  She’d make a nice addition to the Town Nosferatu.

January: *disturbed look*  I gotta go home.





Val:  Yes!  They’re sleeping.  Now I can have the only working computer to myself.


Randall:  Old woman, you woke me up!


Randall: *balling like a little girl*

DV: You can’t really see his thought bubble. But he’s crying because one of his grapevines died. This is what happens when you spend too much time canoodling with your husband.

Randall: But he’s so hot.

DV: *rolls eyes*  Go to work Randall.





More Random Town Updates:

Suzette and Christal are expecting

Hmm, well it seems that Suze and Christal have been very busy.  I wonder if it was that magical night in the shower?

Rueban Littler slayed

Mayor Geobe Stormcaller’s goons seem to be everywhere now. Reuben wasn’t my favorite but it’s clear the Mayor needs to be stopped. And soon.

Jett kicked Bethany out

Bethany got into a fight with her brother. Lout is kind of a strong word there Jett.

Emmy joins Helsing

Okay, what the hell people?! Geobe is a MURDERER. *throws hands in air and stomps off, shaking head*

Sabine is now the Slayer

Hmm, okay.  Not sure if this is a glitch with Story Progression or what.  But now Sabine is the town Slayer.

christal popped the question

And the girls are making is official and getting married.

Sabine gets beat up

DV: Sabine, come on girl! You can be a better Slayer than that. Beau Merrick is sissy.





Randall complete his LTW

And Randall has met his LTW of being a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder!

Gaston complete Fitness Nut Challenge

Ohh, and Gaston completed the Fitness Nut Skill Challenge.  Wow!  That’s 75 hours of logged cardio.  WTG!


Randall:  What’s this?

DV:  It’s a dog.

Randall:  I have an idea.

DV:  Oh, no!  No dogs in the house.


Randall:  What?!  This is outra…..wait as a pet?  Oh, I hadn’t thought about that.

DV: *cringes at what he was thinking*




It’s Sim!Garg and she’s dancin’.  You know what that means?


Sim!Garg:  It’s a Boudreaux party!

DV: Nice footwork.

Sim!Garg:  Yeah, and I haven’t even broken a foot yet.


Sim!Garg loves her a some Boudreauxs.

Lafayette:  Yes!  I’ll get to do it with my girlfriend now!


DV: He turned out pretty handsome.  He rolled the Brave trait and his LTW is to be a Forensic Specialist: DNA profiler.


DV: Bwahahahahah!  She’s so excited.

SIm!Garg:  There’s cake!!


Sim!Garg: The cake is calling to me.


DV: What’s this?  A double birthday?!


Randall: Wait!  Will I get to keep my luxurious locks of hair?

DV: Well, I supposed that’s up to the game.


Randall: Yes!

Gaston:  Umm…..


Randall spent the rest of the evening dancing in his teapot swim trunks.  I didn’t get a picture, but Sim!Garg joined him at some point and they danced together for hours.  That girl likes to shake her money maker.



And now I leave you with a promise of the future…


Meet the new Boudreaux heir.

Thanks for reading!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 21, 2014 @ 08:36:31

    Don’t worry, Randall, you’re still pretty cute as an elder!

    Love the new heir and spouse, here’s hoping for some (more) gorgeous babies!


  2. deviouslyvivid
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 18:14:40

    I can’t wait ’til they breed either! I got the hair from anubis, but I think it’s a Newsea original.


  3. Gargantua
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 06:46:05

    What fun! You’ve got another handsome heir on your hands. I can’t wait to see what the next generation looks like! As to Geobe, you do have to give him credit – he is quite dedicated to the cause. 🙂 It is funny that the Boudreauxs are now signing on, LOL! And I think Brad would be proud to know that his girls know how to defend themselves from all comers. Promoting Peace and Chicken Grease can be a such a violent business. 🙂

    As a side note, I love the hair you gave Sim!Garg. Where’d ya get it?


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