Chapter 3.5: Twallan Saves the Day

Last time on The Legacy:  Val taught Georgie how to fish, Lis failed miserably at home decorating (even though it wasn’t her fault), Geney tried to seduce the maid, Gaston grew up into a teenager and Guy grew up into a child, we discovered that Nan was pregnant and the house got a makeover.

I have discovered a new mod (thanks to Gargantua) by Twallan called Kama Simtra.  It essentially adds a new woohooing skill. It’s an addon for his already wonderful WooHooer Mod.  Once this was installed Lis and Asher took full advantage of it.  Just look at the time stamp on these whoohooings (is that a word?  Well it is now.)  Keep in mind that these are just the times I bothered to take screenshots.

Time Stamp 4:16 PM.  Unfortunately, Lis didn’t have a very good experience the last time.  Take a look at that negative moodlet.

asher and lis do it 1

But practice makes perfect and they try again.

Lis:  Don’t disappoint this time.

Asher:  *gulp* No pressure, babe.

sim loving

This time Lis gets a better moodlet!  However, Asher’s an over achiever and they do it again at 6:59 PM.

asher and lis do it 2

They just can’t get enough of each other.  LOL


Gaston:  Omnomnomnom

Ah, slobby sims 🙂

I noticed Nan and Corbin were out at the public pool together so I decided to check in on them.  Glad I did…


Nan:  Uh, oh.  I think I’m in labor

Did your water break?

Nan:  I don’t know! I was swimming!

Don’t worry sweetie.  Your brother is here to take you to the hospital


Corbin:  But I just got in the pool!


Nan:  You are a such a douche bag.


Nan:  This’ll be fun, right?

Uh, sure.


Nan’s scored a sweet ride.  Looks as if crime does indeed pay.

Nan has a baby boy

I love the name Graham! It reminds me of Graham Norton and that man is fan-tas-tic!


Georgie:  I think this room needs more color.

I think you’re right.  It’s a little grey and dreary.

Valery got invited to one of Hank Goddard’s swanky parties.

Val gets invited to party

So Val put on her best dress and headed over to Hank’s house.

hank is at the beach

But Hank is at the beach.  What a  jerk!  Poor Val got all dressed up and now has nowhere to go 😦

Val’s in luck though.  ‘Cause it’s Asher’s birthday!

asher's bday


Asher:  Woo hoo!  Hoping for a rockin’ beard like Gordon’s.


Asher:  Sweet!

Geney:  Grandpa?

yeah, he kinda looks like Gordon, so I may ixnay the beard later on.  And his outfit.  ‘Cause I just realized that he matches the decor in the house. lol

Random Story Progression Updates

What the heck?!

Val misses party

But you were at the beach!  What an asshat.

agnes in money crunch

Agnes is now debt free!

deanna expecting again

Aww, Shane and DeAnna are having another baby.  So exciting!

Diego pays child support

Glad to see that Diego is being a good daddy and taking care of little Graham.

garg has a baby girl

Garg just had a baby too!  It’s a baby boom!

Geobe struggles with promo

Uh, oh.  Geobe better work harder.  He’s got another mouth to feed.

iggy's time is limited

Oh my goodness!  Reaper Bill gave Iggy a break.  I hope he holds out until the baby is born.

Leon and Rosalind are having a baby

Oh dear.  Looks like my simself is going to be a grandma.  I do not approve of this new development.

Leon and Rosalind get married

I swear I didn’t say anything to them!  Honestly!

simself baby boy

Leon and Rosalind aren’t the only ones who had a “software malfunction”.


Geney:  Is that a new outfit Mama?

Lis:  No, why?

Val:  You just look different.


Oh…I am not amused.


Lis:  Now to break the new to Asher.

Good luck!


Lis:  Hey babe! I need you.


Lis:  I hav ea good feeling about this.  Everything is going to be fine.


Lis:  Um, I’m not sure how to tell you this, so here goes.  I’m pregnant!


Asher:  Whhaaaa?


Asher:  Oh.  Ha ha ha.  that’s a good one babe.  You had me going there for a minute.


Lis:  Oh dear.

Oh dear is right.  Asher was so shocked that my game crashed  😦  This was the first major crash I’ve had and it was very traumatic.  And when I finally got everything else restored Val was just a floating head.  And that is when Twallan saved my game.  He has a fabulous DeBug Enabler and I was able to recover her.  It was some sort of bug in her outfit.  And since I was doing some cleaning up I downloaded a new default skin.  I’m pretty happy with it.

While I was fixing other things in the neighborhood, Val took all the kids to the art museum.  So cute!


Val:  I look like Betty Crocker.

I know!  You’re adorable!


Georgie:  I’m so exhausted.

Gaston:  I’m disgusted that Grandmama has us out this late.


