Chapter 4.0: Heir We Go Again

Previously on The Legacy:   Everyone had a birthday…Guy grew up into a teenager and peed himself,  Jolie grew up into a toddler and learned how not to pee on herself, Geney grew up into a young adult and moved out, Lis and Nan grew up into elders but not before their dear mama Valery died in front of them, Gaston grew up into a very handsome young adult and Georgie grew up into an even more gorgeous young adult.

And now the Generation 3 Legacy Heir….

gaston intro

No Legacy poll this time peoples.  Although Georgie is beautiful, there’s just something about Gaston that I adore.  Now let’s unleash him upon all of Sim Creation and see what hijinxs ensues.


Asher:  You’re still my shining star even if you aren’t active heir anymore.


Gaston:  I hope there aren’t any hard feelings, sis.  I know you had your heart set on being the next heir.


Georgie:  No worries, big brother.  I really wasn’t looking forward to having all those babies anyway.

Gaton:  Babies?

Gaston was so shocked at this revelation that he crashed my game.  Or it could have been that new neighborhood I downloaded.   Regardless, I had to reinstall my legacy family and all the happy spares (plus illegitimate child) and moved them into Bridgeport.


Randall McCullough:  You must have just move here.  ‘Cause I would have remembered you.


Gaston:  Yeah, my Mom packed us up so Dad would have a better chance at stardom.


Randall:  You still live with your parents? :/


Gaston:  Wait, it’s not as lame as it sounds.  I help take care of my little sister.  And there’s this legacy…


Randall:  A legacy!  Why didn’t you say that to begin with?


Gaston:  I’d really love it if you’d let me take you to the symphony one night.


I forget why I took this picture but it was just too funny not to post.  I ❤ Randall!


Gaston:  So are you seeing anyone?

Randall:  Dating me is a hazard to your health.

randall is single


Randall:  Never say I didn’t warn you.

Gaston soon discovered that Randall is an Insane Genius.


Gaston:  Sometimes the things he says frightens me.


Randall:  So you wanna take the bull by the horns and go back to my place?

Gaston:  Yes.  Yes, I do.


Well for all the sexy talk they just ended up spending most the evening snuggling on the couch.  How boring


Gaston:  Boring you say?  Shall we…spice things up a bit?



Gaston:  So, how you doin’?

(haha, he’s using Gordon’s line)


Randall:  Uh, what?


Randall:  Nope.  I don’t think so.


Gaston:  Oh, that line always worked for Grandad.  How embarrassing.


Randall:  Look what I did!  I hurt his feelings.


Randall:  I just want our first kiss to be spectacular.

It’s okay Randall.  Gaston is a Boudreaux.  They’re use to lots of rejection.

georgette and lenny got married

Georgie got married!


Randall:  Whoa!  Not fair!  I’m supposed to be the first new spouse for Generation 3.

Sorry dude.  You’re the one all tip toeing around a kiss.


Randall:  Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong, bitches.

Gaston will forever remember this as the moment he knew he was in love.  Awwww…


Randall:  I wish I could squeeze your beautiful brains out of your beautiful skull and then climb inside your empty husk and see the world through your eyes.



Randall:  Shall I see you out?


Gaston:  Come here often sailor?


Randall:  I’m scared.


Gaston:  Oh yes!  I am…The Man!

Randall:  I feel so dirty and violated.


Gaston:  Best first kiss EVER!

Random Story Progression Updates:

randall got a job

Randall is fast on his way to reaching his LTW of being a Creature Robot Cross Breeder.

Told ya he was an insane genius

georgette got a job

Georgie also got a job in the military.  Which should help her on her way to becoming an International Super Spy.

nan and romeo rake

Nan’s taken up with Romeo Rake.  I’m sure it won’t last.

corbin is an elder

Corbin is now an elder.  I’ll have to take a picture of the outfit he grew up in.  So cute!


See, told you it wouldn’t last.  Now she’s hooked up with Alexy Fresco.


Gaston:  This house is kind of rubbish compared to the last.

You shut your pie hole mister!  It took me forever to rebuild because Bridgeport land is stupid and the legacy lot went crazy on this little plot of land.  More EA suckage.

Now go put some pants on before Randall gets here.



Randall:  Your home is beautifully decorated


Gaston:  Only since you walked in.

Randall:  Oh, go on.


Gaston:  I know we haven’t known each other for very long.


Gaston:  But the very sight of you makes me weak.


Gaston:  Will you marry me Randall McCullough?


Randall:  Wait, what?


Gaston:  I hope you like it.

Randall:  Shut the fuck up!


Randall:  I did warn him.


Gaston:  You suck so bad right now.

Randally:  Not as much as you.  Now ask me again.


Gaston:  If you say no again I will jump off the roof.

Randall:  Yes!!


Randall:  It’s so sparkly.  Like a spider’s eyeball.  It doesn’t matter where I stand.  It’s sparklyness follows me where ever I am.


