Chapter 4.5: Everyone is in a Mood

Last time on The Legacy:  Lisette successfully transitioned from a mortal into a Vampire, Vlad turned into a moody toddler, Matthew proposed to Lis (and she accepted), and our beloved Corbin was brutally slain by head of The Helsing Federation, Geobe Stormcaller.  Lis was ready to exact some painful revenge on the Stormcallers but Gaston was able to calm her down.  When last we saw of Lis, Matthew and Vlad, they were headed to Champs les Sims to hideout for a while.

The last few weeks have been very hard on the Boudreauxs.  But Gaston is trying to make the best of it.


Gaston:  And as the evil henchman of the Pick Pork Sports League came running towards me…


Gaston: Your dear old Papa hurled the ball into the net scoring the winning goal point unit.

Lafayette:  Wooowwww.

But it seems that the deaths of Nan and Corbin are still weighing heavy on the family


Gaston:  Oh, Uncle Corbin!  I miss you so much.


LaFayette:  Maybe we should have move to France with Grandmama.

Devious:  You know dear, a change of scenery might be what everyone needs right now.  If you haven’t seen the new renovations then you should click here.

field trip

Oh, it looks like the girls have a field trip coming up.  This should be fun!


Lafayette:  So have you been asked to the prom yet?


Lafayette:  I bet Sabine’s been asked.

Suzette:  Will you please let me study.


Lafayette:  Will you get your date flowers?  OR will your date get you flowers?

Suzette:  Um, I guess it depends on who does the asking.  Why don’t you quit bothering me and go do your homework.


Suzette: I wonder if they’ll play a bunch of slow songs.

Lafayette:  Maybe you should ask on of the Dads to teach you to dance.


Lafayette:  What if they have a fancy dinner. Do you know what fork to use?

Suzette:  Seriously, you are not helping.


Devious:  What’s wrong Randall?

Randall:  I had a bad day at work.


Randall:  That stupid Radioactivitron still has a leak.  If they don’t fix it then I’m gonna have to get all whistling teapot on their asses.

Gaston:  It sounds like you had a crappy day honey.


Gaston:  How ‘bout some flowers


Randall:  *gasp*  Flowers for me?


Gaston:  My favorites for my favorite.


Suzette:  Really Dads?!  I’m trying to study.

Lafayette:  Um, I think I’m going to go downstairs and play.


Lafayette: I don’t care what they say creepy bunny.  I like you.

Devious: *shutters*  creepy bunny is creepy.


Devious:  Just another normal day in the Boudreaux household.  Gaston fixing dinner and Randall fixing all the broken crap.


Devious:  Lafayette?  Are you okay buddy?

Lafayette:  bunny says kill….

Devious:  No more creepy bunny for you kiddo.  Maybe you should head to bed.


Devious:  or pillow fight with your sister.

Suzette:  oooph!


Lafayette:  AHAHAHAHAHA!!

Suzette:  Oh, you’re sooo going to get it now punk!



Suzette:  Whoa, whoa.  Wait a minute. Let me catch my breath.


Suzette:  Maybe we should stop before one of us gets hurt.


Lafayete:  okay, I guess I’ll go brush my teeth.

Suzette:  Sucker!!

Suzette's in a mood

Devious:  Uh oh, looks like the household should tread carefully today.  Suzette is in a mood.


Suzette:  hee hee hee…no one will ever suspect…


Suzette:  Hello?  Oh hey Christal!

Suzette gets asked to the prom


Suzette:  I would love to go to the prom with you!


Suzette:  Ha ha!  Suck on that Sabine.  I just got asked to the prom.

Sabine:  You’re an evil whore.


Devious:  What’s the matter Gaston?

Gaston:  My babies are growing up Sad smile

Devious:  I know!  It’s pretty great, right?


Looks like someone is about to get punked.


Sabine:  Ack!  What the h3!!!


Devious: ugh!  that’s awful.


Sabine:  Is it gone yet?


Randall: I feel a disturbance…

Yes, it seems that your daughter Sabine is getting into some trouble on her field trip

sabine gets in trouble on field trip

sabine in faraday cage

If you’re curious what a Faraday Cage is click here.  I’m a little disappointed.  I thought it might have been Lost related.  It’s not Sad smile

Lafayette going home with January

Yes, you may go over to January’s house.  I highly recommend you hangout with as many Byrds as possible.

lafayette made the honor roll

See!  It’s already paying off Smile with tongue out


Lafayette:  You know, I think I’ve discovered what I want to be when I grow up.

Suzette:  Seriously?  Do you not have anyone else to bother?


Lafayette:  It’s the most perfect job ever!

Suzette:  You are just not right.


Lafayette:  Attention!  Attention.


Lafayette: From here on out, you may refer to me as King Laa.

Suzette: Oh, for the love of….


Lafayette:  Also, I decree that there be ice cream daily.  And bedtimes are banished.


Lafayette:  um, what else should I make into law?


Suzette:  What is your problem?  Can you not see that I’m trying to study?

Lafayette:  I also decree that Suzette now be known as Stinky Pants.

Random Story Progression Updates:

matt beats up geobe

This is interesting. Matthew is supposed to be in Champs les Sims with Lisette.

geobe goes to the hospital

I’m not going to lie. I take a lot of satisfaction knowing Matthew is protecting his family.

matt trying to make peace

Matthew has certainly been busy. He has teamed up with the head of the Lestat Society. I wonder if Geobe Stormcaller is shaking in his boots yet?

graham does not like lenny

Georgie’s husband Lenny is not getting along at all with Nan’s son Graham.  This could make family get togethers interesting.

the slayer's scooby gang

And we have our own little Scooby Gang in Bridgeport.


