Chapter 2.5: Will the Real Heir Please Stand…

This is a very exciting time for the Boudreaux Legacy.  Our very first Heir Poll went off without a hitch.  Thanks again for all of you who voted.  Me love you long time!

In unrelated news…while I impatiently waited for the Heir Poll to close I played my simself game…for a REALLY long time.  It’s quite possible went to bed when others were getting  ready for work.  All I can say is that my simself and simself husband make really pretty babies.  Example:

ScreenshotAwww, synchronized skilling.  They’re just too cute.  From left to right: Carter Grant, Abigayle, and Grant.

And now back to our regular program…

After Corbin’s birthday party, the Kids were in pretty reflective moods as they all were contemplating their future and that of the legacy.

Screenshot-5Lisette kept herself occupied by cleaning up the after effects of Corbin’s birthday party…

Corbin took a hot relaxing shower…in his swimwear?  Maybe Never Nude is a hidden trait.


And Nanette just went to bed.

Nan:  It’s out of our hands now.  Might as well enjoy what may be my last night in my childhood bed.

Aww, I’m a little sad too.  I don’t want to see any of you leave 😦

But you know who wasn’t sad?


Val:  OMG!  We’ll be rid of two of them by tomorrow morning.

Gordon:  I know, let’s have some celebration woohoo.

**On a side note, I installed Nraas WooHooer and now Gordon and Val do it ALL THE TIME.  I mean constantly.  It’s absurd.

The Next Morning


Nan:  I had a great time at your party last night.  I can’t wait till the next one!

Corbin:  I guess you haven’t heard.  You are not the Heir…


Awkward silence

Corbin:  And neither am I *lone tear rolls down face*

That’s right.  Lisette won by a wide margin with 53% of the votes.  Corbin came in second with 32% of the votes and Nanette lagged behind with only 15% of the votes.  I’m not going to lie, I was rooting for Nan.  But the readers have spoken and now Nan and Corbin must move into the Spare Heir House.

The Outside:

Yeah, it’s pretty underwhelming.  Oh look.  I just realize the mailbox is pointed the wrong way.  I’ll just fix that later. (no, I probably forget)

The Inside:

Also, underwhelming.  But look how much space they have to PARTAY!


Val:  I hope you enjoy the new house Amanda built for you and your sister.

Corbin:  I’m sure we’ll be fine.  Thanks for being a great Mom.

Nan:  *still in shock*


Val:  Don’t worry kids.  You’ll always have a home here.

Nan:  Aww, you always know the right thing to say.

Corbin:  Yeah, that make me feel lots better.


Corbin:  I sure am going to miss my old bed.

Val:  Well, you’re a big boy now Corbin, so I’m sure Amanda got you a big boy bed. *rolls eyes*

Nan:  Well, I guess I should call the taxi to take us to the Unwanted Spare Heir house.

Gordon:  Why don’t you give your Papa a hug first.


Gordon: Don’t forget to call.  We’ll Miss you!

Nan:  We won’t.  Love you Papa.


Val:  (they need to leave already)

Gordon:  (I’m totally doing it with Val after they leave.)

Once Nan and Corbin left, Valery had a great idea


Val:  You know what,  I think I’m going to retire today.


Val:  Hi, Ms. Bunch.  So, in celebration of Lisette becoming the new Heir I though I’d retire now.

Ms. Bunch:  Are you sure Val?  You’re a very valuable member of our team.


Val:  Oh, I’m positive.  This will give me more time to have lots  of woohoo with Gordon.

Ms. Bunch:  Um, TMI.  But okay, good luck and I hope Lisette gives you a bunch of grandchildren

A bunch?  Uh, I don’t thinks so.

And then she got a confetti parade.  YAY!


Val:  I’m so happy.  I just have to give myself a hand.


Lis:  This is great news!  Now I won’t have to hire a babysitter.

Gordon:  Wait,what?


Lis:  OMG!  What if I’m a terrible Heir?  This is too much pressure.  I don’t think I can do this.

Calm down.  You’ll be fine.  Besides, you’re starting off a lot better than your Mom.


Lis:  You’re right.  I can do this!

Gordon:  Yeti’s are people too! Just say no to Yeti fur.

No they’re not.  They’re a cryptozoological legend.

Val:  Oh Gordon, you’re so odd and yet I’m still going to tap that later.

I think we’ll leave it on that note.  I know it was a short chapter but…..

Lis:  WAIT!!!!  WAIT!!!!


Lis: Don’t go just yet.  I’d like to take a moment to thank my constituents.

Constituents?  Really?  Oh, go on.


Lis:  Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for voting and making me Heir.  I promise I’ll do my best.


Lis:  KISS KISS.  Me love you long time

HEY!  That’s my line

Lis:  But I like it.

Find something else to end…



*shakes head*

Next time, Lis tries to find her King of Hearts, but will she only find Jokers?  A Crumplebottom Scandal and maybe a baby.


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  1. Gargantua
    Aug 03, 2010 @ 12:22:08

    You and Grant have cute kiddies. 🙂 I have to admit I’m disappointed Corbin didn’t win – but I have no doubt Lis will carry on in grand fashion! Bring on generation 2!


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