Chapter 3.4: The Outdoors are Fun

Last time on The Legacy:  Lis was preggo again and gave birth to Guy, Asher had buns of steel, Gordon came for a visit from beyond the grave, Val flirted with Iggy 😦  we learned Lis likes boobies, and the ravages of time are fast approaching my Simself *le sigh*

It’s night time in the Boudreaux household.  No visits from Gordon in a while.  But it looks like Val has a new bed mate.


I forgot to add a bed when Georgie grew up so she’s been sleeping with Val.   It’s adorable and makes me miss my own grandmother something awful.

On a side note, yesterday I was looking for some default eye replacements and I came across a pattern that is exactly like what is in my grandmother’s bedroom.  I lurves it so much!!  I can’t wait to get in and redecorate!


Sometime in the middle of the night Val had to pee.  You know how those old folk’s bladders are.  And Georgie sprawled out as soon as Val got up.  lol

That girl loves her some fishin’.  Although, if I remember correctly (and it’s been years since I’ve fished),  that’s not how you put a worm on a hook.  He looks like he just hopped right on up there.


And for some reason Gaston is up and playing with the blocks.  He’s not going to want to go to school in the morning.

And where did Val go?


Okay.  This family has got their nights and days mixed all up!  It’s the middle of the night and Val has decided to improve the stove.  You know, I’ve heard those old folks have issues sleeping too.  😛

Morning has fast approached and the kids are off to school.  I’m sure Gaston is going to be in a foul mood when he gets home from school.  But that should teach him he can not stay up into the wee hours of the morning playing with his building blocks.  Even if it does mean he’s skilling.

Whoa, wait a minute.  Who the heck is this?


Looks like someone hired a maid.  I know it wasn’t Lis.  Cleaning is her “zen time”.

Speaking of Lis, where did she run off to?  She’s supposed to be painting so she can earn more money.


Aw, synchronized horticulture.  Also, they were humming the same song in unison.  I guess it’s about time someone took care of those poor trees.  They haven’t been touched since the Lis was a teenager.

Well, enough of this already.  These people are never going to earn their LTWs if they stay at home all day doing random chores.  Off to the park with you!


This is Holly Alto-Klose, Iggy’s wife.  I had no idea that she was this young.  Say “Hello” Holly.

Holly:  Hello, readers!

Now move.  You’re blocking our view of Asher and Val.


These two are seriously jammin’ right now.  OMG!  I just had a thought.  There are enough family members for our very own Partridge Family!  Squee!!  Note to self:  Make this happen!!

Asher’s hard work is paying off and he’s been promoted!  Total Rock Star!!

Asher gets promoted lead guitar

See, fresh air really does help!

While Ash and Val are providing entertainment for the world, Lis is (desperately) trying to decorate it.  And her next victim?  ME!


Lis:  You see how the color dramatically deemphasizes this clients broad shoulders?

Sim!Amanda:  Yes, you make a good argument for the color beige.


Sim!Amanda:  Wait a minute.  I think I haz an idea.

Lis:  *she totally just interrupted me*

Lis get job from simself

This is hilarious because I would totally do this IRL.  I’m the Grim when it comes to plants.  Seriously, it’s a problem.


Lis:  Wonderful!  You won’t be disappointed.  Well, you might.  But I’m hopeful on this project.

Sim!Amanda:  Don’t worry, I have low expectations.

Lis: Perfect!

While the adults are having fun at the park, the kids just got home from school and are all by themselves without adult supervision.  And there’s a stranger in the house.


Geney:  Who are you?  You’re not supposed to be here.


Stranger:  It’s okay, I’m the new maid.


Geney:  I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.

Stranger:  Well, my name is Isidro Ramirez.  Now we’re not strangers anymore.


Geney:  I haz an idea *naughty thoughts*


Isidro:  Yeah, I don’t think so jailbait.

Geney: 😦

Don’t worry chick.  You’ll be “of age” soon.  Although, I do think you need some supervision.  I’m going to go find your parents.  Go do your homework.

Lis didn’t waste anytime getting to work on my outdoor renovation.


Lis:  I think you’ll like what my brain has concocted.


SimSelf:  Fingers Crossed

BTW:  this is my oldest son, Leon.


He looks really angry.  He gets that from his father’s side.  Because, as we all know, I’m the delightfully charming one in our marriage.


