Chapter 4.2: Another Day, Another Party

Last time on The Legacy:  Sabine and Suzette were cute toddlers and grew up into cute children, Epic parties were had, Randall and Gaston grew up into an adults, Guy got to move out of the house, Lis got to retire but then registered as a self-employed painter, and little Lafayette was born.

It’s just another day in the Boudreaux household.  And they’re having another party.

Screenshot-2Corbin was invited and he is looking very handsome in his formal wear.

Screenshot-3Sim!Amanda:  Hi Corbin!

Corbin:  You’re a tasty little morsel tonight.  Fancy a snack?

Screenshot-4Sim!Garg: I can’t believe you and Sim!Bradley got married. It just doesn’t seem like it would work.

Sim!Amanda:  I’m just as baffled as you are.

Lis: Sim!Amanda looks great for just having twins.

Screenshot-6Two birthdays today! Who’s lucky day is it?

Screenshot-7Geney: OMG! I can’t believe I married Romeo Rake!

Randall: Hush. This is not your day.

Screenshot-8Suzie: Who invited Wayne Bumble?

No clue, he just showed up.

Screenshot-9It’s Jolie’s birthday!!

Georgie: I can’t believe my little sister is growing into a young adult today. Time flies when you’re in a legacy.

Screenshot-10Jolie: I wish for a renewable, eco-friendly fuel source.

Screenshot-11This is Jolie as a young adult. Wowza! She added Hot Headed to her traits. And her LTW is to become an Astronaut. I guess that conversation she had with Sabine last chapter really had an effect on her.

The other birthday cake was for Lafayette:lafayette front view
Damn it! Still no red hair! But he’s still a cutie. I guess we’ll keep him.

Screenshot-13His first autonomous act was to annoy the entire party.

Screenshot-12Wayne: You’re never going to be an Astronaut. You’ll stay in this legacy house until the day you die.

Jolie: Why are you so mean. It’s my birthday.

Uh oh, Wayne. You’ve made big brother Gaston mad.

Screenshot-14Gaston:  How dare you crash our party and then insult my sister.  I should kick your ass!

Screenshot-15Wayne:  Whoa, there dude.  Nothing to get upset about.

Screenshot-16Gaston:  Nothing to get upset about?  You just insulted my baby sister on her special day.  Now I’m definitely going to kick your ass.

Screenshot-19Georgie:  This requires some serious, angry guitar music.

Screenshot-17Wayne:  You’re bike sister is not even worth it.

Screenshot-20Leigh:  Nan!  Come watch Gaston kick Wayne’s butt!

Screenshot-18Gaston: You’re a dead man Bumble.

Screenshot-21Lafayette: Best seat in the house Smile

Screenshot-22Suzie:  I hope daddy doesn’t kill that man.  It would suck having only one daddy who lived with us.

Screenshot-23Wayne:  I’m leaving before you ruin this awesome party with violence.

Booo!  I wanted a fight.  But Wayne should watch his back.  Jolie has some serious family member that could eff him up.

Screenshot-25Aww, Sim!Bradley is helping take care of Lafayette.  See, he really was a good choice for a butler.  My plan just backfired.

Also, I have a feeling that this poor child is going to be ignored…a lot.

Screenshot-26Sim!Amanda:  So, are you married yet?

Guy:  No, but I hear you are now.

Sim!Amanda:  Damn it Sad smile

Screenshot-27The only purpose of this picture is to show you the awesome oscar the grouch toy.  Thank you emchic over at The Book Legacy for showing me the link.  And thank you eris3000 over at mod the sims for making these adorable playable toys.

Screenshot-28This the new babysitter Sofia Vasquez.  She’s awesome and I hope we get to keep her.  First babysitter the Boudreauxs have ever had that , ya know, actually baby sat.

gaston got past the draftgaston promo

Hope you guys took my advice and kept those Gaston Boudreaux rookie cards.  They’re fixin’ to be worth a fortune.

randall promo

And Randall got a nice promotion too.  This is a family who has got their shit together.  Smile

Screenshot-29See, I told you she was the best babysitter ever!  She stayed to help Suzie with her homework.  I ❤ you Sofia Vasquez.

Screenshot-30Lafayette:  I think they forgotted me.

