Chapter 2.6: A Long Time Coming

Last time on the legacy, Val retired leaving plenty of time for her and Gordon to woohoo constantly, Lisette was named official Gen 2 heiress and Nan and Corbin were (lovingly) thrown out of the house.

Before Lis gets all up in her career, we thought she needed to get all up on a man first.  This is a legacy after all.  So I sent her to the park.  Hey, it seemed to work all right for Val.


Stiles: The best part of the symphony is cool jacket the conductor get to wear.


Lis:  The music moves my soul.  Kind of like you do…


Stiles:  *weird wrinkle face*

Lis:  What?  What did I say?

Stiles:  I’m seeing someone right now.

Lis:  Oh, you suck.

Oh, look!  There’s a Frio.  Go talk to him…


Lis:  Uh, he looks like Billy Mays.

Huh.  He sure does.  Now go woo him over with your special charms.


Connor: It’s a lovely day.  Just like you my dear.


Lis:  So what is that you do Connor?  You are employed right?

Connor:  I’m a PI.  I got a hat, a trench coat and a big magnifying glass.  It’s pretty official.


Lis:  Really?  So you got a special lady?

Connor:  Of course!

Damn it!


Connor:  Gotta go get my Veronica Mars on.  See Ya.

Lis:  All my hopes and dreams have been shattered.

I know what will cheer you up.  A Movie!!!


Yeti Girl:  Yetis are awesome

Lis:  She’s weird.

Aren’t we all?  Now go make some friends.

Lis:  Who’s that?



Oh, him.  He’s my failed attempt at Johnny Depp.

Lis:  He’s cute!


Lis:  Well, I’m going to go talk to him.


Lis:  Soooo, you work at the theatre?  That sounds exciting.

Asher:  Well, not until you showed up.


Lis:  *score*.  So would you like to come to my place.  My Dad’s an awesome cook.

Asher:  I’d love to.  I’m starving.

Oh, hey!  Look who gained a logic point just by talking to Lis…


Lis:  Sweet…


Asher:  I really enjoyed dancing with you.  We should do this again.  But I really need to go home and get some sleep.  Otherwise, you’ll be picking me up off the floor.  Sweet dreams!

And sweet dreams Lis had.


Looks like you picked the right girl for the job, readers.  Love and babies is all our girl Lis dreamed about.

The next morning Lis had her first job.  So exciting!


Mr. Wolff:  I need a hip and cool hangout for my teenage daughter.  No expense shall be spared for my little princess.


Lis:  Wow, your home is beautiful.  I’m sure I can come up with something that your daughter will love.

Mr. Wolff:  Just don’t screw it up.


Lis:  I have a vision…


Lis:  All Done!  So what you think?

Mr. Wolff: It’ll do.  Now go away.

Lis: I hope all my clients are not so snobby.

I think you did a pretty good job and so does your boss.  You got a promotion 🙂


And as Gordon mentioned in the last chapter, I haven’t had Val paint any portraits.  Here she is working on Lis.  Very Mona Lisa-esque, no?

While Val worked on our first legacy portrait, Asher stopped by the legacy house to call on his special lady…


Lis:  Dad, please don’t embarrass me.  I really like this guy.

Gordon:  I have no idea what you mean


Lis:  Are you kidding me?

Well, at least they seem to like each other.  Seriously, Gordon and Asher totally ignored Lis for several hours.


Asher: Don’t look so sad.  I’m still here to spend time with you.


Lis:  OMG, my dad is so weird.  I think he has a crush on you.  Screenshot-64

Asher: *snicker*

Lis: *snicker*

Autonomous Funny FacesScreenshot-65Screenshot-66

HA HA!!  Lis has to marry him just for the way he and Gordon autonomously interact with each other.  I love it!!

Lis:  I am not amused.


Lis:  Thank goodness Dad had to go to work.  Finally!  Now I can have Asher all to myself.


Asher:  I glad we’re finally alone.

Lis:  Me too.  Now we can get to know each other better.


Lis:  This is all happening so fast.


Asher:  But it feels so right.


Awww, their first kiss.  Then Asher promptly left to get some sleep.

But he showed back up a couple days later.  Dude, what the hell is he wearing?


They are just so cute together.  Despite Asher’s unfortunate choice in everyday wear.  We’ll fix that though.


Lis:  Yes!  Make over for Asher.

Asher:  But I thought you loved me for me?


Lis:  Oh, baby. I do.  And I’ll show you just how much I love you.


Asher:  What are you doing.  You can’t do that out here!  Let’s go to the bedroom.

Lis:  Uh, that’s totally not what I thinking.


Lis:  Will you marry me?

Asher: *gasp*


Asher:  Oh my SimGod!  Now I get to hang out with Gordon all the time.


Lis:  Just so we’re clear.  You’re marrying me not Papa.  So what do you say?


Asher:  Yes!!


Lis:  Now let’s go share the news with my parents.


Lis:  Uh, Papa?  I have some news.  Asher and I are getting married!  squee


Gordon:  What?  This is the best thing that’s happened to me since I’ve met your mother.

