Chapter 4.3: The Proposition

Last time on The Legacy:  Jolie Grew up into an adult and a total hottie, Lafayette grew up into a toddler with no red hair but cute regardless, Sabine grew up into a teenager,  the legacy ghosts were super restless and haunted the house incessantly, Suzette got to have her birthday in the most awesome new party room, Sabine and Tony Hemlock started going steady and had the worst date ever, and Lis and Matthew Hamming had too much fun in the hot tub and Lis ended up preggo.  As we’ve learned from other legacies that Lis has ended up in, she’s just not happy unless she’s knocked up.  Smile


Lis looks like she’s a bit in shock

Lis:  Shock?  Ya think?  This is all your fault!

Yes, it is.  I had elder pregnancy turned on.  But you’re the one who is risky woohooing with random sims.  So it’s your fault too.

Screenshot-4Sabine was at the library studying with one of Georgette’s boys.  I think it’s Kenton.

Randall promo

Randall got another promotion.  He’s now a Genetic Resequencer.


Lis!  What are you doing?!  You should not be sliding down that pole in your condition.

Lis:  Relax.  What could possible happen?


Lis:  Ow!  Don’t even say it.

What?  I wasn’t going to say anything.  But now that you mention it…I told you so.

I missed Lafayette’s birthday ‘cause I’ve been following Lis around all day.


                   He added perceptive to his traits.  He’s adorable.

randall wants to get fired

Oh Randall, you insane sim you!  He is constantly rolling this wish.  How are you supposed to achieve your LTW if you quit your job?

Randall:  But I’m a little teapot!

Teapot is not a career option.  Not even with a mod.

See, this is what happens when I leave Lis alone.


She’s gone bar hopping and has autonomously decided to go skinny dipping.


But she can’t because Georgette beat her to it!  I guess she takes after her mama.


Lis:  I just don’t know where I went wrong with that girl.  Skinny dipping in public!

But you were just going to do the same thing!!


Instead she decides to dance the night away.


Seriously Gaston?  Why don’t you take your pregnant, elderly mother home. It’s like 2 AM.

Gaston:  But I’m having so much fun

Lenny:  Yes!  It’s Gaston Boudreaux.


Lis:  Um, personal space, son?

Gaston:  Oh, sorry.  Something is…different.


Lis:  Well, I do have a confession to make.

Gaston:  You know you can tell me anything Mama.


Lis:  You’re going to be a big brother again!


Gaston:  OMFG!!!  Mother!!


Lis:  Matthew Hamming is the father.


Gaston:   Then I approve.


Lis:  Do you think I’m too old to have another baby?

Well, you are like 105.  But age is just a number right?

Elvira Slayer invited Lis to her house for a party.


Elvira:  I like this Lisette.  Matthew picked well.


Lis:  Ugh, Lil Bling?  *rolls eyes*  His music is awful.


Lil Bling:  Oh God!  I think you’re in labor!

Lis:  Oh thank goodness.  This party was so boring.

Oh look who’s at the hospital too…


It’s the Byrd family.  I guess Sim!Amanda is popping out another kid.  That’s Bradley, Ivan and Melodie.

Ivan:  How are we going to afford all these kids?!


Having babies is a family affair for the Byrds.  Here come little Quinton Byrd.

Sim!Bradley:  All this baby makin’ is makin’ me tired.


Sim!Bradley:  Hi Harry.  I heard you’re a little jealous of my conquests.  You know my services are for everyone…and I do mean everyone.

Harry:  How dare you!  I’m here to take my new baby girl home.

Sim!Bradley:  Where is your new baby?


Over here.  On the ground of the parking lot.  The Maloney-Marks are not very good parents, are they?

Amanda has baby girl Deidra

Sim!Amanda had a baby girl named Deidra.

In case you’re wondering, this makes baby number 5 for Sims!Amanda and Sim!Bradley.  They’re busy little sims.


Welcome to the world little Vlad Hamming.  He is a perceptive genius.  And he also inherited his daddy’s vampirism.

rumor lis out of wedlock

News has already spread that Lis has had a baby out of wedlock.  And we all know the rumor mill can be bitchy.

Matthew was filming a movie while Lis was at the hospital.   But he greeted her at her door the night she brought Vlad home.


Matthew: Hello darling.

Lis:  Matthew!  I’m a little surprised you’re here.

Matthew: Why would you say such a thing?