Simself: OMG!!!


Crappy planters?  There’s that excitable trait rearing it’s head again.  Good news is that Lis is going to get a good review.


Or not!  Look at that face!

i cannot live in this squalor

Squalor?!!  You are a crazy whore!


Lis:  I don’t understand.  I gave you everything you asked for.

This career is so flippin’ frustrating.  But I finally figured out what went wrong.  They didn’t have enough beds!!  So it’s absolutely not Lis’ fault that she failed.
Sim!Amanda and Sim!Grant have been very busy.  They only had a double and a twin for 5 people.  Oh, and if you notice that awful dress I’m wearing.  Yeah, that indicates that I’m knocked up again.

Sorry, Lis.  You can’t fix that now.  It’s Gaston’s birthday tonight!


Umm, where is everyone?


This is kind of sad.  Isidro was the only one who helped celebrate Gaston’s birthday.


Gaston:  I am not amused.

Isidro also stayed for cake.  I mean, who wouldn’t?


Oh, you will be in my legacy.

Asher and Val finally made it home from the park


And in the midst of Ash making dinner he glitched.  See that bowl?


Yeah, he carried it around everywhere for hours.


And the there was an awkward moment when Ash flirted with Val.  Really guys?  Really?


Asher:  and that’s how you do method acting.

Val:  hee hee, we had them going didn’t we.

For the love all that is holy, please put down that damn bowl!

Oh and it’s Guy’s birthday ’cause toddlers are lame.


Gaston: Toooot!!


Geney:  Another birthday?

I feel the same way.  There are so many kids in this generation!

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27


Asher’s genetics kind of took over the gene pool.  But they’re still cutie pies.

Since they still had a bunch of money from that random inheritance, I decided it was time for a little make over.


Front of the house.  New door and windows on the ground floor.  And I added a garage for all the random things that we don’t need right now like cribs and potty chairs.

When you walk in the front door this is what is to the right.


A nice little living room area with a TV.

Panning to the left…


The stereo system and the kitchen with a little breakfast island.  Sooooo happy to see half walls again.

To the right of the half wall…


Is the little office area.  New computer and desk and a nice bay window to look out.

I didn’t take a picture of it but directly to the right of the desk is a staircase that leads down into an unfinished basement.  Soon to be a hobby room.

Still panning left…


We have a little dining area.  Hi portraits of Lis and Ash!

Panning round to the left some more


That door leads to Lis and Ash’s rabbit hole of love.  The bath is next to that funky mirror.

Panning left some more…


A little reading nook.  It annoys the hell out of me that the window ledge is eating the curtains.  But I can’t fix it so I’ll just have to live with it.

The staircase leads upstairs to the current hobby room, Val’s bedroom, a room for the boys and one for the girls.

While I was going through Val’s inventory I found some pics she took of her trip to Egypt.


Haha!  Mysterious Mr. Gnome showed up in one of the pics.  I love it!

Okay, now that the tour is over, we can let the kids go back to sleep.  They do have school tomorrow.


Seriously G?  What the hell is up with the sad faces?  Is not like you guys are living like Slumdog Millionaire.  Get over it!


Guy:  I don’t see why I have to go to school and Georgie gets to stay home.

What?  Oh, no.  We do not play hookie from school.  Playing hookie from school only leads to drugs and teen pregnancy.  Not on my watch!

While the kids are at school, Lis decided to try again at Sim!Amanda’s renovation.

Nichols reno redo

Yep,  I added more beds and got a good job.


Lis:  I am very please with myself.  Can’t you tell?

Val rolled a wish to learn a new composition, so off she went to the bookstore.


And Iggy was playing the guitar.  I just do not like this man.

But at least Val got to catch up with one of the legacy spares…


It’s Nan!!  That’s not a sad face BTW.  That’s her “groovin’ to old man rock”  face.


And she’s pregnant!!  I’m so happy right now.

And so is Val.


Val:  Aw, I love being a granmama.  Too bad your Papa couldn’t be here.

And random pic…


I’m totaly loving my dual video cards!

After Georgie got home from School, she and Val went fishing.


I love that they did this autonomously.  xxoo

Georgie reeled in

Georgie’s already reaping the rewards of being an Angler.

