A Brief Intermission…

So I have today off.  YAY!!  This morning my husband informed me that we’re having a guest stay at our house this weekend.  Whhhhaaatttt?!!  And then wonders why I’m suddenly in a foul mood and being bitchy.  Hmmmm…come with me and we’ll visit this.

The house is a disaster,

there are no blankets that don’t smell of dog and/or cat,

the dishes haven’t been done ’cause I’m working 55 hour weeks,

the bathroom is on the verge of becoming a CSI episode

and he used the last clean towel this morning.

Oh yeah, and he wants me to take HIS cat to the vet ’cause he keeps forgetting.  Well, he can suck it and take her tomorrow morning.  *le sigh*

So anyway, in lieu of an update I offer you this: This is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult



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