As Promised..

I got my Sim Anarchy blog going. You can check out my latest posts here

Thanks for reading guys. Me love you long time!



A New Adventure

So for some insane reason I’ve decided to venture into Sim building and custom content creation. Yes, I may need my head examined. But I do think I enjoy the building and creating aspect a tad more than the actual gameplay *GASP*

And, in all honesty, it’s all Gargantua’s fault! She hosted a build a Byrd House contest for her Byrd Legacy on Simmers Society and before I knew it I was creating custom t-shirts for her legacy. She is a bad influence!

Soooo, to prevent the Boudreaux’s from becoming too cramped I’ve create a new blog for my new creations. It’s I’m working on my first post right now but it might not be up until tomorrow so you may want to subscribe to keep updated (if you even care).

Also, Randall wants me to remind everyone that he is indeed still a little teapot. *rolls eyes*



School’s in Session…

For the first time in 11 years.  Yikes!  Has it been that long since I graduated with my first degree?  Doesn’t seem that long.  But as I sit here waiting on class to start it seems that I’m the oldest one here (with the exception of the professor).  Wish me luck.  I think I’ll be needing it!.

oh, this also means there will probably be fewer updates on the zany Boudreauxs.  I know, I know.  Randall is quite upset since he’s got a surprise for you all.

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