Chapter 4.7: The Ice Cream Man Cometh

Last time on The Legacy: Lafayette grew up into a teenager and all the kids went to prom.  Lafayette tried really hard to set the house on fire.  Gaston and Randall were all cute and lovey.  AND no one died!  It was all very exciting (particularly that last part).

Random Story Progression Updates:

On a side note, anyone who know me in RL knows I’m a sucker for a stray. The count in my house is now up to 5 dogs and cat. Every last one of them rescues.

So this will come as very funny:

Neighborhood Pet Adoption

My house is the Neighborhood Pet Adoption Center!

And look what we have up for adoption right now:


Aren’t they precious? Someone please adopt them.

garg promoted to sous chef

Sim!Garg has made it to Sous-Chef! You’re almost there Garg!

Belisama has good advice

And Belisama has some great advise for new vampire fledgling, Stella Striker.

And now back to The Legacy…

Gaston got an opportunity forever and day ago from his agent to go dancing over at The Brightmore.  So with the kids still at prom and Randall working on his fishing skill, Gaston headed out to fulfill his agents wishes.


Gaston: Excuse me hot stuff.   Can I bother you for a burger?  All that dancing has me famished.

Bartender:  Baby, you can have a burger with a side of me if you want.

Gaston: *shifty eyes*

Bartender:  Or, how bout just a free burger?

Gaston:  Deal!  And I’ll throw in an autograph.

Gaston was burning up the dance floor

And that little visit landed him him some cash and a celebrity point!

Oh my!  What’s this?


It’s the Ice Cream Truck!!!!

True Story: We have an ice cream truck that drives through our neighborhood all the time.  But they sell mostly weed.  Which is a pretty ingenious idea.  Stoners love them some ice cream (also a true story).

And you know who else loves ice cream?  Only your favorite superstar athlete! Now, let us watch Gaston make sweet, sweet love to his ice bunny.


Gaston:  Don’t worry bunny.  I won’t bite…hard




Gaston:  Yep, I know how to lick ‘em.


Gaston:  We’re getting very cheeky this chapter.

I know. I’m feeling very….devious tonight  *tee hee*

don't keep cake in your pocket

This is why we don’t keep cake in our inventory, Randall.


Randall:  I’ve been cooking up a plan.  Have you finished reading your driving manual?

Suzette:  Heck ya!

Randall: Well go get some clothes on ‘cause Daddy’s taken you driving


Randall:  That is the fastest I’ve ever seen that girl change clothes.


Randall:  Yes!  First step driving, second step moving out.

Suzette:  Come on Dad!!


Randall:  Now, Suze.  Driving is much like playing chess.


Randall:  You must be able to anticipate what the other opponent, or drivers in this case, are going to do next.


Randall:  Like I failed to anticipate how slow you were actually going to drive.


I mean seriously!  She drove up this hill slower than two turtles humping in peanut butter.

Both Suzette and Sabine got their driver’s license with a hitch.  And for being such studious…uh….students.  The family bought them this:


Suze has been wishing for a piano forever and now the family has a little cash Randall and Gaston decided to splurge a little.

Gaston visits the sick kids

Gaston spent Saturday visiting the sick kids at the hospital.  He’s such a good role model.  As all Superstar Athletes should be.


I forget why I took this picture.

Randall:  ‘Cause I’m the bees knees.

Yeah, ya are!

Cristal is a crappy slayer

Did I mention that Suzette’s new girlfriend, Christal is the Slayer?  She’s not a very good one. But a Slayer none-the-less.

gaston lost a game

Well crap.  This is the first game Gaston’s team has lost all season.  And it looks like they got creamed!

Oh hey!  Guess whose birthday it is?  Sabine’s!  (finally)

And Lafayette has the perfect way to start the celebration…


Lafayette:  It’s gonna work this time.  I just know it!


Gaston:  Bethany’s here.  Let’s hope we don’t catch her on fire.


Randall:  Yeah, I’m rockin’ these speedos.


Suzette:  Stand back!  I brought he fire extinguisher.

Gaston: Good thinking honey.

Lafayette:  You guys suck.  This is going to work.


Randall:  Suze, get that extinguisher!


Lafayette:  SCORE!  See I told you it would work.



Gaston:  They’re beautiful, son.


Sabine:  So can we focus on me for a minute?