Random Story Updates:

Asher super friendly

I didn’t even know this skill existed.  Yay!

Lis says

Wow, Lis is getting all deep on us.

Corbin is writing

Corbin  took time to do some writing.

Vita Alto passed on

Poor Vita.  Oh well, this just mean the Geobe finally has a chance at becoming El Presidente.

deanna and shane eternal love

I adore these updates on DeAnna and Shane.  They are totally like this IRL.  It make my heart happy to see they do this in game too. ❤

And I’ll end this chapter on a loving note (as always)

Thanks for reading




Val and Nan Crash Your Game?

Hi guys,

I had a report today that Valery and Nan crashed in CAS. Is anyone else having issues?



Chapter 3.3: Back Into the Swing of Things

Last time on The Legacy: Our beloved Gordon gave up the ghost, Val cheated Death (Bill), Asher threw Lis the most depressing birthday party ever, Gaston grew up into a child, and Georgette grew up into a toddler.

Now, if you watched the little video of Val playing her guitar for Gordon then this next pic isn’t a surprise…


Lis:  I’m preggo…


Lis: again 😦

See, I knew she was getting tired of popping out babies.  She’s not a baby mill.

Now, I know some might be worried about the sexiness of the legacy now that Gordon is gone.  But I don’t think you have to worry.  See Exhibit A:


Asher is more than willing to bring the sexy back.  Damn!  You could bounce a quarter off his butt and it’s come back a dollar.


Lisa nd Geney are enjoying breakfast together.  Believe it or not, the family is still eating from the leftovers that Gordon cooked ages ago.  That new fridge he got from meeting his LTW really keeps thinks fresh.  I like this!

Also, if you’ll notice we have new kitchen cabinets,  a new oven and knife block.  And where did they get the money for all these fancy things you ask?  Well, apparently some random Sim died and we inherited 24,000 simoleons.  Pretty awesome huh?  Of course, at the rate Lis is popping out kids they’re going to need it to add on to the house.

Also, today is an important day.  It’s Gaston’s first day of school!  YAY!!


Geney:  I hope you don’t plan on following me everywhere twerp.

Gaston:  Suck it sis.

Good Lord, these kids always look miserable.

Since Asher works nights he has to fill his days with something.


So I bought him a pottery wheel.  And then created a little garage to go with said pottery wheel.  Thank you random dead Sim.

So, while the kids are in school, Asher’s getting his carve on and Lis is crying in the corner wondering what she’s going to do with another baby, Val is being an awesome Grandmama and teaching Georgette how walk, talk and potty.  Gotta love a retired Sim!


Val:  Who’s my little angel?


Val:  Now listen up little Georgie.  If you don’t learn your words then Bill’s going to come and take Grandmama away.

Georgie:  o_O


You may question her methods but Val gets results.

Asher finished he carving just in time to go to work.


It’s a Fu Dog.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute and I like it.  But It really doesn’t go with their decor.  So I’m making him sell it.


Lis has decide to come out of her depression and do some fashion sketching.

Lis:  I have to keep my skills sharp otherwise my remodeling work will suffer.

Um, yeah.  That’s assuming it’s good in the first place.

Lis: :-/

Oh Hey!  Looks like Gaston’s first day of school went pretty well.

Gaston made a friend

He made a little friend.  This is good.  I was getting worried that their angry faces were putting people off.


Rene is the little sweetheart on the far right.  And that’s her big brother sitting next to Gaston. I forget his name but I’m glad there’s teenager about.  After all, Geney’s going to be aging up soon and she’ll need a BF.

Geney brought home a friend from school today too.


Geney:  We’re wearing the same shirt.  let’s be best friends.

I totally forgot this kid’s name.  And I lost a bunch of pics so I can’t even show you what she looks like now.  But she spent her entire visit playing ball with Val.

Eventually this kid left and I’m sure she’s glad she did because Lis went into labor soon after.


Val:  Holy crap!  What do I do?!

Lis:  Really mother?!  You’ve done this twice before.


Val:  You stay in there baby!  I don’t know what I’m doing.

Lis:  Mother!!


Val:  I’m over it.  Deliver that baby on your own.  I wonder where Georgie went?

That is a good question.  She’s been very quiet and her crib is empty.


