Chapter 3.6: To Hell in a Handbasket

Last time on The Legacy:  Asher became and elder and got a beard just like his hero Gordon, Lis got knocked up again and baby Jolie was born, and Georgie aged up into a gorgeous teen.

Asher and Lis aren’t the only ones that are popping out babies like nobody’s business.

simself baby dorothy

It makes me happy that my Simself named her baby Dorothy.  That’s my Great Nana’s name.  I approve Simself!


And here’s my Simself with little Dorothy.  Rockin’ that zombie shirt chick!


Gargantua:  Val should win a huge trophy for her awesome playing.

Val earned 3000 simoleons playing outside of the bookstore.


Asher:  Guy, do you remember that fire we had last chapter?

Guy:  Yeah, therapy’s going to be expensive.

Guy is a teenager

Oops, I let another birthday slide by.


Cheer up Guy!  Soon you’ll be out on your own.

Garg has reached elder status

Oh gawd!  I’m seriously gonna be boo-hooing when Garg kicks it.  But I have some devious plans for her when she does.  Muhahahahahahaha….ahem.


Woo!  It’s Jolie’s birthday!

Screenshot-8Holy Crapola Batman!  She looks almost exactly like Lis did when she was a toddler.

Here’s a pic of Lis when she was this age.

these block r fun

It’s a little clone.  I love you anyway, little clone.


Val:  That’s it little one.  Come to your meme.


Oh Dear.  I think we need to invest in a baby gate now that Jolie is mobile.

lis gets a reward for baby room remodel

Lis is still plugging away at her LTW of being a Home Design Hotshot.  Although, none of the jobs she’s done so far have counted towards the 100 she needs to complete her LTW.  I hate to say it, but I don’t think this Heir will reach her LTW Sad smile


Guy:  I have to peeeeeee!!!!


Guy:  Oh, wait.  Nevermind.Screenshot-13

Guy:  Ewww, my foot’s all warm and wet.

Seriously?  There’s a toilet not but 5 feet from you!

Someone’s skipping school…


It’s kinda sweet.  I seem to remember when Lis and Nan did this same thing in this same spot.

Now off to school with you both!


I love her so much.


Lis:  Can you say dumbell?


Jolie:  Mama, is Grim Bill going to come for me?

Lis: Only if you don’t learn your words.  Now say dumbell.


This is elderly SimAmanda.  She and Grant are having a picnic at the local pool.


And here’s my girl Garg.  Um, yeah.  Time really hasn’t been kind to her.  But like I said.  I have plans.

Oooo, a party!

Asher invited to gwens party

I’m not sure how he knows Gwen but I love parties.


This is Madison Van Watson.  She spent the entire party making silly faces in the mirror.

Screenshot-22Madison:  I’m gonna get you…

No you won’t, because the party is now over and you’re being kicked out.

I didn’t get any pics of Asher in his fancy duds ‘cause I was too preoccupied with what Madison was doing all night.  Oh well.

asher is a pop icon

On his way home from the party Asher did a performance at the stadium and got a promotion.

Since I was stalking Asher all night, I totally missed Genevieve’s birthday.


Oh hey.  She doesn’t look 40 anymore!  But I’m still moving you out sweetie.

Geney:  Don’t sweat it.  I’ve got the Brave trait now.  Let’s do this!


Gordon’s ghost came for a visit.  But he and Val’s relationship status didn’t transfer over when I moved them into a different neighborhood Sad smile   So he couldn’t go to sleep in bed with Val and had to make due with the bench in the family plot.

Asher is very popular ever since he got 2 celebrity stars.

Asher invited to jeanie galindos party

Woo Hoo!  Asher and Val both reached their skill max in Guitar

asher guitar certificatevalerys guitar certificate

Guess whose birthday is up next?  It’s Lis and Nan’s!  I think this deserves a big family get together.


Corbin:  Do you think being in love is enough to keep two people happy.

Geobe:  Hmmm, let me mull that over for a bit.


Georgie:  I hope Geney doesn’t end up a single mother like the other legacy spare.  That would be such a shame.

Geney:  I can’t wait for Georgie to get really fat and have a ton of babies.

A ton of babies?  Yeah, I won’t let that happen.


Geobe:  Perhaps you just have to find a way to keep the fires burning.

Corbin:  Interesting concept.


Geney: ** GASP**

What’s wrong?


Oh God!!!  Not Val!!!!!


Gaston:  These parties always end in someone crying.

Lis:  What’s going on down here?!


Asher:  Don’t look Lis!  It’s just too horrible.


Grim Bill:  Nan’s looking fantastic tonight.

Gaston:  What?  You stay away from my Auntie Nan!


Lis:  This is the worst birthday ever!


Gunther:  I have no emotions for these mere mortals.

Yeah, I made Gunther a Vampire.  It just seemed fitting.