Everyone:  Woooooo


Oh, look.  She looks pretty much the same.

Sabine rolled Great Kisser.  And her LTW is to be a Renaissance Sim.


Gordon:  Did I hear someone mention cake?

Yep, it’s Sabine’s birthday.  Come join the fun.


Asher:  Gaston said there was cake.  And boobies.

Wow, word really gets around down in the Underworld.  Wait, what?  Boobies?


Oh dear God!  Christal!  Put some clothes on!  You may sleep au natural at home but this is not appropriate night clothes for a slumber party.

Suzette:  She can share my sleeping bag.  You know, to keep warm.

Absolutely not!


Georgie’s son Derrick is sleeping in Sabine’s bed.  Glad he made himself at home.


I’m guessing Asher’s grave isn’t as cozy as this sleeping bag.


You can tell there were a bunch of teens at this party.  The house is mess.  Maybe the maid will actually earn her salary.


Oh Christal, that’s so nice!  And I see you’ve put on actual clothing.

Christal:  Just trying to be a good house guest.


Gaston:  Hey Slayer!  What do you think you’re doing with that half eaten cake plate?


Gaston:  om nom nom nom


Gaston:  And that’s how it’s done in the Boudreaux household, Slayer.


Christal: That was disgusting.


Gaston:  Don’t touch any more of those plates.  I’ve got my eye on you Slayer.


Christal:  Hey, there’s a ghost in my bed. Sad smile  That’s Asher Donovan.  I better take a pic for Mom.  She loves all that old music.

Hey now!  That was only like 2 generations ago.

So I’m thinking I like this Christal chick.

Suzette does not find Christal attractive

Unfortunately, Suzette doesn’t find her attractive in the least. I’m so disappointed.


Gaston:  Hey there, you smexy mad hatter.


Gaston:  You wanna get physical?

Randall:  I like the way you think.


Randall:  This is not what I thought you meant.

Gaston:  Shut your pie hole and give me another set of 10!


This is our sucky maid.


And even after Christal cleaned up, the Maid still failed to clean up the last 2 plates.

field trip

Oh fun!  I’m sure Suze and Lafayette will have a blast.

slayer got into a scrap

And here we see Christal’s ineptness as a Slayer…again.

slayer head to the hospital

It was bad enough she needed medical attention. She is no Buffy Summers.

Well, after that miscommunication Randall rolled a wish to go to a dive bar.  So I sent him over to Waylon’s.  And guess who was there.  It’s Seaweedy!


Randall:  I hear from Sim!Amanda that you are brilliant.

Seaweedy:  It’s true.  Now buy me a drink.


Also at Waylon’s was Sim!Garg.  And here we see her ineptness at ordering an alcoholic beverage

Sim!Garg: Umm, do you have something that doesn’t taste like it has alcohol in it?

You want a Long Island Iced Tea, sweetie.

Sim!Garg:  Thanks DV.

But only one. Two and you’ll be on the floor (true story!)

And I would like to leave you now with a scene that could actually have taken place in my RL house.


The black and tan dog on the right is Callie, our 85lb Pittador (pit bull, labrador mix).  And the other dog is Roxie, our 55lb pit bull.  They can’t stand it when the other is getting more attention.  Which makes this pic all the more funny.  I’m not sure you can tell from the pic (you may need to click on it) but Callie’s expression is priceless.  And then you have Roxie blowing a raspberry.  This is exactly what it’s like at my house.

Thanks for reading!




Chapter 4.6: Starlight and Fire

Welcome back to The Boudreaux Legacy!  It’s been awhile since the last chapter so let’s recap shall we?  The kids were all in weird moods.  Suzette was asked to the prom by the town Slayer, Christal.  Matthew Hamming made a special trip back to Bridgeport to pay Geobe Stormcaller a visit which didn’t seem to faze Geobe since, by the end of the chapter, he slayed Genevieve.  Will Sabine make it to prom before she ages into a young adult?   Let’s find out…


Gargantua:  Oh, my.  I’m so nervous.  I really wanted Sabine to go to prom.

Deviouslyvivid:  No need to be nervous, dear friend.  Because, today is actually Lafayette’s birthday!  For some reason my aging was all screwy and once I fixed it Sabine still had 2 days until she grew up.


Garg:  What a relief!  And we still get this awesome party.


