NPC Story Progression Updates

I’m sure I’ve said this before but I totally love NRaas’ Story Progression Mod.  Here are some updates.

Nan got a job in the criminal field

Nan gets a job

I’m sure she’ll be stealing lots of candy from babies now.  If you don’t remember she dislike children.

I forgot to take a snapshot but Corbin got a job as a Clerk at the local bookstore.  And he’s become best friend with Kate Pistachio.

Nan’s become quite the little harlot.nan flirts with gobias

She’s also got the following romantic interests: Lane Clements, Eugene Hunter and Ivan Unger.

Nan’s a busy little bee and already has a promotion under her belt.

nan promotion

Nan’s career choice and latest promotion has generated some hostility between her and Corbin. nan and corbin fighting

Maybe it’s just a little sibling rivalry.

Agnes Crumplebottom has a tasty little boy toy sitting in the wings.  agnes is in love

But things have progressed a little and now they’re moving in togetherterry moves in with Agnes

Uh oh!  Looks like they had an oopsieAgnes & terry expecting

But at least Terry has decided to make Agnes an honest womanAgnes & terry shotgun wedding

Aw, they had a baby girl named Jannie.  So sweet!AGNES AND TERRY HAVE A GIRL

Stiles broke up with his girlfriend.  I guess now he’s really regretting turning  down Lisestte’s advances.

stiles breaks up

And the biggest shocker (for me at least) was this:Gargantua gets fired

*shakes head in disapproval*  What’s happened to you G?

You should check out her Sims 3 Round Robin challenge here


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