Chapter 3.1: Annnnd We’re Back

I bet you all thought I’d forgotten about one of our favorite families, huh?  Well, I didn’t.  So shame on you for doubting me *shakes head in disappointment*.  Since it has been so long since my last update, here’s a (very brief) recap:

Our darling founder Valery moved to Sunset Valley after her dear mémé died in a tragic alligator accident.  She soon met Gordon who would become her wonderful husband.  Gordon likes to walk around the house in his underwear…a lot.  Oh yeah, and he might be a Time Lord but it’s all very hush hush.

They had 3 beautiful children. The twins, Lisette and Nanette, and an oopsy baby, Corbin.  The kids grew up fat and happy and then Lisette was voted as the first legacy heir.  And then she kicked Nan and Corbin out on their asses.  Sibling rivalry sucks.

Lis is now married to Asher and they have a beautiful little girl named Genevieve and Lis is expecting their second child soon.

When last we left our family, they were celebrating Asher’s birthday.  Nan and Corbin came to the party and Corbin shook his money maker all night (he gets that from his Mama).  Things were winding down and we discovered that Ignacio and Valery were shamelessly flirty.  And where was Gordon?  In the backyard playing ball.  *rolls eyes*

But not to worry, Lis is here to make a distraction and save the day (and her parents marriage).


Lis: So,  I hear you have lots of money.  Care if I show you some fabulous ways to spend it?

Iggy:  Go on, I’m listening.


Lis:  You see how the color dramatically deemphasizes this clients broad shoulders?

Iggy:  Ah yes.  I’m still not interested.

Lis:  😦


Val:  So do you want to explain why sexy sims was bookmarked on the computer?

Gordon:  lalalalala

Val:  Well….


Gordon:  You know what.  Suck it lady.  I’m not the one who spent the entirety of Asher’s birthday party flirting with another man.

Val:  Oh, you saw that huh?

Gordon:  I’m going home to cuddle our granddaughter.

But instead of cuddling the Geney, Gordon decided to ask Lis for some marital advice.


Lis:  I think it was some harmless flirting Papa.  maybe you should cook her favorite meal for her.


Lis:  Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven


Gordon:  Why didn’t I think of that.  You’re the best sweetie.

Lis:  I know.  That’s why I’m the heir.

Asher went to the park to practice his mad guitar skills and look who he ran into.  Simself’s husband Grant!


Asher:  So,  you’re Amanda’s husband?  She’s the bestest ever.

Grant:  ….

Typical response.  *rolls eyes*


Gargantua:  OMG!!!  This is the best day ever!

Aww, and look.  It’s Agnes Crumplebottom’s husband Terry and their little girl Jeannie.


No reason for this pic other than I thought it was pretty.


Asher:  hey, did you watch that football game last night?

Gargantua:  I can’t escape football season even in The Sims.

Sorry chick 😦

Gordon wanted to show off his mad chef skills





Gordon:  And that how it’s done bitches.  Booyah!

Um, you do realize that Vals favorite food is egg rolls, right?

Gordon:  Crap.


OMG!  You’re water just broke!!

Lis:  Nope, just the dishwasher.  Again.


Where are you going?


Lis: Reduce, reuse and recycle.

But there’s a recycling can in the kitchen?


Lis:  Hi Baby,  I can’t wait for you to come out.


Lis:  I really miss work.

Aw, looks like Val and Gordon have decided to make up.


Gordon:  You know you’re still may little llama, right?


Val:  And you’re still my little plumbobkins.

I just notice how think Val’s arms are.  Maybe she should think about some Boniva or something.


I almost forgot that Val hadn’t painted Asher’s portrait yet.  Looks like it’s coming along nicely.

And she painted this one too.


I really like it.  Although, I wonder how she knows what snow looks like considering the game doesn’t have seasons.

What in the world is all that racket?


Asher:  Oh God!  What do I do?  What do I do?

Lis:  Do you think you could stop looking at Mama’s paintings and have Asher take me to the hospital?

Lis had a little boy.  They named him Gaston.


He is a Slobby virtuoso.  His favorites are Fruit Parfait, French music and the color Grey.


Asher:  I’m so happy that Gaston is a virtuoso.


Asher:  Maybe he’ll be able to achieve what I could not.

Don’t worry buddy.  You’ve got plenty of time to satisfy your LTW.