Oh no!


Lis:  Ash…Ash i think someone’s in the house.

Asher:  That alarm is so annoying.


Janny Addison:  Ah, that alarm is so annoying


Janny:  Dangnabit!  Foiled again!

The policewoman that came to the rescue was Kerri Craven.  And she and Janny had it out.

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8Screenshot-10Screenshot-11Screenshot-12Screenshot-14Screenshot-15

Janny:  Ahhhh, my back.  I’m suing for police brutality.


Officer Kerrie:  Tell it to the judge.


Val:  Ha ha.  I’m in your picture, ruining your screenshot.

Asher:  How do you turn of this damn alarm?!


I had no idea that burglar’s walked themselves out to to the police cruiser.


Janny:  One day I will rule the world.


Val:  Asher looks like Gordon with that beard.  I miss Gordon.

rosalie is coming home with guy

My SimSelf’s daughter is coming home with Guy.


What is he staring at so intently?




Rosalie:  He’s creepin’ me out with all that staring.

For someone who was creepy-stalking Rosalie, Guy spent the entire night ignoring her.  And Rosalie played tag with Wenty Katz (above) the entire time.

And then I noticed that Georgie was missing.


And she was being tutored by Holly Alto-Klose.  So much cuteness!

Another Random Story Progression Update

simself baby boy

My SimSelf had a baby boy named Dustin.

grant is elder

SimGrant is an old man now.  So now his age matches how he acts.  Poor SimAmanda.  lol  I kid, I kid (not really)

Corbin knows

Corbin’s hacking has lead him to some frightening information.  I wonder who the murderer is?  And the body.  Maybe it’s the missing Isidro!

Deanna has a boy jerald

DeAnna had another baby boy named Jerald.

diego's been slack on pmts

Ah, Diego!  I thought you were one of the good guys 😦

Gunther Goth has died\

Gunther Goth passed away.

nick alto passed

And so did Holly’s father, Nick.

holly alto klose is rich

But at least he took care of his little girl.  Which is good because who knows how much money Iggy will leave to her and their baby once he kicks it.

terry and agnes are enemies

Oh no.  I hate it when Agnes and Terry are fighting.  I think it must be their age difference.  And the fact that Agnes still hasn’t got over her first husband’s death.

And then The Legacy experienced it’s first fire (I’m pretty sure).


This is the new maid that I didn’t bother to write down his name.  The old maid, Isidro Ramirez, could not be located and I’m mad at myself for not saving him tot he bin when I had a chance.


Gaston:  Holy shit!  It’s a fire!


Guy:  I’m scared!

Gaston: Don’t get too close Guy.  Fire is hot!  Hide behind the counter.


Asher:  Oh hey Iggy.  Not much going on.  We have a kitchen fire and Lis just went into labor.


Lis:  Get off the phone and take me to the hospital!

The maid put out the fire and Asher continued to talk to Iggy while Lis gave birth to another baby girl.  They named her Jolie and her traits are easily impressed and light sleeper.

And Georgie had a birthday and grew up into a teenager.


She added Virtuoso to her traits.  And holy crap she’s gorgeous!  I love her so much that I don’t think I’ll even do an heir poll this generation.

Thanks so much for reading!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 18, 2014 @ 09:27:33

    Lol, autonomous Risky Woohoo is dangerous! That happened to me once, only they had triplets – be glad it’s only 1. Was so annoying having 3 kids in the house with their parents elders (the day they turned toddler) and the next heir already with a child of his own.

    I’m with Garg, Georgie is beautiful, but I like Guy. And having a younger heir means the oopsie late-in-life baby won’t be in the house while the next gen is arriving. But you have already continued, so I guess I should read on and find out who ended up being heir.


    • deviouslyvivid
      May 20, 2014 @ 09:13:37

      Ack, triplets?! I haven’t had that happen in my game yet. I hate babies. That would be a nightmare.


      • somebodysangel13
        May 20, 2014 @ 19:11:11

        Babies are annoying, yes, but I quite like toddlers. They’re more interesting than children, I find. Kids can look after themselves, but they’re so limited in terms of skilling, they get boring quickly. Plus, I like the challenge of teaching multiple toddlers their skills. Legacy houses are easier, because often have grandparents and/or teens to help!

  2. Gargantua
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 11:21:09

    Wow! Georgie is totally gorgeous! But I have to admit I have a fondness for guy. The pictures he’s hiding behind things (the bus, the counter) bring to mind Wilson from Home Improvement.

    And my goodness the babies! Unfortunately, Lis can continue to have them so long as she is not an Elder. For your sake, I hope that happens soon.

    Ana – that’s a nice name. 🙂 As is Dustin. Perhaps the two will have a future together. We are the parents, after all. We can totally arrange a marriage if we want to. *grin*


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