Yes, yes they did.

And guess what today is?

It’s Sabine’s birthday!!!  And she’s having an awesome party. Screenshot-32This is Tony Hemlock.  You can tell in this picture, but he’s a vampire like his parents.

Tony:  Hi, I’m awesome.

Smug little bastard isn’t he?

 Screenshot-33And the token black kid is Jefferson Kendall.  He’s an always enthusiastic little kid.

Jefferson:  Yes!  I love parties!

Screenshot-35Kenton:  Thanks for inviting us over.  It’s nice to see where mom grew up.

Yep, that one of Georgie’s boys.

Screenshot-36Randall:  This music is driving me insane!

But you’re already insane.

Randall:  More insane


Derick:  Grandma, the red haired man is scaring me.

Randall:  Who are all these children?  Are they mine? They’re scaring me.


This is Bethany Atkins.  She’s adorable too.  I have no clue who that other girl is though.   I didn’t bother to write her name down ’cause just not as cute.

I admit it.  I was too concerned with the other kids that I missed Sabine growing up.

Here is Sabine as a teen:Sabine teenSabine rolled Commitment Issues.

Score a point for Randall’s genes.  I don’t think these kids are going to continually look like someone pissed in their Wheaties.

Screenshot-44Suzie:  This is the best party ever!

Ooo, Sabine’s broke out the Roger Rabbit.  Way to go old school.

Screenshot-41These are the most polite kids ever.  Waiting in line to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Screenshot-42Tony:  Vampires don’t sparkle like diamonds.  That’s a common myth.

 Screenshot-46I think the general consensus is that the party was pretty great.sabine's party was awesome

Yep…verging on EPIC.

Screenshot-48Lis:  Ugh!  I do not understand this game.

Screenshot-49Aww, not everyone forgot about you buddy.

Lafayette:  Grandmama is my best friend.

Let’s not get to attached little one.  She’s like 100 now.

Screenshot-50There’s another haunting!  These ghosts are way too restless in this house.


Val:  What?  The afterlife is boring.

Apparently so because Val ended up staying until 7:25 AM.  I’ve never seen a ghost do that before.

Screenshot-52See, she was still haunting this easel when the sun came up.

Screenshot-53This is our new maid, Delicia Hoover.  Her teeth are the only thing I have ever witnessed her clean.

Screenshot-55Randall:  Today we are going to learn some very important things.

Screenshot-56Randall:  First, don’t got swimming in the fish tank.  The fish don’t like that.

Screenshot-57I have never seen this painting before.  It’s cows!

Screenshot-65And this one was a masterpiece.  It’s just some deer.  People will buy anything.

gaston won his first game

Gaston’s team won their first game of the season.  Looks like they kicked butt too.

Screenshot-58Lis:  I love your genius mind, son-in-law.

Screenshot-60Randall:  may I share with you my thoughts on fish tanks and swimming?

Lis:  Ummm, actually I think we need to prepare for Sabine’s birthday party.

Oh Yes!  Another party.  I am on the ball with Gen 4’s birthdays.

And I’ve designed a new party room.  You may ooh and ahh at your leisure.

 Dance Floor:Screenshot-61

Indoor bunny knocking over game AND a fireman’s pole.  I so want one of those in my house.Screenshot-62

Fooseball Table:Screenshot-63

Inventing and Sculpting Stations:Screenshot-64

Okay, so it’s more of a party/hobby room.

 Screenshot-66Uh oh!  Looks like Teen Sabine and Teen Tony are getting their dance on together.

Tony:  You have the most beautiful veins I’ve ever seen.

Sabine:  *giggle* You’re so funny, Tony.

Okay, I’ve never run into this before.  Today is suppose to be Suzie’s birthday but the game would not let me age her up using the cake.

But this party will not go to waste!  Jefferson Kendall is set to age up in 2 days so we’re throwing him a party instead.

Screenshot-67Jefferson:  Sweet!  I love parties!

Screenshot-68I love this room.

Screenshot-69And this is Jefferson as a Teen.  Can we say handsome?

Oh! And one of the coolest things of the party room?

BLACK LIGHTS!!Screenshot-70This bunny is seriously creeping me out.

Bunny:  Bring me young virgins.