Lafayette:  You know what I hate.  I hate when house guests leave dirty dishes just laying around.  You’re not a rude house guest are you Graham?


Graham:  Um, you’re a weird and scary little kid, you know that?


Deviouslyvivid: There are some seriously weird looking party guests.  No clue who the token black guy is.  But the guy with the weird duck lips is Ace Xu Wilde.  Hmm, maybe that’s just his “model pose”


Deviouslyvivid:  Lafayette made out for his birthday.  Look at all those gifts!


Lafayette:  Yeah, it’s good to be the king.

Deviouslyvivid: *rolls eyes*


Deviouslyvivid: Aww its little Melodie Byrd.  Sim!Amanda’s daughter.  Well, one of them.


Lafayette:  Oh no!  If I grow up now I won’t be the King!

Deviouslyvivid: Nope, sorry kiddo.


Deviouslyvivid:  He looks just like Randall!  Adorable!

Lafayette: Yeah, whatever man.


Steven Littler:  I get to eat cake and see my favorite sports star!  Best birthday party ever!


Deviouslyvivid:  Poor Georgie is still mourning Genevieve.

Georgie:  Oh, those Stormcallers will pay.


Everyone:  Yay!  We made it through a birthday without anyone dying!!

Deviouslyvivid: I know, it’s a miracle!


Suzette:  Is that a strobe light?  I hate strobe lights!

Deviouslyvivid:  Remind you of someone?


Sabine:  I hope I don’t get voted to be legacy heir.  I really don’t want to get married.

Deviouslyvivid:  Well, kiddo.  I wouldn’t worry about it just yet.  That’s not for at least another chapter or two.


Deviouslyvivid:  Gaston’s getting his celebrity on.


Randall:  Sabine you know this desk chair is empty.

Sabine:  Yeah, I’m good right here Dad.


Garg:  Time for a ghost story.

Deviouslyvivid: Oh, I love ghost stories! *settles in*


Suzette: Garg does see us over right?


Garg: My bad! I’ll tell my story once everyone has finished their homework.


Deviouslyvivid:  Ooo, look who’s come to play.  It’s Corbin!


Deviouslyvivid:  Looks like Garg found something else to keep her occupied.  A pillow fight with Jolie.  Wow, they’re getting pretty violent.


Deviouslyvivid:  Oh, sweet!  Nan has decide to pay us a visit as well.

Nan: Are you kidding?  Even death couldn’t stop me from watching the fireworks.

Deviouslyvivid: Fireworks?


Lafayette:  Oh yeah!  This is gonna be awesome!!


Deviouslyvivid: Umm, I don’t think that’s suppose to happen.


Lafayette:  Bummer!  They didn’t work!


Lafayette:  Is it me or is that fire getting bigger?


Lafayette:  Oh Shit!

Garg:  If I’d of know there was going to be a bonfire I would have brought the marshmallows.


Deviouslyvivid:  Sabine was the only one with enough sense to get the fire extinguisher.


Gaston:  Sweet a bonfire.  Who brought the marshmallows?

Lafayette:  Dad!  There’s a fire in the backyard!


Nan:  So nice to see Georgie.  She’s looking pretty hot.


Georgie:  Oh hey, there’s Auntie Nan!

Deviouslyvivid: Oh God!  You are in the fire Georgette!!!


Sabine: Whew!  Glad we were able to stop the flames before they reached the house.


Sabine:  I KNOW Lafayette isn’t setting off that other firework!


Sabine:  These damn fireworks are nothing but trouble!


Garg:  Oh my stars!  It’s Corbin Boudreaux!


Deviouslyvivid:  It’s Graham’s turn to save the day.

Nan: Be careful son!


Georgie:  This fire is so full of awesome!


Garg:  The smoke is too thick!  I can’t see Corbin anymore!


Graham:  Oh no!  My ass is fire!


Georgie: Don’t worry cousin!  I’ll put out your flaming ass!

Graham:  Hot pants….hot pants!!


Deviouslyvivid:  Well, at least people seem to be having a good time.


Nan:  I’m so glad you’re alright.  You know, you’re my favorite son.

Graham:  Momma, I’m your only son.


Georgie:  This never would have happened if Geney was still alive.  She would have know proper fireworks protocol.