Meet the latest (and hopefully last for this Gen) addition to the brood.  His name is Guy.  He’s Artistic (like Mom) and loves the outdoors.  His favs are Autumn Salad, Roots music and the color Lime.


Lis:  I can take a nap now right.

No, you’re mother is playing a game right now and Asher’s at work.  Sorry.

Uh oh, it’s music I haven’t heard before.  Nothing good ever comes from strange music.


Oh, it’s Gordon!!!!!


And he’s coming for a visit.  I’m so glad he didn’t forget us.


Oookay.  He came in to play on the computer.  Fabulous.

Oh look. Val’s come down do get something to eat.


Val:  These fish and chips are deelish


Gaston:  Grandmama, why is Grandad on the computer?  I have homework to do.


Val:  Grandad?!


Val:  Gordon!  I’ve missed you so much bb.


Gordon:  How you doin’ sweet cheeks?


Val:  I see death hasn’t changed him.

I know, right?!  I’m so happy!


Gordon:  Now come on and give Daddy some lovin’.

Val:  *giggle*


Val:  What the…

Awww, he evaporated in smoke and sparkles.  Show off.

Too bad.  Because it’s Geney’s birthday!!!


Geney:  Yay!  Now I can have a boyfriend.


And this is how she turned out.  She looks like she’s 40.  She had blonde hair but I changed it to a darker color (like Dad) and added purple highlights and tips.  Now she just looks like a 40 year old who is trying too hard.

Oh and she’s now an Artistic, Unlucky Slop who also is Ambitious.  Interesting.

And by now you guys know how boring babies are, so I’m growing up Guy too.


Super cute!


OH..HELL NO!!  You two stay away from each other!

Random updates:

Corbin is fighting with Thornton Wolff.

Corbin and thornton fighting

I’m not worried about this because Thornton’s a jackass.  Why he and Lis get along I just don’t understand.

I also wanted to give you guys an update on Corbin and Nan.

Corbin Relationship stats

Corbin has 18 more days until he turns into an elder.  And he’s still single.  He has more dislike and enemies than he does friends.  I’m thinking that Loner trait has really negatively impacted his love life.

Nan Relationship stats

Nan will turn into an elder in 17 days but at least she’s dating someone.  But still no kiddos for her either.  But alas, she has commitment issues and dislike children.  But on the bright side, I won’t have to worry about future generations having issues finding people to marry because the hood is filled with Boudreauxs.  I don’t know if you read the Chimeree legacy you should if you haven’t) but poor Mariah’s hood was cramped full of people related to each other.

And it seem like Nan is back to her old ways:

Nan back to her old ways

I guess if you’re going to be bad you should at least be good at being bad.  lol

Garg gets duped by vita

And Gargantua got duped into giving money to Vita Alto.  I’m sure Geobe is not happy about that considering he’s running against Vita in the upcoming election.  tsk tsk

Georgie and Guy are skilling up quickly.  And looking like they’re having fun.

Screenshot Screenshot-2


Guy:  Whoa!  This thing makes noise when I hit it with this other thing.

Haha!  His expression is so funny.

Asher is the best dad ever.


When he heard Guy rapping away on the xylophone he sat down and taught him a few things about music.


Asher:  Now take that out of your mouth and tap it on that red bar.


Asher:  a one, a two, a three…


Guy:  Should you remind him that I can’t talk yet and I have no idea what he’s saying.

Nah, just randomly strike the those colored bars and he’ll be happy.


Asher: Good job little buddy!

And I know some of you are wondering to yourselves why Guy can understand me and not Asher.  And to those people I say, ” Suck It!  It’s my game.”

Remember that hot mess of money the family inherited?  Well I bought a tinkering station and Geney loves it.


Geney:  Wow, this thing is hot!

Okay, EA where the hell are the face guards.  Safety first people.


Geney: And I’ll just wrench a little here and hammer a little there.


Geney:  Son a three legged toad.  That fuckin’ hurt!

Language please…

Another random update:

geobe local rep

Gargantua’s contribution didn’t seem to hurt Geobe’s campaign much.  He still got elected as a Local Rep and is on his way to becoming El Presidente.

Lis painted this earlier.


Yet another painting I hadn’t seen yet.  It’s a keeper.  Although I still don’t like it as much as the one Val painted the other day.

Speaking of Val…she was going a little stir crazy so I sent her out to buy some new music.