Gaston:  I love your gibberish talk.

Random Legacy Updates:

Gaston’s having the best week ever.

gaston promo 1

First an engagement and now a promotion.

asher b list celeb

And Asher is reaping the rewards of the move to Bridgeport.  Yay!  B-list status!  That’s way better than Snookie.

lis get a free drink

And Lis is guilty by association. Free drinks!  Whoop whoop!


Guy: I hate school so much.

Jolie:  You’re so whiny.


Randall:  What the..?!!?


Randall:  I am not amused.


Randall:  I have the most shocking news ever.

Haha!  Lis is all stalkerish


Randall:  We’re going to have a little parasite!


Gaston:  What?!

Since Randall is already in a family way and he and Gaston are engaged I moved him into the legacy house.  Where he promptly began working on his gardening skill.


Randall:  There you go little seed.  Eat the earth and drink the rain.

Now introducing Randall Spam!


Randall:  I’m a little teapot…


Randall:  Now I’m a dinosaur and I’m gonna eat you up…RAWR!


Randall:  You talkin’ to me?


Randall:  There’s no judging in this legacy.  But I’m judging you right now.


Randall:  So, what do you think is going to pop out of me?  I’m leaning more toward alien spore.


Randall:  OMG!  The spore is coming!


Randall:  I am still not amused.


Gaston:  Holy crap!  That looks like it hurts!


Gaston:  Is that supposed to come out of your pee hole?!

Randall:  Take me to the hospital NOW!


Gaston:  You’re the best boyfriend ever.

Randall:  I hate you so much right now.

Let us welcome Gen 4…


Little Sabine McCullough-Boudreaux.  She’s Clumsy and Good.  She loves Goopy Carbonara (just like her great grandmama), Rockabilly music and the color Spice Berry.

Lis:  Yay!  A baby that’s not mine!

Asher completes his lifetime wish

Asher completed his LTW!  But he didn’t get anything cool for doing so.  Not like that awesome fridge Gordon got.  Which we lost in the move Sad smile

gaston promo 2

And Gaston got another promotion.  Super Star Athlete is the easiest LTW ever!

And guess what else these crazy folks have in this update?

!!!!A Wedding!!!!


Oh my gosh!  He’s so handsome!!

Wait what’s that?


Jolie:  It’s my birthday!

Randall:  She’s stealing my moment.

Oh, Randall’s not going to be happy about this one either.


It’s Guy’s birthday too!

Guy:  Yes! Now I get to move out!

That girl in the blue dress?  Yeah, that’s Jolie.  Hottie!  I think I also missed her birthday from toddler to childhood.  Her traits so far are Easily Impressed, Light Sleeper, Clumsy and Eco-Friendly.

Wow, total fail on my part.  But on the bright side this should be the party of the year.


Randall:  Yay.  I’m going to kill you in your sleep.

Corbin:  That boy is just not right.


Holy crikey!  Guy is a flippin’ hottie!  And he doesn’t look depressed anymore!

Just to recap.  Guy is an Clumsy Artistic Angler who is also Good and Loves the Outdoors.


Random guests:  OMG!  It’s Asher Donovan!

Asher kept his maiden name for stage purposes.  Boudreaux is just so hard to spell!

Corbin looks so cute in his formal wear.


It’s Sim!Amanda.  I wish I could get away with this hair cut in real life.  But it is not meant to be  Sad smile


Gaston:  Are you ready to do this babe?


Randall:  I claim you has my lifemate from here to eternity and back again.  I pledge my heart, soul and allegiance to you.  Peace and Chicken Grease.Screenshot-119

Gaston:  Um, ditto.

Asher:  Mazel Tov!  Let’s eat!


Sugar Bijou Wordy:  Two hot guys kissing.  Smokin’!


Sim!Amanda:  May you go forth and multiply.  But not too much.

Lenny Boudreaux-Shutter:  This wedding was trash compared to ours.


This is Graham Boudreaux, Nan’s son.

He kinda looks like a girl.  I’m sure high school is not kind to him at the moment.


Gordon came to wedding!  Oh I’m glad.

And the verdict:

nan says great partyfamous person is partied out

People had a blast.  So much better than the last party we had.   n’est-ce pas?


Randall:  Who are you in there?

More Random Story Progression Updates:

Geney and Brennan

Geney’s dating Brennan Busch.  He has luxurious long locks.

garg has a girl leigh

Sim!Garg and Sim!Geobe had a baby girl named Leigh.  I’m not sure if I mentioned this before.  But I just couldn’t deal with facing the fact that Garg would eventually kick it in game.  So I made her and her hubs immortal.  Thank you Twallan *kiss kiss*

simself baby boy ivan

And Sim!Amanda had an illegitimate child with her roommate Ichiro.

georgette got a promo

Georgie got a promotion to Mess Hall Server.  I’m sure it takes special spy skills to peel potatoes.

geney and matthew hamming

Geney’s gotten mixed up with Matthew Hamming.  It will only end in tears sweetie.

simself seeks professional

And Sim!Amanda is taking advantage of the “special services” of Romeo Rake.  I guess things are not going well between her and Ichiro.

garg and geo expecting again

Wow, that was quick.  The Stormcaller’s didn’t waste any time.

garg has baby girl Tonya

Oh yeah.  I forgot I had that 12 hour pregnancy mod.  I should probably remove that.

