Chapter 4.1: Life in a Legacy

Last time on The Legacy:   Gaston was named Gen 3 Heir, he met and married the delightfully insane Randall, Randall gave birth to little Sabine, Jolie grew up into a teenager and Guy grew up into a young adult, Asher passed away, Sabine grew up into a toddler and Gaston gave birth to baby Suzette

Since I left you with a legacy fail last time I thought I would begin with a ton of cute this chapter.


Suzette:  Welcome back!

Sqeee!!  She’s so cute.  I love her so much!


She’s like a little female clone of Randall except no red hair.  What do I have to do to get some red headed babies in this legacy?!


Guy loves these kids.  So I think I’ll keep him around.

Guy:  Can you say Legacy Portrait?


Val came for a visit tonight.  Not that she talked to anyone.  She just played her video game the entire time.

Val: Yay!  Being dead is fun.

Randall Promo

Randall got another promotion.  Good thing because family funds are looking a little low.   Lis needs to start painting again so we can get more $$.

More toddler spam…


Sabine:  Yep, that the right temperature.


Sabine: Hmm, but does it taste any good?


Sabine:  Omnomnomnom


Sabine:  That was deelish.  What else are we going to do today.

She’s such a good baby.  Everyone forgot that she was trapped in the high chair but she sat there just giggling to herself until Guy came to the rescue.

However, this is what happens when they for get about little Suzie…


Suzie:  Get me out!!!


Poor Lis misses Asher.

Lis wants 10 grandchildren

And to fill that void, she’s decided that she wants 10 grandchildren.  I locked it for her,  I mean she and Asher had 5 kids.  That’s only 2 babies per kid.


Randall:  *hums I’m a little teapot”*


Gaston:  Who’s my little princess?

Sabine:  I’m going to throw up!


Aww, autonomous flirting.  Oops, forgot to put the walls up.  Hee hee.

Lis:  Randall, will you stop flirting with Gaston and fix the dishwasher.  Somebody broke it again.  Damn kids.

Oh no!  Miss Lis you broke it this time.  Don’t even try to blame the kiddos.


Gaston:  Mother!  So you have to mop right there?


Gaston:  I am trying to get my cardio in before the big game!

Lis:  Suck it sonny.  Go use the TV.

And I missed Sabine’s birthday


But here she is.  She adorable of course.


Sabine:  Daddy, where do babies come from?

Randall: Maybe if I don’t move she won’t see met.


Autonomous skilling!


Haha!  It looks like Gaston fell asleep watching TV.  TV will rot your brain!


Lis:  That is a wonderful painting Guy.

Guy:  Thanks Mom.  You’re the best!


Jolie:  Don’t you ever dream of moving into a house of your own.  One with a beautiful view?

Guy:  Sad smile


Jolie:  Too bad you have to stay and paint portraits.  Ahahahaha…

Guy:  I hate you so much right now.


Sabine:  Peek


Sabine:  BOO!

Suzie:  Ahhh!  I just crapped my pants!  Do it again!


Guy:  Don’t you have some pre-teen magazine to drool over?


Sabine:  Actually, I was just going to ask if you’d take me fishing.  But never mind now, meanie.

I think Guy is depressed.  Perhaps it is time to move him out. After all, Jolie is still in the house to help take care of the kiddos.

lis invited to gargs party

Sim!Gargantua has invited Lis to her party.  Lis is very popular even if it is only because Asher was SuperStar.

Does anyone else have problems with going to parties?  Every time I click “Attend Party”  my sims never go.  And then when I click on the party balloons tag on the map there isn’t a party to go to.  Does that make sense?  So frustrating!


Sabine:  What’s your opinion on multiple universe travel?


Jolie:  Hmm, that’s a fascinating subject.  I really don’t know much about it.


Jolie:  Perhaps we could Google it.

And Sabine has a super short attention span and has already been distracted by the TV.


Jolie:  Maybe if could become a scientist and explore this theory further.


Sabine:  That’s a rubbish career!  Think bigger!


Jolie:  Bigger, huh?

Sabine: What are we watching?


Sabine:  *gasp*  I hope he doesn’t lose it.



Ahaha.  She’s watching a fishing show.


Nature Man: This is the biggest catfish I’ve ever seen!


Sabine:  Excellent.