And who do you think she ran into?




Val:  Iggy!

*shakes head*


Iggy:  How are you Val?


Iggy:  I read about Gordon’s death online yesterday.  I’m so sorry for your loss.

Val:  Thanks Iggy.  That means a lot.


Iggy:  Forgive me for being so forward, but you’re looking lovely as ever, my dear.


Val:  Oh my.  And you’re still ever the flirt.

I do not approve of this Val.


Val:  So, are you seeing anyone at the moment?

Oh Well.  Looks like Iggy’s already got a girl.

iggy married to holly

Lis took some time to teach Guy to walk.


It’s good to see her still interested in the kids.  I was worried there for a bit.

Gaston and Geney dream some random stuff.  But it seems that Gaston is destined to follow in Asher’s footprints.


And Geney?


Well, it seems she’s more interested in following in her Aunt Nan’s footsteps.

And I almost forgot.  Asher got some kick ass tattoos.  I mean, you can’t be a real rockstar with out tattoos can you?

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34

So sweet!  I think he should run around in his PJs all the time.

Val maxed out her handiness skill.

Val maxes her handiness skill

Which she totally took advantage of and bought some new furniture.

Like the new dining room table:


Gaston:  Is it my birthday today?

Nope, it’s Georgie’s!


Gaston:  Can Guy and I share a room.  Geney snores.

Asher:  I dunno.  Ask your mother.


Asher: Whoop whoop

Gaston:  Toot toot

(The lamp, computer and desk are new too!)


Val:  Crap, my phone is ringing.

It better not be Iggy

Val:  I hope it’s Iggy

*face palm*


Everyone:  Yay cake!!

And here’s little Georgie.


She added Angler to her Good and Friendly traits.

I love this hairstyle.  I only wish I could find a lederhosen outfit.  How cute would that be?!


It makes me happy when the family decides to sit and eat together.

I also love that Geney is a slob and is always grossing out Lis who is a Neat Freak.


Lis:  Cleaning makes me happy

Yes, I know and I thank you for it.


Asher: Don’t you think you’re forgetting something?

Gaston:  Huh?


Asher:  You didn’t clean up your dirty plate.

Gaston:  But I want to play my game.


Asher:  Your mother and I work very hard.  The least you could do is clean up after yourself.

Gaston:  you totally suck right now.


Person minus 😦

Lis:  What in the world is Asher doing?


Lis:  It’s okay babe.  I like to clean.  It’s my moment of zen.

Gaston:  See Dad.  She likes to clean.


Asher:  I guess if it’s okay with your Mom.

Gaston:  Sweet!


Asher:  You’re not going to post this right?

Maybe, why?

Asher:  It’s embarrassing.  I totally got told off by my wife.

Oh well.  Take one for the team buddy.  It’s all in the name of entertainment.


Georgie sat down to read a book.  And what did she autonomously decide to read?


Um, okay.  Maybe we have a future doctor on our hands.

Earlier Lis had an opportunity to paint a picture for Cyclone Sword.


Lis:  So I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop off your painting for you.

Cyclone:  You’re funny.

That makes no sense.

lispaints for sword

And he like it, of course.

Lis walked over to Maria Luz to see if she could drum up some interior design business.


and was mesmerized.


by Maria’s boobs.   Baahahahahaha!!

Lis:  You’ve got a great rack.


Maria:  Aww, thanks.  They cost a fortune!

Looks like they’re going to be good friends.

Or not…


Lis discovered that Maria hate art.

Lis:  Backwoods Barbie!

Maria:  Snob!

Back at the house:


Georgie is cleaning up a puddle left by Gaston.  I think she’s going to end up with Lis’s Neat trait.  Or maybe it’s just her niceness coming out.


Geney’s teaching Guy to talk.  What a great Big Sis.

Gaston randomly went to the easel and started painting.


This is what he came up with.

Georgie has been rolling constant Angler wishes.  So I sent her across the street for some fishing.


Georgie:  Uuughh, this is a big one!


Georgie:  What?!

Ha ha!  That was a lot of grunting and struggling for that little fish.

It always worries me when Asher and Lis start doing this:



Lis:  I have a delicious surprise for you.

Asher: Do tell!


Asher:  Are we going skinny dipping in the new pond?

Lis:  New pond?

