Chapter 4.4: Unexpected

Last time on The Legacy: Lafayette grew into a child and Lis had a love child, Vlad, with Matthew Hamming, and Lis asked Matthew to turn her.  However, it seemed that she may have been having second thoughts.  Did Matthew heed her resistant cry?


Lis:  Bebe dear, what did Mama do last night?

Sabine:  Poor Grandmama, she can’t remember what she’s doing anymore.


Corbin:  Hello, are you here for the party too?

le sigh, he’s so dreamy


Geney:  Hi Mama!

Lis:   She looks just like Nan from this angle.

Um, no she doesn’t.


Tony:  I think Mrs. B has lost her mind.


Sim!Gargantua:  Maybe if I don’t move she’ll leave me alone.

I’m afraid that Nan’s death has had a serious affect on our Lisette.  Tony’s right, she’s got a crazed look about her.


Sim!Bradley:  Hey sis!  You look different.

Sim!Garg:  Yeah, you’re going to be an uncle again.


Aww, in true fashion of siblings.  I love it when they do this autonomously.


Matthew and Suzie:  Huzzah!  A birthday!

And whose birthday is it?


It’s Vlad’s birthday!


Oh, he’s adorable!  He’s got his Mama’s hair and his Grandmama Valerie’s eye color.


Vlad:  I’m hungry!!!!

Tony:  I just don’t know what Matthew was thinking breeding with a human.

Hey, love will make you do crazy things kiddo.


And in proper Matthew fashion he livened up the party by graciously taken photos and signing autographs.


Matthew:  Gotta keep the fickle public happy.

Gaston was missing from the party because he had a game that night.


And the team barely squeaked out a win.  Looks like someone needs to train harder.


Sim!Garg:  Ahhh, the baby is coming!

Randall:  Don’t be so overly dramatic. I’ve done this before.


Jolie:  What do we do?!

Matthew:  Oh God!  I think I need to lie down.


Jolie:  Oh God!  Is that the head?

Matthew:  Put it back in!

Sim!Garg:  Really people?  Can someone please take me to the hospital?

garg has twins

Sim!Garg had twin girls!  I don’t think the Stormcaller’s have any boys yet.

Randall was unsympathetic to Sim!Garg’s situation and decided to love on Vlad a little.


Randall:  I’m a little teapot,  short and stout, here is my handle…


Randall:  Do you like my lullabye little one?


Vlad:  No, you stupid mortal!

Randall:  But, but I’m a little teapot

Oh goodness.  Perhaps there’s  been too much excitement in the house lately and people are just a bit cranky.


Vlad:  You’re my hero.

Vlad much prefers the company of big brother Gaston.

Lis was feeling a little odd so she sat down to rest and read the paper.


Several months ago The Bridgeport Tribune received incriminating candid photos of beloved Bridgeport Mayor Geobe Stormcaller allegedly accepting campaign bribes from self-appointed Crime Lord Wayne Bumble.  Initial attempts of obtaining an official statement from City Hall were unsuccessful.

However, yesterday afternoon, Mayor Stormcaller called a surprise press conference in front of City Hall to “clear the air” regarding the allegations.  According to the Mayor, he was not accepting bribes from Mr. Bumble, but in actuality paying to keep the “Crime Lord” hushed.  In what can only be called a shocking revelation, Mayor Stormcaller admitted that Mr. Bumble had discovered that he was in attendance at a recent Pick Pork rally held in nearby Volcano Cove.  Stormcaller’s most recent and highly successful campaign was based solely on the ideals of the “Peace and Chicken Grease” movement.

“I can not say that this is a proud day for me.” said the Mayor. “But with the support of my beautiful and talented wife, Gargantua,  I am able to stand before you all today and admit my wrong doings.”

When asked if he would be officially changing his political platform from Chicken Grease to Pick Pork, Mayor Stormcaller had this to say: “It has and will remain my every intention to guide the Bridgeport community into prosperity, regardless of political affiliation.”

On a side note, despite having just given birth to twin girls, the Mayor’s wife was looking ravishing in a deep blue silk dress accentuated with a beautiful pearl necklace.  City hall officials had no comment as to the designer.


Lis:  Oh no, sparkles!  I’m not ready to die.


I don’t think that’s the work of Grim Tobey.

Lis:  I have laser beams for eyes!!  Muhahahahaha…


Vlad:  Teehee, Mama’s gonna make a great vampire.


Vlad:  Mama, you’re beautiful.


Lis:  Let’s call your daddy and tell him we have a surprise.

Vlad:  Best idea ever!


Lis:  Matthew darling, I need you at the house can you come right away?


Matthew didn’t waste anytime and rushed to be with Lisette.


Lis:  So what do you think Matthew?

Matthew:  I think you can’t get anymore perfect, darling.


I love these two together!!


Matthew:  Now that you’ve survived the changing, I was thinking we should make things more interesting.

Lis:  What more interesting than a movie star vampire, who fell in love and had a  vampire baby with an elderly woman, and turned said woman into a vampire too?

She does have a good point Matthew.


Matthew:  So will you make me the happiest man undead and marry me?

Lis:  Ha ha ha, of course!!


Lis:  But…

Matthew:  But what, my love?


Lis:  What if my children don’t accept me?  Or us?