I just noticed we haven’t seen little Geney in a while.  Let’s take a look at what she’s been up to.




I’m Grandma’s little sweetheart!



I’m going to be smart just like Mama!



Geney:  I picted a winner just for you!

lol,  she even makes boogers cute.


I love her jammies!

Gordon rolled a wish for a tattoo so I sent him over to the parlor to get one.


Gordon;  So I was thinking of something totally bad ass.  Like myself.

Tattoo guy and random girl:  tee hee


Gordon: why doesn’t anyone ever take me seriously?

Well, you did spend half of this legacy roaming around in your underwear.


Gordon:  Yes!  It’s exactly what I wanted!!

Wait, don’t we know this kid?


Yes, yes we do.  It’s my simself’s oldest child Leon.  I do not approved.  A tattoo parlor is not an appropriate place to study.  Go home Leon!


Gordon:  What are you doing here young man?

Corbin:  Dad!!  I’m an adult now.

Gordon:  You’re right sorry.  Sometimes I forget.

Corbin:  Don’t tell Mama.



Gordon:  Okay babe.  I have something to tell you.  But you have to promise you won’t get mad.

Val:  When have I ever been angry?

Gordon:  Is that a trick questions?


Val:  It’s okay, you cant ell me anything.

Gordon:  Um, kay.  I got a tattoo today!!


Val:  That’s awesome.  I approve!


val:  maybe we should go upstairs and you can show off to me.  *wink wink*


Gordon:  I have the best wife on the planet!


So cute together!


Oh gross.  Old people woohoo


Gordon: Damn baby.

Oh well Gordon.  Maybe next time.

While Gaston was interrupting Gordon and Val’s special time.  Lis was downstairs teaching Geney to talk.


Lis:  Paintbrush

Geney: ….


Lis:  frustration


Lis:  Can you say Momma needs a promotion?


Looks like Gordon couldn’t be mad at Gaston for long.


Gordon:  Muah.

That man loves him some baby snuggles.

Geney finally learned to talk so Lis let her go upstairs and play.


Geney:  Is the coast clear?




Geney:  I don’t want to share with Gaston.  He’s too slobbery.


Well Geney.  You better get all your playing in now.  ‘Cause your little brother is about to get even more annoying.

Happy birthday Gaston!!


He looks like his daddy.


I adore this shirt.  nomnomnom


Geney:  He better not play with my toys.  Or I’m gonna do this to him!  grrrrrr

That’s a little frightening.

Oh, I forgot.  Val rolled a wish to learn to play the guitar.


She’s getting pretty good.

Val:  Yeah, maybe I’ll be the next one to get a tattoo.


Geney:  hey.  hey. hey. HEY!!!!



Geney:  It’s my birfday!

Wow.  I really suck at keeping track of these.


Geney:  I look like my dad.  😦

Oh, stop!  You’re adorable.

Whoa!  What’s going on?



You have got to be kidding me?  Lis, you know my rules.  Two kids max.

Lis:  Too late lol

Now, what is going on here?


Why is there water everywhere?  Oh yeah.  I forgot I installed a mod that shortened pregnancy.


Meet little Georgette.  She’s good and friendly.  Her favs are Stir-Fry, Latin music and the color Sea Foam (Just like her mama and Auntie Nan)


Geney:  Granddad?  Is the new baby gonna cry as much as Gaston does?


What’s wrong with this picture?  Asher,  where is your wife?!


Lis:  I decided to walk home.  I have to get back into my pre-baby clothes.


Lis:  I really need a nap.


You know what Lis?  That sounds like a great idea.  I mean, what are Sunday afternoon for anyway?

Next time on The Legacy…The Boudreaux household has a huge shock and more birthdays!  Thanks for reading





3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 17, 2014 @ 10:53:57

    Do you have a naming theme with this legacy? Seems like all the names are French, or French-inspired anyway. And all rather old-fashioned. Not to say they’re bad names, it’s always good to have different ones!


  2. Gargantua
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 09:36:35

    LOL! I really can’t get away from football, can I? At least he wasn’t shouting ROLL TIDE in my face, eh?

    Three kids! Breaking the rules! Sounds like your sims are getting uppity. I’m going to be sad when Gordon kicks the bucket, I must admit.

    I’m glad you are updating again. I’m guessing I need to start doing the same. 🙂


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