Jolie:  OMG!  That flippin’ hurt!

Uh oh.  Did you stub your toe on the chair?


Jolie:  No!  The chair ate my leg!!!

Sabine:  EA fail LOL

gaston promo

Gaston got promoted to Rookie.  Keep your Gaston Boudreaux rookie card people.  It’ll be worth a fortune later.

I finally was able to get Lis to go to Sim!Garg’s house and attend her party.


I gave Sim!Garg a makeover.  I think her husband Sim!Geobe will be very please with her longer hair.  What do you think Sim!Garg?

Sim!Garg:  I feel violated…

But I gave you a cool Zombies were people too shirt.


Well then, I guess I can live with the long hair.


Gaston:  You are a sexy bitch.

Asher:  Hi Guy!


Randall:  Oh god!  Ghosts are disgusting.

Gaston:  Hey, that my Dad!


Randall:  I think I’ll take a picture for my famous ghosts scrapbook.

You’re a freak.


Guy’s been in such a foul mood lately that I decided to moved him into the spare bedroom.  Now he doesn’t have to share a room with Jolie.  And Sabine can have her own bed instead of sleeping with Lis.

Random Story Progression Updates:

I think my favorite thing about the Sims 3 is the open world.  I know this is a legacy but I can’t help but spy on the other families in Bridgeport.

Last update we discovered that Simself and her housemate Ichiro had a secret love child together.  Meet little Ivan.


Ivan:  It’s okay to love me.  I’m adorable.

Geney and Romeo are having a baby

Geney and Romeo Rake had an accident and are now expecting.  But it’s apparently not that serious of a relationship because

geney and matt hamming

Geney has now hooked up with Matt Hamming.

Geney has baby boy Efrain

Geney had a baby boy names Efrain.  I like that name!

ichiro huan married Johanna Kings

And Ichiro skipped out on Sim!Amanda and little Ivan to hook up with Johanna King.  What a bastard!

Matt Hamming is the Gigolo

Matt Hamming is now the town Gigolo.  It doesn’t look good for Geney.

This is Sim!Bradley Byrd.  You may recognize him from The Byrd Legacy (see my link on the right under Sites I Love).

He continually calls me a “Devil Woman”  and is just generally obnoxious.


So please meet Sim!Bradley Byrd, my new Butler Bitch.  LMAO!

Thanks to Twallan’s mods I can turn off aging, and forbid him to move out, date and marry.  Suck on that!

I wasn’t too harsh on him though.  I gave him his own little closet with a little bed and even a light.


I think it’s going to be okay.  The first thing he did was play nanny to Ivan.  Excellent muhahahahahaha…ahem

Last update we learned that Georgie married Lenny Shutter.  They had twins!


This is KentonScreenshot-23

And this is Derick.

I love, love, love the Boudreaux genetics.

corbin is good friends with his bike

I have never seen this before.  Corbin is good friends with his bicycle.  Corbin, this is why you needed to get married!

Geney moves out

I had moved Geney in with Nan and Corbin but I guess it was too crowed.

bradley and amanda

ooohhkay.  That back fired.  What is going on over in the Nichols household!?Screenshot-33

What the?


Sim!Bradley:  Oh God!  I think I’m going to be sick.

Don’t be such a sissy pants Sim!Bradley.  It’s just little Ivan and an EA screw up.

brad is new gigolo

Oh, surely Sim!Amanda will not stand for this.

graham is the town bully

Graham is the town bully Sad smile

corbin and lala

Maybe Corbin took my advice and is getting himself a lady.

william fangman gave money to stormcaller

William Fangmann is the town Robin.  He gave the Stormcaller’s a nice little gift.

matt is a vampire

Oh dear!  Matt Hamming is not a vampire!


Awww, Sim!Geobe Stormcaller with his eldest, Leigh.

brad and amanda get married

I am not amused…

Meanwhile at the legacy house…


Someone’s haunting the dining room chair.


It’s Asher!

Asher: I love my wife.


Lis:  Have you thought about taking up painting?  It’s much more interesting than chess.Screenshot-7

Sabine:  The palate of colors does entice my inner creator.


Lis:  Am I the Black or the White?


Sabine: Don’t quit your day job Nana.


This is the new maid.  I forget his name but he’s awfully pretty.  Saved to bin!


Sabine:  Don’t forget Daddy’s birthday tomorrow?