Asher went to the science lab to have lunch with Randall.


Kinda looks like maybe Asher’s been subjected to some experiments in anti-gravity capsules.




Asher:  Shit.  How am I going to explain this to Lis?


Asher:  It took you long enough.

Grim Toby:  I didn’t realize I was so far away from you.

Yes, that is a different Grim.  Grim Bill only works in Sunset Valley.


Asher:  Please don’t take me Grim Toby.  *snicker*

Grim Toby:  You think my name is funny.  Huh, funny man?  Screw you.


And so it was, that Grim Toby *snicker snicker* left only a gravestone in remembrance of Asher Donovan Boudreaux as he glided away down the corridor and and around the corner.

Although I’m really sad to see him go, I’m also really glad that he waited to kick the bucket until after the wedding/birthday extravaganza.

randall promo 1

Randall got a promotion to Lab Tech.  Go Randall Go!

I missed Sabine’s birthday.


She is the cutest little thing on the planet!  She definitely looks like Randall even though the eyes are Gaston’s.  So happy she got Randall’s freckles too.


Yep she’s got Papa Randall’s nose.  So much cute!


Lis:  Grandmama loves you the bestest.

Seriously, Lis is the best babysitter ever.  And I’ve pretty much given up on her LTW so might as well let her take care of the kid.


Asher:  Aay!  My wife is hot.


Then he proceeded to haunt the extra bedroom.


Death could not keep these two apart.  Still at it like  a couple of horny teenagers.


Aww, poor Jolie.  She misses her Papa.  Sad smile

It’ll be okay.  Randall is stepping up.  He took her to a bar to help ease her pain.


Jolie:  Am I allowed in here?

Randall:  Shhh, I’m concentrating.


Whoa, not even on the board.


Jolie:  Boooo, you suck at this game Uncle Randall.


Randall:  Stay calm Randall.  The girl has just lost her father.

randall is a test subject

Oh Hey!  Randall works with Geney.  It’s a family affair!  Although I’m not sure why she’s in the science track when she want’s to be a Firefighter.  I might have to fix that later.  *adds to list*


As you can see Gaston is very pregnant.  I really hope he and Randall aren’t going to breed like rabbits.  It just so much work!


Gaston:  Owwweeee!

Georgie:  Stay calm brother.  My special spy training can help with any situation.  I’m take you to the hospital.


Welcome little Suzette McCullough-Boudreaux.  She’s an excitable Virtuoso.  She loves Chinese music, Lobster Thermidor and the color Purple.  (I love that movie!)

BTW, that male maternity wear is awful.


Awww, little Sabine with her Papa Gaston.  Cuteness!

I was going to leave you with the cute.  But I couldn’t resist posting this snapshot of my portrait panel.

legacy fail

Lis is the only one in the green right now.  And it’s primarily because she and Asher keep making out.  It’s like he never died.


Hope you enjoyed the read.  I can’t wait to update next so I can show you how Suzette turned out.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 19, 2014 @ 03:33:36

    Wow, the boys turned out super hot! Dunno about Georgie, I think her nose is too thin for her face (or her cheeks are too round for her nose). Glad Gaston got heirship.

    Though, his Unlucky trait is going to make the LTW hard – later on ‘game record’ becomes a criteria, and unlucky sims win the games less often 😦


  2. Mariah
    May 23, 2011 @ 10:03:29

    Oh my goodness xD
    Gaston doing the stride of pride and saying it was the best kiss ever. Hilarious.

    Sabine is adorable!


    • deviouslyvivid
      May 23, 2011 @ 12:58:25

      I know, it was so funny how he was strutting around and then Randall’s face just looks so sad and bewildered. lol

      I love Gaston and Randall’s kids. They’re just so darn cute!


  3. Gargantua
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 12:20:27

    Wow! I don’t think Gaston could have found a better partner than Randall. Did you create him or did the game spawn him? As to Guy, Wowza!

    Though I did shed a tear for Asher, I’m glad he didn’t wait to come back from the dead to continue romancing his wife. You know, if you aged Lis back a bit, she could totally give you a ghost baby. Just saying.

    Thanks for the immortality. I’ll be sure to return the favor next time I play. I didn’t know that option was available with Twallan’s mods. Do I find it on the Master Controller? I think I’ll stay away from that 12 hour pregnancy mod, though. Playing on the long life span – that would just lead to disaster.


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