Lis:  Well, in light of the rumors, I just didn’t think you’d risk the paparazzi getting a picture of the two of us together

Matthew: Don’t be silly.  I have nothing to hide.

Lis:  I don’t know.  Maybe you should just stay away for a little while.  You know, until things settle down with the media.


Matthew:  I can’t believe you feel that way.  But I will respect your wishes.

Poor Matthew.  I’m beginning to think he’s truly in love with Lisette.

The next afternoon, Lafayette asked Gaston to play ball with him.


Gordon:  Catch this, son!

Lafayette:  Ahhhhhh…


Lafayette:  Dad!  That hurt!  You threw it too hard.


Gaston:  Whhhaaatt???   I guess I don’t know my own strength?

Wow, G.  That was kind of douchey.

Matthew heeded Lis’ wish for a whole day.  However, once night fell he came calling to check on her and their new son.


Matthew:  I hope she agrees to see me.


Matthew: You are the moonlight in my night sky, darling.


Matthew:  I just couldn’t keep myself away from you.

Lis:  Oh, Matthew.  You make me feel like giddy little teenager.


Lis:  I’m so sorry, my love.  But I’m going to have to ask you to leave.  I’m exhausted and really need my sleep.

Matthew: Seriously?

Lis:  I promise I’ll come see you in a few days.  Really.

Random Story Progression Updates:

Oh no, Nan is getting up there.  She and Lis are 104 now

nan is getting older 104

And it wasn’t very long after that, that Nanette passed away.

kis inherited from nan

She left a small inheritance to her remaining immediate family.

georgie has baby girl Jacquelyn

Georgie had another baby. A little girl named Jacquelyn.

garg is now a vigilante

Sim!Amanda recruited Sim!Garg to Town Vigilante

jolie is expecting

Jolie and Apollo Bloom are having a baby!

jolie marries apollo bloom

And in proper Boudreaux fashion, they decide to get married as an after thought.

ivan byrd and tonya stormcaller

Sim!Amanda’s oldest son Ivan is dating Sim!Garg’s second oldest daughter Tonya.

geney is a vampire

Hmm, first Corbin and now Geney?  This seems to be a theme for the Boudreaux family.

Lis was devastated by Nan’s death.  She was in desperate need of some comfort, so she naturally called on Matthew.Screenshot-64

Matthew:  What is it my darling?  You look like you’ve lost your best friend.


Lis:  I did.  My sister Nan has died.


Matthew:  Come here my love and let me hold you.

Lis:  *sobbing*  you smell really good.


Matthew:  There is something that’s been weighing on my mind, darling.

Lis:  *sniffle, sniffle* What is it?


Matthew:  How would you and Vlad like to move in with me?


Matthew:  It’ll put a stop to all those wagging tongues.


Lis:  Well, you do have a beautiful home.  And I really do want our little suckling to have a father full time.  But I’ll have to think about it.

Matthew:  That’s all I can ask for.  Now let’s make out.


Poor Lis can’t even enjoy a good snog because of Nan’s death.


Aww, they’re so happy Smile

The Next morning…


Lis:  I could get use to this view every morning


Lis:  What’s wrong Matthew?  You look upset.


Matthew:  I was just thinking of how empty my life would be without you in it.


Lis:  Now that you’ve mentioned it.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately too.


Matthew:  You have?!


Lis: Perhaps it’s time for us to make the ultimate commitment?

Matthew:  Hmmm, I have to admit that it’s been weighing on my mind as well?


Matthew:  This makes me so happy, my darling.  Our two hearts will be together forever.


Lis:  I trust you completely, my love.

Matthew:  Don’t worry.  This won’t hurt…


Matthew:  MUCH!!

Lis:  No, Matthew!  Wait!

 Oh dear, looks like Lis has got herself into quite the pickle.

Next time on The Legacy: We find out Lis’ fate and finally discover what dark secret Crime Lord Wayne Bumble has been holding over Mayor Geobe Stormcaller’s head.



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  1. Gargantua
    Jul 17, 2011 @ 06:51:03

    Oh gracious! A forever young and vampy Lisette? Your hood is going to be full of her vampire spawn! I like how birthing a baby is a family affair in the Byrd household, and it is kinda cool that our offspring are dating. I have to admit that I’m wondering about what kind of dirt the scumbag is holding over Geobe’s head. It better not be another woman!!


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