I will try not to sweetie.


Guy: Can’t wait till the next party.


Randall:  Can’t wait till the next party.


Randall:  I can wear my silver sequin suit.

lol, guess we’re having a party.


Matt Hamming was invited to Sabine’s birthday party.

Sabine:  You sure are pale.


Matt:  And you are annoying.


Graham: Boooo! Randall sucks.

Randall:  I will kill you in your sleep.


Guy:  That Graham needs a good ass kicking.


Matt:  You’re looking lovely as ever Miss Lisette.


Lis:  And you’re charming as ever…lover.

Matt:  O_o


Ha ha!  Classic Asher pose Guy.


Randall:  Be prepared for my mid-life sparkles.  They may be blinding.


Randall:  I don’t feel any different.  Has my adulthood narwhale horn come in yet?

And while we’re already having a party…


Happy Birthday Suzette!


Guy:  Take a deep breath

Suzie: *sucks in air*


Matt:  Gaston looks delicious enough to eat.


Everyone:  We love parties!!


Sabine:  So exciting!!!!


Guy:  Good job baby girl!


Nan:  Graham, you need to stop being such a little baby.  I’m sick of your attitude.

Lis:  You tell him sister.


Sim!Garg:  And then I said, “There goes that Tennessee Barking Spider again.”  Ahahaaha.

Yeah, still not funny Sim!Garg.


Suzette looks just like Gaston.  But with freckles.


Sweet!  Randall’s party was a success!


We’re having  a lot of hauntings lately.  I don’t know what is going on with Asher.


Not Asher this time.  It’s Gordon with all the hijinxs.

The next day…


Guy found a friend in Matilda Smart.

Guy:  Don’t tell anyone but I plan to move out very soon.


Matilda:  That’s fantastic!  Maybe I could come over.

Guy:  Sure, I don’t see a problem with that.

And so Guy did move out.  He really doesn’t serve much purpose now that the girls are old enough to take care of themselves.

Suzette discovered the activity table and had a blast building.


Suzie:  Did you see what I made?

Yes, you’re like a child prodigy or something.

And then she did a little dance.


Lisette donated to Johnny Jones

Lis donated money to Johnny Jones’ campaign.

tax lien for the boudreauxs

Which was a mistake ‘cause now the Boudreaux’s have no money to pay their bills.

So Lis went to the Butterfly Esplanade to see if she could drum up some interior design business.


Lis:  Hi Sim!Gargantua!  You’re looking lovely as ever today.


Sim!Garg:  Thanks Lis.  So what brings you to the Esplanade today?

Lis: Funny you should ask.   We’ve run into a bit of a money crunch and I was wonder if you had any need of my architectural service.


Sim!Garg:  Now, that you mention it.  I was thinking about adding a writing room onto the house.


Lis:  I think I can help you out.  Take a look at my portfolio.


Sim!Garg:  Well, it seem you do nice work.  But I’ll have to consult with Sim!Geobe first.  But don’t get you’re hopes up. You know what a penny pincher he is.

Lis:  Sad smile


Sim!Garg:  Don’t be sad Lis.  I’m sure things will look up soon.


Sim!Garg:  Does this help?

Ha ha!  It at least made me laugh.

Lis and Sim!Garg continued to make faces at each other until I reminded Lis that she needed to make some simoleons.


Lis:  You look like an easy target.


Stranger:  Hi, I’m Alexy Fresco.


He and Lis really hit it off.  Not only is he Artistic, but he is also charismatic and a great kisser


Lis:  Do you happen to have any interior design needs?


Lis:  if you hire me it’s possible you’ll end up in The Legacy Blog.


Alexy: I’m not much interested in the blog as much has I am you.

Lis:  Well then…tell me more stud.

Nan:  He is not good enough for my sister.

Little Tonya: Don’t be such a voyeur mommy.  Let’s go home.


Oh look.  It’s that bastard Ichiro and his skank wife Johanna.


Lis had no luck at the Esplanade.  So she decided to throw a party instead.

Yeah, it didn’t make much sense to me either.  But I guess she needed to get her mind of their current financial situation.

randall promo

Randall is working hard for his money and got another promotion.


This is apparently a formal affair today.


Lenny:  My wife is lookin’ fine.

Yes she is.