Lis: Mama….


Lis:  My heart just can’t take it anymore.


Nan:  Is this a party or what?  Let’s get our birthdays on.


Lis as an elder.


Nan as an elder.

ashers group outing was legendary

Okay, so I guess everyone ended up having a good time anyway.

And now for a bit of weird.  I get a notification that there is a fire on my home lot.  I look upstairs, downstairs and in the basement.  Nothing.  So click on ‘see location’ and this is where it takes me…Screenshot-46

Pauline Wan’s house is engulfed in flames.

cornelia goth set fire to pauline wans chair

And Cornelia Goth is to blame.  Do not screw around with Vampires.  They will set you on fire and leave you to die.

Asher is so heartbroken over Val’s death that he wakes himself up to mourn.


Asher:  What am I supposed to do with out my guitar buddy?

gaston has detention

Gaston has earned himself some detention for screwing off in class.  But what does it matter to him.  He’s growing up into an adult today.


Gaston: Oh yeah!


Be still my beating heart.  I think I may have spoken too soon in regard to who’ll be heir.  He’s like Clark Kent!  Decisions, decisions.

Gaston added unlucky to his traits.  His LTW is Super Star Athlete

Georgie:  Please, I’m still way better looking.


Jolie:  Can someone please let me out?  I have to pee.

It was about at this point that everything in the damn house decided to break.  And since Val was our handy woman, the family had to call a repair person.


To fix the dishwasher…


Asher:  And the kitchen sink…


and the upstairs shower.  Really people?  Really?

Story Progression Updates:

Rosalind has boy Archie

SimSelf Amanda is a Grandma now.  Sad smile  Kinda weird that little Dorothy is little Archie’s Auntie.

Corbin and Jeanna Roy break up

Corbin can’t seem to keep his girlfriends for very long.

claire ursine is whoring around

Claire’s been whoring around town and got caught in a big way.

gillians on vice squad

Garg and Geobe’s first born is doing well in her job.

nan get a promotion

As well as Nan.

Lots of lovin’ and heartbreakin’ going on in the neighborhood

leigh and bradford are going steady

SimSelf Amanda’s daughter is dating SimSelf DeAnna’s son.  Sweet!

rosalie and miraj alvi are an item

SimSelf Amanda’s other daughter, Rosalie, is dating Miraj.  But they didn’t last long.

rosalie and michael bachelor

‘cause Rosalie is now hooking up with Michael Bachelor.

geney and hank

Geney is dating a waaay older man.

corbin and alma have split up

Corbin didn’t seem to take Geobe’s advice and has split with yet another girl.  Perhaps he should give men a try.

ayesha gets violent with pauline

Whoa, these women are frickin’ crazy!  Pauline needs to watch her back.

agnes is getting old

Poor Agnes isn’t going to last much longer.

simself late to work

ooooo, SimSelf Amanda has skipped work.  I totally wish I could do that IRL.

simself promo to resident

I guess my work just couldn’t live without me.  They ended up giving me a promotion Smile  So unlike real life.

Agnes has passed away

Agnes passed on to the other side.

agnes leaves Asher money

But she left Asher some money.  Sweet!

Since I haven’t decided who I’m making the heir I let Gaston get a job.

Gaston gets a job

And Francis is his boss Smile

lis sultan of style

And yet still 0/100 for her LTW.  What gives?!  Got any tips for achieving this LTW?

Gaston was at the gym when Tamara tried to hit on him.


Gaston:  In your dreams, sweetheart.


Tamara:  What?  I don’t have cooties or anything.

Gaston:  Yeah, I’m still not buying what you’re selling.


Gaston:  But I could use a sandwich if you’ve got one.

Yeah, like she’s going to let you mooch off her after that.


Gaston:  I can’t believe that totally worked!

*rolls eyes*

It’s another birthday in the Boudreaux household


Lis and Gaston:  Yay!


Guy:  yay


Georgie:  I’m gonna be the hottest heir yet.


Just stunning.  It’s going to be so hard choosing an heir!

Georgie added Daredevil as her last trait.  And her LTW is to be an International Super Spy.  Oooo, exciting!


Val:  I vote for Georgie.


Gaston:  Seriously Gran?  I’m standing right here?


Gaston:  Are you going to let her get away with telling you who to pick as the next heir.

No.  And quit your whining.


Val:  This house has really gone to trash since I died.


Guy:  Yeah and Mama’s the only one who knows how to paint portraits.


Next time on The Legacy:  A new Heir is selected but will Gen 4 ever be born?  Stay Tuned



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  1. Gargantua
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:29:26

    Oh, ugh. I really don’t age up well at all. Feel free to give me a makeover. I’m looking forward to seeing what plans you have store for Sim!Garg. 🙂

    Yeah, does Guy ever smile? And Gaston is a hottie!


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