Matthew:  If they’re half as awesome as you then I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.


Lis:  Oh Matthew.  I hope you’re right.

Random Story Progression Updates:


Oh hey!  It’s Sim!Me.  And I’m pregnant again.  I think I’m getting as bad as Lisette.

amanda has baby boy rodrick

And we add another boy names Rodrick to the growing family.  I really like that name.  This makes baby number 6.  They now have 3 boys and 3 girls.  Maybe their done.

corbin worse vampire ever

Corbin is officially the worst vampire ever!  He got beat up by Bronson Littler.

jolie is a vampire

Those Littler’s are nothing but trouble.  Reuben has turned Jolie into a vampire.  That make 4 Boudreauxs now.

geogie had baby girl Chanel

Georgie gave birth to a little girl named Chanel.

graham and emmy starr are having a baby

Oopsy!  Graham is going to be a daddy.  And Emmy Starr is the mommy to boot!


Also, I gave the back yard a little makeover with a cute seating area and water feature.  It still doesn’t seem finished to me.  I think it needs more plants.

gaston promo league mvp

Gaston got a nice little promotion to MVP.  Way to go Gaston!  Now hurry home.  You’re Mama has some important news to share.


Gaston:  Who are you?


Lis:  Gaston, it’s me.  Your Mama.


Gaston:  I don’t understand.

Lis:  Well, dear. I’m a vampire now.


Gaston:  Whaatt?


Lis:   I’m getting married to Matthew too.

Randall:  OMG!!  I’m going to be related to my favorite movie star of all time!

Gaston:  Hold that thought while I take this call.

While Gaston took his phone call, Randall took the opportunity to head upstairs and stalk his favorite celebrity.


Randall:  OMG!!  I can’t believe you’re going to be my new daddy!


Randall:  Can you make it out to “My Sweet Little teapot”?


Randall:  I am awesome

Picture of Gordon:  Yes, we are.

Uh, oh.  Something’s going on downstairs.


Gaston:  Hey ya little sister.  You would not believe what’s going….

Jolie:  Gaston, I have some bad news

Yes, dear readers.  The worst thing has happened.

geobe slays Corbin

Mayor Geobe Stormcaller, leader of Town Helsing, has viciously slain our sweet Corbin Boudreaux!

I can’t imagine what this is going to do to Lisette.  It so close to the passing of Nanette too.  Geobe might want to lie low for awhile.


I thought it only fitting to move Nan and Corbin’s graves to the legacy lot.  I’m just not ready to give them up yet.


Lis was never a pretty crier.  Remember when Val died?


Lis:  Oh Corbin.  You were the sweetest vampire.


Lis:  I swear Geobe will pay for this.

Ewww, Lis has got some evil eye going on.


Matthew:  Lis, darling.  Let’s not allow revenge to be the jumping point for a new life together.

Lis:  Backoff, Hollywood.


Lis:  Corbin’s death will be avenged if it’s the last thing I do.

Matthew:  Oh Nan!  I wish you were still here to talk some sense into your sister.


Lis:  I have a nefarious plan brewing, my son.

Gaston:  Uh oh.


Lis:  I say we gather your sisters and head over to the Stormcaller’s.  Let take from then what they took from us.


Gaston:  Mama!  That is the craziest idea I’ve ever heard.  You can’t punish Sim!Garg for something that Geobe has done.


Lis:  I guess I never thought of it that way.

Gaston:  And I don’t think Sim!Amanda would approve.

Absolutely not!


Gaston:  You know.  Maybe it’ll be best if you and Matthew take Vlad and go somewhere.  Just until the dust settles.


Lis:  Perhaps you’re right my darling boy.  Maybe a fresh start is what we need.

Gaston:  I hear Paris is nice this time of year.

Wow!  This chapter was quite the roller coaster.  I think Lis would be wise to take her new family somewhere else.  A clean slate without the awful memories to spawn more hatred toward Mayor Stormcaller and his family.

Until next time…



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 20, 2014 @ 08:49:49

    Wow, Geobe, going to the Pork side! Don’t let Bradley find out, you might just get staked yourself!

    Lisette makes a great vampire, almost better than her young human form. And Vlad is so cute!


  2. Gargantua
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 06:28:08

    Oh Geobe! A Pick Pork rally? I don’t know how I shall ever bear the shame! But, I can’t deny my hubby loves bacon.

    And then he goes and kills Corbin?? Who is this man I have married? You tell Lis that she doesn’t have to worry. If Sim!Garg loves Corbin as much as I do, then she will be giving Sim!Geobe plenty of grief for dusting him, I’m sure. In the Byrd hood I absolutely refuse to part with Corbin, and because of that he is one of the very few who have been made immortal. If Sim!Garg wasn’t already happily married….

    And twins? How many children does that make the Stormcallers?

    Vlad is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to see what he looks like all grown up! The patio is quite nice as well, but I think I agree with you. It does need a bit more greenery to round it out.

    Excellent chapter! I look forward to to seeing the trip to France next time. 🙂


  3. uggles
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 01:41:15

    I finally got caught up tonight with the Boudreaux’s and I love them! Wow, Lisette looks great! I adore Vlad, he is going to be gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here, it’s so drama-twisty-good 😀


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