Meet Jett(right) and Ebenezer (left).  Cristal Summer-Tenderlove is the town Slayer, btw.  No wonder Suzette is so excite about the prom.

geobe slays devin ashton

Guy is dating Cressida Ashton

Guy is getting all cozy with Cressida Ashton. This surprised me.  I didn’t realize that he and Matilda divorced.  But it seems they have.  Guy and Matilda have a little girl Ana together.

Helsings are out of control

This update cracked me up because it reminded me of one of my favorite Buffy episodes, Hush.  This isn’t the actual clip from the show but it has the drawings that Giles made.

Sim!Amanda writes a flop

Oh no!  I wrote a flop! Sad smile  I hope this isn’t indicative of how NaNoWriMo 2011 will be going.

And now back to our legacy…

gaston's team won

Gaston won his latest game.  Not sure, but I think they remain undefeated.

Randall is also working hard his LTW.  Despite the fact that he constantly rolls wishes to quit his job.


Randall : This fishing thing isn’t so bad.


Devious:  Uh, I think that bobbin goes in the water.

Randall:  Be quiet. You’ll scare all the fishes away.


Randall : Ahhhh!  It’s the most beautiful fish ever.  I think I’ll name him Ramone.


For some reason Leigh Stormcaller is meandering outside the house in the rose bushes.  She should probably be careful.  The Stormcallers are not exactly welcome in the Boudreaux house at the moment.


Leigh:  I hope they don’t call the police.  I only want to chat.


Suzette:  So how much did your daddy pay to keep the murder of my Uncle Corbin out of the paper?


Devious:  Awkward moment.

And the family can’t be that upset with her because they all went to bed leaving Leigh with full reign of the house.


Leigh:  There’s not a TV down in the party room.

Devious:  Nope, it’s for partying not TV watching.  You’ll have to go back upstairs.


Leigh:  You made me walk all the way back up here and now I’m too tired to watch TV.


Asher:  Is that a Stormcaller in our living room?

Devious:  Yes, and she won’t go away.  Why don’t you work some of your ghosty magic on her.


Leigh:  Helloooo…there is a floating knubb stick in your living room!

leigh stormcaller finally leaves!

Devious:  Excellent work Asher, my friend.


Gaston:  Don’t tell your sister, but we’re throwing her a surprise birthday party tomorrow.

Suzette:  Oh, she is not going to be happy about this.

Devious:  I know, right!?  If she ages up tomorrow then she won’t get to go to the prom.

Randall Promo

Randall has been promoted again.  His new title is Top Secret Researcher.

And to celebrate he went for a little swim…


Devious:  Don’t you think you should be getting home?  Your daughter’s birthday party starts in a couple of hours.

I really hate to do this to you my dear readers.  Seriously, I really, really wanted to end this chapter on a high note.  But, it was not meant to be.

Geobe Slays Genevieve

Oh yes! You’ve read it correctly.  Our Genevieve is the latest victim of the Helsing Federation.  That dastardly Geobe Stormcaller is picking off the Boudreaux clan one-by-one!  I hope Geobe is up for what lies ahead.

Until next time..




Randall’s Surprise

Remember waaay back in August when I said Randall had a surprise for everyone?  Yeah, that was while ago.  I warned you that school would impede my updates, right?

Devious:  Randall would you like to show everyone your surprise?


Randall:  Oh, I see how it is. You’re ready for me now, huh?

Devious: Are you going to show them or not?


Randall:  I guess so…

Devious: Don’t roll your eyes at me!

Randall: Yeah, yeah

Randall:  It’s a teapot room!!!!  Gaston said I could decorate our bedroom however I wanted.  He’s the best husband in all of Simkind.

Screenshot-7 (2)

Randall:  I have a fantastic little spot where I can practice my teapot song and read about teapots and discover new tea recipes.

Devious: I like that you included Gordon in your new design

Randall:  Yes, he’s my hero.


Randall:  and here are the custom curtains that I had specially designed for this room.

Devious: I’m glad you like them.  I call this design Teapots of Doom

Randall: Quit interrupting…


Randall:  Our new bed.  I heart these new teapot lights.

Devious: That is a very high night stand Randall.  How are you supposed to reach that light?

Randall: …


Randall:  and one of my favorite pieces, the teapot rug.  Mama Lisette bought when they had a lay over in Simcago.

Devious: Well Randall, I think you did a wonderful job.  Although, that bunny is a kinda creepy.

Randall:  Shhhh, he can hear you, you know.

Devious: Like I said, creepy.

Devious:  Are you finished?  Can I show them the rest of the redesigned house?

Randall:  *in the corner talking to Creepy Bunny*

Devious: Ookay…

Devious: Anyway, here’s is rest of the house…


Devious: New pattern and color palette for the upstairs.  It had that bird pattern before.  Probably the most notable change is the spiral staircase.  Loves it!


Devious: This used to be Lis’s room.  It’s now Gaston’s workout room.  It’s decorated with his various awards and sports memorabilia.  I’m sure Sabine is relieved that we’ve moved the treadmill out of her room.


Devious: This was Guy’s old room and now is Sabine’s room.  I am loving the pattern on the walls with the red and gold colors.


Devious:  A redesigned nursery.  Lots of wonderful clutter on the walls now.


Devious: This is Suzette and LaFayette’s room.  They’re getting older so I though a dark background with neon colors would be fun.


Devious: and we redid the kitchen.  I love large open floor plans for legacies.  It’s just more room when you have a big family and guests.  And the half walls break up the big wide space nicely without making it feel closed up like a regular wall would.


Devious:   A little reading nook in the kitchen.


Devious: This is the outside patio area that I installed in Chapter 4.4.  I added more foliage so I think it looks better.

Chapter 4.5 should be coming out in the next day or two.  Until then…

Me love you long time,


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