Guy: Thanks for moving me out of the house.  I’m finally free.


Sim!Amanda:  OMG!  I love parties!


Sim!Amanda:  So excited to Georgie here.

And it looks like Sim!Amanda is preggo.  Moving Sim!Bradley Byrd in was the worst idea ever.


Sabin:  Yay!  A birthday!

Suzie:  Yay!  Guy is here!


This is June Clavier.  This is awesome and I love her so much.  She got saved to the bin.


Oh yeah, it’s Gaston’s birthday party, BTW.

Sim!Amanda loves a good party.


Sugar Bijou: Oh my goodness, Guy Boudreaux is so hot.

Lil Bling:  Why am I here.


Gaston: Do I still look like Superman?

Yes, but with a buzzcut.  We can fix that.


Oh no!  Sim!Amanda has gone into labor!!!

Not to worry though.  Lis is going to take her to the hospital.


Sim!Amanda:  She is so awesome.


Sugar: I think maybe we have a love connection.

Sim!Garg:  Aren’t you married Sugar?

Yes she is Sim!Garg.  To Tom Wordy.


Gaston:  I wonder if Sim!Amanda had a boy or girl?

lis has pos mood from twins

She had twin girls!  January and Melodie.  And while I was over there I found out that this is not the first kids for Sim!Amanda and Sim!Bradley.  They also have another older child named Quinton.


I’m not sure if you can really tell by this picture (you may have to click on it to get the full pic).  But practically everyone decided to stay long after the party was over.  Nan and Georgie are standing in a puddle of water, Guy and Sugar are talking about Art, and Sim!Garg and June are watching TV.


Sim!Garg:  What are we watching?


June: Oh girl!  This that show where that woman finds love with a much younger man.

Sim!Garg:  Does it have zombies in it?


Sim!Garg:  This movie is garbage.  I thought they were going to get it on.

June:  Maybe I’m thinking of another movie.

Georgie:  I have to pee.


Sim!Garg:  Oh my goodness!  I’m missing House!


People stayed so long that they changed out of their formal wear and into their everyday.  How awesome is that?!


Ash:  My little Jolie girl is growing up so fast.


And Asher greets Lis like he always does.


Asher:  Dis you miss me sugar plum?


Asher:  Because I missed you like I miss my heartbeat.


Lis:  Oh Asher.  You say the sweetest things.


Asher:  Now come here and give me some lovin’.


And she did.

The next morning, Lis decided to retire.


Lis:  Hi, boss man?  Yeah, this career sucks and I have no clue what I’m doing.  Suck it!


Yay!  Confetti!


The maid, Sheryl Beck, decided this was as good time as any to maker her feelings about the Yeti known.

Gaston:  Are we throwing confetti?


Gaston: Yay for confetti throwing in the house!


Randall:  Stupid woman.  Everyone knows that Yeti doesn’t exist.  It’s Bigfoot we have to worry about.

Lis couldn’t be left without a career.  So she registered as a self-employed painter.

lis is now self employed


Ugh! Who broke the bath?


And the maid sucks! She mopped up the puddle from the still spouting bath but didn’t clean the toilet.


Sim!Amanda:  Yay!  It’s Lis Boudreaux!  Thanks so much for taking me to the hospital the other day.


Lis:  I like your new hairdo.

Sim!Amanda:  Thanks I like to keep it fresh.

Graham has grown up into a young adult and invited Lis to a party.

lis invited to graham's party

And it start very soon.  You better get going Lis.


And look what happens the moment Lis leaves.  It’s just not right.  My eyes have seen things they shouldn’t have.


This is Graham.  He turned out very handsome.  You can tell he’s a Boudreaux.  Diego Duran is his father and got left behind when the family moved from Sunset Valley.


Looks like it’s a family party!

Lis:  you look fantastic Geney.

Graham:  Yeah, Geney.  Positively glowing.

geney is preggo again

Oh, well I guess it’s because she’s pregnant.  And who is the father?

geney and romeo get married

None other than Romeo Rake.  This will be their second child together.

Suzie needed help with her homework.


(Unfortunately) Randall was the only one around.


Suzette:  Who is the current Mayor of Bridgeport?

Randall:  I know this one.


Randall:  I believe it’s Lil Bling.

Suzie:  Seriously daddy?


Randall:  What?  Am I wrong?