Oh, and how do you like Asher’s makeover?  I heart me some Doctor Who.


Gordon:  Let’s be best friends

Asher:  Forever!

I swear this was totally autonomous.  I can’t wait to move Asher in and see what hijinks they get themselves into.


Asher:  You’re totally my hero, man.


Val:  Lis just told me the good news.  I can’t wait for the wedding.  No expense shall be spared.


Asher:  Well, we were just hoping for a small, intimate affair.

Gordon:  Yeah, take that bossy lady.

Lis:  I approve of my new portrait.


Val:  Well, this is our first born.  And she deserves a beautiful wedding.


Asher:  I love you so much.  And you’re father is totally awesome.  But I think you’re mother has plans to hijack our wedding day.

Lis:  I know, you’re right.  I just don’t know we’re supposed to do about it.


Lis:  Asher, will you marry me?

Asher:  Um, i think I’ve already answered that question.


Lis:  No silly.  I mean right now.  Let’s not mess with all the formal wedding stuff.  Let’s do it now.

Asher:  Baby, if that’s what you want then let’s do it.


Aww, you guys.  Tat was a short and very sweet ceremony.  Congrats!

And to officially introduce our new family member.

Val and Gordon didn’t waste anytime letting their feeling know about becoming grandparents

And the newly wedded couple didn’t waste anytime…developing their skills. (you guys seriously need to get your heads outta the gutter)


Here’s Asher playing his guitar.  I didn’t not give this to him.  No clue where he got it.  But I’m loving the leopard print.  So rock ‘n roll.  lol


And here’s Lis improving her painting skills.

Lis:  yes, I don’t know how much longer Mama’s going to be with us and I think we should have a portrait of our founder.

I’m so ashamed that’s it taken this long.  And a little off put at the fact that of all the places in the house, Gordon chose his daughter’s marriage bed to read a recipe book.  It’s creepin’ me out a little bit.

But that’s okay, ’cause he’s movin’ on up the recipe ladder


I forget what he was making but he’s got some mad skills goin’ on.   And guess who else has mad skills?


Our girl Val.  I’m mean look it!


Asher:  Your glow is like the bioluminescence of a jellyfish.

Lis:  Aww, I guess marriage just really suits me.


Lis:  So that’s why I’m all glowy.  I’m going to tell Asher right away.


Lis:  Guess what babe?  You’re going to be a daddy.


Asher:  Get out!  This is the best thing since moving in with your dad.


Asher: What a lovely way of sayin’ how much you love me


Obligatory cuddle pic.  I absolutely love that the sims spoon when they sleep.

Lis now has a few days off to prepare for the arrival of Gen 3.


Lis:  This damn dishwasher.  Constantly breaking.  I’m going to lose my mind today.

Gordon also got a promotion today.  Sweet!


Gordon:  Stop stressing out sweetie.  Go sit down and I’ll make your favorite.


Lis:  Thanks Papa.  You’re awesome.

Gordon:  I know.


Lis:  Mmmm, so goopy.

Hm, I Asher should have been home by now.  Let’s see what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself into…


Oh, he’s playing guitar in the park.  And it looks like he’s got an audience.


Oh, she is really diggin’ it.


I forgot why I took this picture.  But you can see Lis’ new portrait in the background.  I like it better than the first.

Later that evening, Asher gave a private performance for his #1 girl.

Screenshot-154 Screenshot-155

Even the Sims have white people dance moves.  LOL.  Dude, she is really muscular.

Looks like all that time at her drafting table is paying off.  Lis got another promotion.


Lis:  i just realized I haven’t told Mama and Papa their going to have their first grandchild.

You don’t think they’ve notice how fat your ass has gotten?

Lis:  You’re an evil whore.

I’ve been called worse.


Gordon:  That’s wonderful news honey.  I kinda thought something was up. Your ass is huge right now.

Told ya!!

Lis:You two can suck my big toe.


Val:  Uh, that damn computer is broken again.  I don’t wanna fix it.

And take a look at that sexy photo of Gordon.  Asher’s totally serenading it.


Gordon:  Calm down.  Come here and let me give you a hug.


Lis:  OMG!  I think the baby’s coming.


Lis:  Where is everyone?


Lis: ASHER!!!

Where the hell is that man?


Being a creepy man and oogling Val and Gordon making out

Asher, I think your wife needs you.  Like right now!


Asher:  Oh my SimGod!!!  Why didn’t you say something sooner?!


Asher:  What do I do?  What do I do?!


Lis:  Get me to the hospital, you turd!


Too Late


Please welcome Generation 3, Genevieve Boudreaux.  She’s an artistic slob who enjoys Chinese music, falafel and the color sea foam.  She’s a lot like her mom with the exception of the slob trait.  Lis is going to love that.

That’s all for this update.  I’m feeling much better now than I have been .  So I’m hoping it won’t be another whole month before I post again.  Thanks for being so patient.

Me love you long time XXOO

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  1. Nichola
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 08:42:47

    Lol, oh heyyyyyyy I’m missing the birth of my daughter to watch my parent-in-laws make out.
    I’m loving this 🙂


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