Yep, as you may recall, I have mad building skills.


So pretty!  And now Georgie can fish all night long and not have to worry about curfew.  Of course, she’ll still have to stock it.  But look at the pretty lights!

Lis got invited to a fancy smancy party at Thornton Wolff’s house.  So she put on her best party dress and headed out.


On her Vespa?


Lis is lookin’ hot, no?

The first person she runs into is Michael Bachelor.


Lis:  I haven’t seen you since we graduated High School.  How have you been?

Michael:  I’m rich now.


Michael:  And my Dad died recently.

Lis:  I’m sorry to hear that.  My Papa passed away recently too.

And while Asher was at work and Lis was partying it up at Thornton’s house the kids were left at the house to fend for themselves.


Gaston: I can’t believe I have to have juice for dinner!

Geney:  Mmmmm, this cake is delicious.

Gaston:  I hate you so much right now.

And on that note I think I’ll leave you with this very important update:

Zoey is old now

Zoey is now an elder.  You say so what?  Well, that means that my SimSelf will be turning into an elder soon too.  The Horror!!!

No sneak peek for the next update ’cause I haven’t played ahead.

Thanks for reading!



Chapter 3.2: To Every Thing There Is a Season

Last time on The Legacy: Lis helped save her parents marriage, Gordon got a tattoo, Geney was a cute toddler, Gaston and Georgette were born, and Lisette was exhausted from having too many babies.


Val: I think you’re just about the perfect age for a hobby.

Geney: I’m listening…


Val: How about we go and buy you a camera tomorrow. You’re never too young to start learning something new!

Geney: You’re the best Granmama!

Val: I know. I really am.

What the hell is that music?! Where is it coming from?

Why is Gordon all sparkly?


Gordon: Why am I so sparkly? Is it my birthday?

Crap! I keep missing these birthdays.


Gordon: Uh, where are my calves?

Oh no…


Gordon: Son of a…

Oh no!!! Say it isn’t so!!!!!!


Val: *gasp*

Geney: Who’s this scary man, Granmama? Why is Grandad see through?


Val: Why Bill? Why now? Give him back to us.


Gordon: Please Bill! Let me stay. There are so many babies to cuddle!


Bill: I’m sorry Gordon. It’s just your time. There’s nothing you can say. My hands are tied.


Gordon: It’s not fair. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready…


Bill: Aaaaaaahhhhh. Being Death sucks!


Dude, what the hell are you doin?!

Bill: My job is very stressful. I got pulled away from the gym but now that I’m here I think I’ll play little game to unwind.

You’re joking right?

Bill:  No…I have something else to do it actually.

Good.  Shit….


No! Not our founder!!!! This is not fair! I’m about to have a nervous breakdown here Bill.


Lis: waaaaaahhhhhhhhh


Val: Not so fast Bill. Perhaps I can change you’re mind with this lovely flower?


Geney: This is the worst day of my life!

I’m just as surprised as Bill looks. I had no idea that Val even had this in her inventory.


Bill: A flower? For me?! I suppose I could break the rules just this once.


Val: Thank you Bill!


Bill: Well, I never could turn down a pretty lady with a pretty flower.

Val: Awww…Now get out.


This is just so heart breaking. Seriously guys, I cried. While my husband pointed and laughed at me. I am just as devastated as the rest of the Boudreaux family.


Geney: Granmama! You survived! Let me hug you.

Val: Hold that thought. I really have to pee now.


Geney: My heart is shattered and will never be the same.

My sentiments exactly. I need some chocolate.

This is the final resting place of Gordon Boudreaux


Geney put a baseball on his grave. Isn’t that so sweet?

We will miss you so much Gordon.

Val especially. For the next several days Val would autonomously stand in front of his gravestone and cry.


It’s was pretty brutal to watch. I think I’m a little depressed.


Val: You’ve created a beautiful resting place. Thank you.

You’re welcome Val. Gordon was special guy and deserves a special place.

Click the link below for a special video of Val playing her guitar for Gordon. It was very pretty and so heartbreaking.

Val Plays for Gordon

Also, if you clicked on the link above and watched to the end, you discovered a surprise. *face palm* (oh yeah, and this doesn’t link to youtube. ’cause if you’re like me you’ll be distracted by cute baby animals and then waste your entire night. you’re welcome lol)

Asher decided to throw Lisette a surprise birthday party to get everyone’s mind off of the passing of Gordon . Unfortunately, our Heir forgot to call her siblings and let them know to not expect their father to show up at the party.