Screenshot-71Sofie: This house just keeps getting more awesome

Tony:  So how ‘bout we blow this joint and go play a game.

Screenshot-72Lis: Why go anywhere when you could play right here.

Tony:  I think she’s on to me.

Screenshot-73Tony:  Your grandma seem a little over protective.

Sabine:  Don’t mind her.  She’s just a little spacey.

Screenshot-75Tony:  She calms me like a still pond.

Screenshot-76Gaston:  Having a good time at the party kids?

Tony and Sabine:  Yes!

Screenshot-77Sabine:  Now where were we?

Screenshot-78Sabine:  I know we haven’t really known each other for very long.  But I was wondering if you’d like to go steady with me.

Screenshot-79Tony:  Of course.  You are the light in my darkness.


suzette party awesome

Well despite Suzette not actually aging up at her party it was still a success.

 And later that night, Sabine had some interesting dreams:

Screenshot-82Sabine:  Tooonnny…..

Screenshot-83Sabine: New shiny red shooooeeesss…

Screenshot-84Sabine:  day at the sspaa…

Screenshot-86Sabine:  Looovvee suckks…

Screenshot-87Sabine:  Marriage is worrse….

And then she rolled this wish:

sabine wants to breakup with Tony

This breaks my heart.  I love Tony.

gaston defies gravity

Gaston sure does know his way around balls.  *snicker snicker*

lis had a cameo

Lis got little cameo part in as a Door-to-Door Gnome Salesman in the latest (sure to be hit) movie.

Random Story Progression Updates:

nan uses bradley

Bradley is still up to his gigolo antics.  I can’t believe my simself is taking this crap.

graham and katrina are expecting

Shut up!  Graham is going to be a daddy

graham and katrina shotgun wedding

And now his adding Husband to that list.  The Boudreaux’s always seem to do things bass ackwards.

garg expecting

Sim!Garg is having another little one.  This will make baby #3.

jolie uses bradley

JOLIE!!!  I just don’t know what to say.

jolie and alexy fresco

But she got her senses back and it is now cavorting with a much older Alexy Fresca

lisa king is the slayer

Uh Oh.  Corbin better watch out.  Lisa King is now the Slayer.

simself is a vigilante

Sim!Amanda is now the newest vigilante.

geobe paying crime lord

See, I knew that Wayne Bumble was a good for nothing trouble maker.

Makes you wonder what Geobe is trying to keep a secret.  I think I’ll have to investigate a little more.

graham and katrina had a boy Monty

Aw, Graham’s wife Katrina had a little baby boy named Monty.

tony parents split up

Oh No!  Tony’s parents have split up. I guess he’ll need Sabine’s support more than anything now.

guy and matilda are expecting

Guy and Matilda are going to have a baby.  I don’t know if they’re married or not.  I’m thinking no.

Screenshot-99This is Matilda rockin’ out on the drums.

georgette is expecting again

Georgie has got another bun in the oven.  I think this will make #3 for them too.

simself leader of vigilante

And now I’ve taken over as head of Town Vigilante.  Yeah, I’m just that awesome.

garg has baby boy Elvis

Sim!Garg had a baby boy.  And they named him Elvis.  *snicker*

gossip about bradley

Harry Marks is all jealous of Bradley’s lovin’ skills.  I guess we don’t have to wonder why Sim!Amanda continues to stay married to the dirty philanderer.

graham gives money to his mommy

Aw, Graham is making sure his Mama Nan is taken care of.  What a sweet boy he’s turned out to be.

This is what I found when I went to look in on GrahamScreenshot-115It’s a little family reunion.  That’s (a pregnant) Georgie, Graham, Nan and Guy. This just warms my heart knowing they still get together.

The next night Sabine and Tony had a date.

I’m a little worried.  I hope she doesn’t break up with him.

Screenshot-89Sabine:  Do you want to catch a bite to eat before we go to the movie?

Tony:  What’s that sounds?

Sabine:  Huh?

Screenshot-90Tony and Sabine:  GASP!!

Screenshot-91Oh no!  Aria Trill kicked it right in front of the kids.

Worst date ever.

Screenshot-94Sabine:  This is so sad.

Tony:  This is delightfully evil.  Muhahaha

Screenshot-95Tony:  So, what movie do you want to go see?


