Better, Faster, Stronger II

So I’m still hoping to have an update at some point this weekend.  It would have already been up except for the fact that Grant and I spent most of the weekend putting together my uber-awesome new desktop pc.  It’s got dual nVidia GTX 260 video cards and I have to say that my sims have never looked better.

So can you tell the difference?

This is from my laptop–nvidia 9800

This one is from my desktop–nvidia GTX 260 x 2

The differences are subtle but overall I think the shading and detail are better than my laptop.  But the real difference I see is in how the game plays.  The rendering is SO MUCH FASTER!!  Even with all the mods I have.

And it’ll be even faster once I upgrade from 2gb of ram to 8gb.  And my new case is green and black which is awesome.

Until next update….me love you long time


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