Suzie: Daddy!  If I fail this class then I’ll never get into a good college.  And if I don’t get into a good college then I won’t get a good job.  And If I don’t have a good job then I’ll have to live here…forever.

Randall:  I see nothing wrong with this scenario.

BTW, Sim!Geobe Stormcaller is Mayor.

geobe is now mayor

It always grosses me out when Gaston does this:


Slobby sims are just nasty.

A few hours later…


Gaston:   Blurgh

See, this is what you get for being gross.


Gaston:  Damn it!  The toilet is broken now.

And then the next day, this happened:


Gaston:  The baby is coming!

Another kid?  Really?  Gaston and Randall must have autonomously tried for baby (or risky woohoo’d) while I was watching Lis at Graham’s party.  These Boudreaux’s are a bunch of horn dogs!


Welcome to the world Lafayette Boudreaux.  He is an Ecitable Virtuoso who likes Pop music, Frog Legs (that’s a new one) and the color Hot Pink.

Gaston:  Go on, admit it.  He’s cute.

All babies look alike.  Although, this one may actually have the elusive red hair.

More Random Story Progression Updates:

bradley got drained

Ew, Sim!Bradley was almost drained dry by a vampire.

  geobe is a hunter

Sim!Geobe has joined Lenny Boudreaux in is hunt for vampires.

graham is dating hannah smyth

Graham has started dating Hannah Smyth.

geney has baby girl Aisha

And Geney had a baby girl name Aisha.  Cute name.

Also, this make grandbaby #7.  Only 3 more to go and Lis will meet her 10 grandchildren wish.  Hopefully she’ll live long enough to see this.

Since Sim!Bradley and Sim!Amanda have gotten married.  I guess I should change him out of his Butler Slave clothes.


Sim!Bradley:  I like these.

No, you’re too dirty.


Sim!Bradley:  What about this. Smooth, no?

Deep V much?  Did you shave your chest?


How ‘bout this?  I like it.

Sim!Bradley:  I look like a gay terrorist.


No, NOW you look like a gay terrorist.  LOL

Sim!Bradley:  I am not amused.


You’ve got red on you.

Sim!Bradley:  I hate you so much right now.

And the big ending for this update?

corbin is a vampire

Corbin is a vampire!!!

So here’s my Sim Vampire rules.  Once a sim becomes a vampire, they are automatically reverted back to Adult stage and then aging is turned off.  If the Vampire gets “slain” by a slayer then they do not get to come back as normal sims.  They must die.  If there is a mod that automatically does the killing please let me know.  Right now I’m just killing them off myself.


He is tasty though…

Thanks for reading!  And until next time….



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 19, 2014 @ 08:22:34

    Wow, how does Geobe find time to be Mayor, town Slayer *and* knock up Gargantua. Well done, Geobe!

    Had to laugh at Bradley hooking up with your simself. You two are too funny, with the arguing and the makeover. Gay terrorist indeed.


  2. Gargantua
    May 23, 2011 @ 06:51:56

    First, Sim!Amanda and Sim!Brad – Hahahahahaha. Sorry, had to get that out of the way. Ok, I think I’m done now. I will be interested to see what the children look like. *makes a mental note to not make Brad anyone’s butler*

    Second, I love my makeover. I don’t look bad with long hair at all, but don’t tell real!Geobe. I’d never get out of having to grow it out then.

    Third, Boudreaux genetics FTW! And I love Corbin. I’m so happy he gets to live forever. Well, until Geobe kills him off anyway. Here is to hoping he finds true love. 🙂

    Now, where did you find those zombie shirts and the S-mart stuff? Cause they totally rock and I so want!


    • deviouslyvivid
      May 23, 2011 @ 07:23:45

      Yes, making Bradley my butler was decidedly a bad idea. But the good news is that Sim!me is immortal and he is not. muhahahahaha.

      Glad you like your make over. I think you look fantastic with long hair too.

      I’m really happy that Corbin gets to live forever too. I only wish he were a little more like Gordon. But alas he takes after his mother.

      Zombie shirts are from Kitty Klan: . Don’t download the What a feeling pack no matter how awesome it is. It look awful in game. Or at least in my game which may or may not have something to do with the skin defaults I use. oh, and she has some pretty awesome scifi posters for Firefly and Doctor Who.


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