Deviouslyvivid:  Yes, she was a fantastic firewoman.  Don’t worry.  That Geobe will get what’s coming to him.


Deviouslyvivid: This was so much excitement for Token that he fell asleep on the patio.


Deviouslyvivid: As did this little guy.


Corbin:  I think that was enough excitement for one night.  I’m going back to my grave.

Deviouslyvivid: Well don’t be a stranger Corbin!

The next morning the household woke up to this….


Deviouslyvivid: Seriously guys.  Get a room!


Deviouslyvivid: Oh no!  It’s a land shark!


Jolie:  Ohhhhh, I have to peeee!!!

Deviouslyvivid:  Go home!!


Deviouslyvivid: Oh hey!  A puppy!


Deviouslyvivid: Oh no! A puppy!


Deviouslyvivid: This could be interesting.  This seems like a brave little kitty.


Puppy:  Hey Cat

Cat: Mr. Puppy.  Are you finished with that newspaper.

Puppy:  Yep, have at it.


Deviouslyvivid: Jesus!  This cat is flippin’ psychotic!


Deviouslyvivid: Don’t you dare you little jerk

Paper Girl:  Just doin’ my job.

Kitty:  Nothing like a fresh paper in the morning.

Deviouslyvivid: I hate you both.


Token:  I’m so hungry!

Deviouslyvivid: Go home!  And take that damn cat with you.


Deviouslyvivid: Crap!


Randall:  Who the hell bought this table?

Deviouslyvivid:  You did.

Randall:  Oh, nevermind then.


Randall:  I think Lafayette needs something to keep him occupied.  What afterschool program do you think he’d like?

Lafayette is sighned up for music club

Deviouslyvivid: Music Club it is. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it since he has the Virtuoso trait.


Deviouslyvivid: Poor Aisha.  She misses her Mommy. Sad smile


Sabine:  So it’s taken some time for me to work up the nerve, but will you go to prom with me?

TOny says yes to prom

Deviouslyvivid: Score!


Lafayette:  Wow, you’re really pale

Bethany: Um, thanks?


Lafayette: Sooo, do you want to go to prom?

Bethany:  With you?

Lafayette has a date to prom


Lafayette: I like those chances, little lady.


Bethany:  You’re weird.  I like that.

Gaston is superstar athelete

Deviouslyvivid: Gaston has got another promotion to Superstar Athlete.  And you know what that means…

Gaston complete lifetime wish

Deviouslyvivid: He’s reached is LTW!!!!!!

Guess What?!



Deviouslyvivid:  You’re looking very dashing tonight Tony.

Tony:  Yeah, I know.


Bethany:  I look like a rock star.

Deviouslyvivid: Yes, yes you do.


Sabine:  Tony’s here!


Lafayette: Bethany looks great!

Suzette:  Oh, my date better not have stood me up!

Deviouslyvivid: Don’t worry Suze.  Christal’s just coming up the driveway.

Deviouslyvivid: Wait! I want to get some group photos before ya’ll head out


Deviouslyvivid: Now, that’s a handsome family.


Deviouslyvivid: Oh my goodness! I could just eat Bethany up!


Deviouslyvivid: Sabine!  You’re very brave.


Deviouslyvivid: You girls look amazing!


Randall:  Now let’s get one thing clear.  If anything happens to my babies then I will personally see to it that you are destroyed.

Deviouslyvivid: That was a little scary.

But Randall didn’t have anything to worry about.  The kids seemed to have a blast.

bethany sneaks a kiss

Bethany asked Lafayette to go steady

Deviouslyvivid: Yay!  I am loving this girl!

Christal asked Suzette to go steady

Deviouslyvivid: and Suzette got lucky too!

Sabine is prom queen

Deviouslyvivid: That’s our girl!

Sabine and tony chicken dance

Lafayette is falling in love

Tony's a great date

Deviouslyvivid: Glad Tony is taking Randall’s warning to heart.

And here are EAs craptastic prom pics.



(don’t know what happened to Christal’s outfit)


Meanwhile back at the homestead…


Gaston: Since all the kids are out of the house tonight.  I thought maybe we could do something special.

Randall:  I like where this is going.

Deviouslyvivid: Get a room!


Deviouslyvivid:  Oh, did not think that was where they were headed.  Aren’t they just the cutest?

Until next time….



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