Nan: Oh Papa! I’ so sorry I ignored your phone call the other day. waaahhhh

That’s right. You should feel bad. Yoiu were doing crime instead of talking to your Papa.


Lis: Nuts, I’m not going to live this one down.

Strange little girl: Worst party ever! Kill me now!


I don’t know who this little girl is but I adore her.

SLG: You’re weird.

I know. It’s all part of my charm.


Lis: Whyyyyyy???!!!!

SimSelf: I feel your pain.

Gargantua: When can we eat cake!?


Lis: Do I look like I’m having a good time? ’cause I feel like my soul is a black hole.

SLG: She’s creeping me out

Grant: She’s creeping me out

Simself: Hmmm, what’s the closest weapon in case this chick comes unglued?


Asher: Why don’t you blow out your candles honey?

Lis: …

Simself: *Please let this party end soon* Yay, Happy Birthday!!


Corbin: I can’t believe you threw a birthday party the day after my father died!

SimSelf: awkward…


Geney: Do all old people dance like that? I hope I never get old.

Pic of Gordon: How you doin’?


I don’t remember who these little kids are. But that little blonde kid is a cutie pie. I think the kid in the purple shoes is my SimSelf’s son. But I took crappy notes for this chapter so I can’t be sure.

I’m going to claim him anyway but only because he’s wearing those awesome purply shoes.


Why am I wearing that dress?


I am apparently preggo again.


Zoey: Poor little Georgette. You’ll never know how awesome your Grandaddy was.

Wow. That was possibly the most depressing birthday party ever. Like in the history of all sim parties.

Or not…

Well, I guess everyone had a great time despite all the crying. lol

Everyone’s being trying to keep themselves busy so they don’t dwell on the absence of Gordon.

Val’s been doing a lot of painting lately to ease her pain.


I haven’t seen this one before. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

And Lis has thrown herself back into her work. Her first job after returning from maternity leave was renovating a kitchen for Juslen


Juslen: Hmmm, interesting choice for cabinets. However, I can not live in this squalor.

Squalor?! What the heck are you talking….oooohhh, I forgot…I mean, Lis forgot to paint the walls. Wow, Juslen’s a whiny little bitch.

Maybe one day Lis will get an outstanding review.

Interested in seeing how the Boudreaux spares are faring out in the world? Well, let’s check in on the rest of the clan.

Corbin had a birthday. And he’s still single.

Corbin is now fully mature

It’s kind of odd that he and Nan haven’t settled down yet. I’ve never seen two sims stay single this long.

And he’s apparently dabbling in some illegal computing,

Corbin is a hacker

I’m sure Gordon wouldn’t have approved. Or would he? He was kind of unpredictable. Case in point, Val found this lost photo documenting his spontaneity

Yeah, we totally knew he was bad ass.

If you’ll remember, Nan was living a life of crime the last time we checked in with her. But she has apparently decided to trade in her robber’s uniform for a laptop.

Nan is an author

Perhaps we’ll be seeing some of her masterpieces line the bookselves soon.

Oh, and before I forget, Val finished her painting.


I haven’t seen this one before. I love it! It’s by far my favorite.

And Val finished it just in time for Gaston’s birthday.


Gaston: My birthday!!

Whoa, what’s up with your eyes little dude? Don’t worry. A pair of eyeglasses will fix up those wonk eyes in a jiff.



See, I told you glasses would fix your wonky eyes.

Wow, Asher’s genetics are really taking over this legacy. I really wish one of Val’s progeny brings back the red hair. I love it.

And because babies are boring, I decided to age up Georgette.


She’s just as cute as button! So far I think she’s got a good balance of Lis and Asher. I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she grows into a young adult. Genetics are fun!

I think it’s only fitting that we finish up this chapter with a homage to our dearly departed Gordon. That man had a lot of expressions!

gordon 2

no fucking way

so excited

dancin' n2

make out


i thee wed

but, but

cant stand the suspense


i know what you did

no i want that baby

oh god

oh, that tingles



Screenshot-87 (2)

this is fabulous



yes, it's ma birtday















thanks for reading!



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