Tony:  There’s “Hillbilly Serenade”


Tony:  Or “The Brunchfast Gang”

Screenshot-98Sabine:  Why don’t we skip the movie and go make out.

Tony:  That’s an even better idea.

And while I was spying on Sabine and Tony, Suzette had her birthday.

Screenshot-100She grew up with the Eco-Friendly trait.  Just like her Auntie Jolie.

Okay, I guess she looks a little mad.  But not near as bad as Guy did at this age.

lis wins award

Lis earned her first award as a self-employed painter.

Good to know that Sim!Geobe is fan.

randall promo 2

I guess now we know why Randall knew all about swimming with fishes.

gaston promo 2

And Gaston is now Team Captain. Go G-man Go!

Screenshot-102Sabine:  Consider this house as yours Tony.  Feel free to drop by whenever things get too hard at your house.

Randall: I’ve got my eyes on you boy. Better keep your vampy hands off my baby girl.

Screenshot-105And while Sabine and Tony were hanging out at the house.  Lis was hanging out with her BFF, Matt Hamming.

They’re looking a bit too cozy.

Screenshot-106Whoa!  Way to cozy!

Screenshot-108Hey!! You stop that right now!

Screenshot-109Matt:  That was awesome.  I’m exhausted now.

Lis:  Yes, it was quite satisfying wasn’t it?

Lisette Boudreaux!  You better hope that was just a regular woohoo!! 😡

Screenshot-110Lis:  So can Vampires fly?

Matt:  Care to find out first hand?

Screenshot-111Lis:  I should be getting home.

Matt: zzzzzzz

While Lis gets her clothes back on and heads to the house, Valery is having fun with a different kind of pole.Screenshot-113Val:  This thing is awesome!

Screenshot-114Gaston:  My spidey senses are tingling…

Screenshot-116Lis:  Aww, nooboo.

Aw, shit!  This is just not right!  Lis you are 102.  What the heck are you going to do with a baby?!

Screenshot-117Randall:  I need to sit down, like right here.

I know how you feel Randall.  I think we’re all in shock.

Until next time.



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 19, 2014 @ 09:24:00

    Great idea, making a separate party room! One of the kids just had a slumber party and all the kids ended up in the garage because there wasn’t enough room in the house for the sleeping bags *facepalm*

    Here’s hoping Lis can get to 10 grandkids (whoops, nearly wrote 100) before she kicks off. At least you know she’ll last however long the pregnancy is.


  2. skehrer
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 15:48:07

    I found your blog through Gargantua’s Byrd Legacy. I must say I love your story! My kids are driving my insane and I marathon read through it during “nap time.” I think I should rename it Mommy’s wine time (not really, but I wish).

    When I read Randall’s quote: First, don’t got swimming in the fish tank. The fish don’t like that.
    I nearly spit out my drink!

    I love your party/hobby room!

    Also, I think I will borrow your vampire rules for my legacy if you don’t mind.


    • deviouslyvivid
      Jul 22, 2011 @ 18:35:02

      Thanks skehrer! I suppose, depending on how your kids are, it could be considered Mommy’s “no whine time”. lol

      Randall is a funny little fella. Convinced himself he’s a little teapot. Interesting fact about Randall….he originally started out as Michael Bachelor.

      I’m glad you found me and you’re enjoying my legacy. Feel free to use my vampire “rules”.


  3. deviouslyvivid
    May 28, 2011 @ 09:57:58

    Yeah, I think it’s an option in one of Twallan’s mods. I’ve had it activated since Gen 1 but this is the first time I’ve seen an Elder pregnancy. Oh well….

    I think we’ll find out next chapter or two what Geobe is actually hiding.

    I love my new party room ❤


  4. Gargantua
    May 28, 2011 @ 06:38:32

    Aw man! I didn’t think Elders could get pregnant, so you must have a hack that allows it. Crazy Lisette. I told you! She isn’t happy unless she’s knocked up.

    LOL! Elvis….

    Here is to hoping that the crime lord gets his butt handed to him, and I am curious to know why Geobe owes him money. Maybe because of all the babies?

    Beautiful sims as always, and an truly excellent party room! I look forward to the next chapter.


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