Chapter 2.2: The Kids are Unruly

Corbin Says “Hi, welcome back!”

Corbin:  Guess wha taday is?  It’s ma burfday.

awww, you’re adorable.

Gordon and Corbin give us their best sultry, seduction looks.  They’re quite the handsome fellows.

Gordon:  OMG, I love birthday parties!!!

Corbin:  Me too!!!

Lis:  Yay

Nan & Val:  TOOOOT!!!

Make a wish!!!

Corbin:  Yay, Imma be a big boy

As you can see Nan and Lis were running to catch the bus.  Looks like they’re actually going to go to school today.

And there goes Val off to work

Corbin:  It tickles…

Ack!!  Alien limbs again.  WTH!!??

Corbin:  Hey whatsup?  Check out my cheekbones.

Yes, I think your destined to be like your Papa.

Gordon:  Hey there Rock Star.  Are you ready for school tomorrow?

Corbin:  Oh Yea,  as soon as I get a new hair do.


Corbin:  But first I have to clean up.

Oh, he’s shaping up quite nicely.

Corbin added Ambitious to his Loner and Clumsy traits.

I think we’ve got a heart breaker on our hands 🙂

Now that Corbin is school aged we really need more room.  Alas, we are still pretty poor…

So Gordon and Val get a spacious loft style room.  You know, to enjoy the lovely vista view.

And here’s a view of the first floor layout.  The kids all share a room for right now.

It’s okay to be jealous of my mad house building skills.  lol

Well,  the girls skipped school AGAIN today!!  What the hell is going on?!!!  They need constant supervision.

At least Lisette is being good by reading a book.

Nan:  You know what we need in our new room?  A disco ball!

Nan:  You can make that happen, right?  I’d hate to see anything happen to this little pony.

Ahhhhhhh, you’re still creepy.

Sine Nan decided to skip school again today I decided to make her finish her painting (also to get her away from the little pony).  She’s artistic after all.

I call it ‘Ode to Duck Hunt’

Val came home to a disaster at hand…

Val:  Stupid sink.  I’ll fix you for good this time!

Corbin:  Uh, Mama…There’s something wrong with the shower.

The Face of Determination

Val:  Okay, everyone off to bed…NOW!

I was so impressed with Nan’s first attempt at painting that I let her frame it and put it on her wall.

She apparently had no problems with painting of the outdoors.

And them Gordon came and woke her up…

Nan:  But Papa, I didn’t leave the dirty dishes on the table.  Corbin did that.

Uh, what is that?  Does she have a gut on her?  When did the kids get fat?!

*le sigh*

Okay, I’m following these little bastards to school today.  No more skipping!!!

This is the friendly bus driver, Adriane Easter.

I’ll be riding with kids today

Adriane:  I don’t blame you.  These kids can be unruly.  Hop on board.

Is everyone accounted for?

ALL:  Yes, ma’am

So this is what I found out.  The kids couldn’t even get into the school.  They just kept standing in front of the door.  So now I have to figure out what the heck is going on.

In the meantime, I’m going to let them go to the playground and maybe get some exercise.Lis:  This is way better than doing homework!!!

Corbin:  Thanks for sucking EA!!!!

I still can’t figure out why they won’t go to school.  But I downloaded Nraas Industries Career mod.  It lets you homeschool the kids.

So it’s back to the house with ya!!!

Lis:  This sucks.

Nan:  And one and two and one and two…

Lis and Nan:  huff….puff

Lis:  I’m going to die if I don’t stop.

No you’re not.  Keep jumping butterball! muhahahahaha!

Oh crap!  The twins’ birthday caught me by surprise.  This should be interesting.  I’ve never had a fat kid grow up.

Lis is up first….

Oh dear.  The only thing I have to add is that she rolled Neat.

At leat she still has those pretty lilac eyes.

And Nan is up next….

Oh Sweet baby Jesus.  That outfit is not flattering.

Nan rolled Commitment Issues.

Okay, so I guess it’s a good thing that they’re being homeschooled.  Now they have more time to work on their fitness.

Lis:  Okay, how does this thing work?

Lis:  Whoooaaaaahhhh

Ouch!!!!  Treadmill burn on the knees is never fun.  I speak from experience.  True story,  I suffer from a total lack of grace and coordination.

Lis:  I will win, oh yes, I will win

You go girl!

I thought I’d better get Corbin into shape before he grows into a teenager too.

Corbin:  Papa,  there’s someone at the door

Gordon:  Hey, what’s going on?

Evil Doer:  Oh, hello sir.  I’m from the firm of Take and UrStuff.  I believe you have something of ours.

Evil Doer:  Haha, now it’s here, now it’s not.

Gordon:  HEY!!!  THAT’S MY STUFF!!!!!!

Evil Doer:  It’s been a pleasure serving you.  You have a great day sir.

I have never had that happen before.  I’m always such a good bill payer 😦

I sent the girls to they gym to work on their fitness some more.  I mean, it is almost time for the heir poll.

Lookin’ good Ladies!!!

Ow (looks away) Walk it off girl, just walk it off.

Much better!  I’m so proud of you guys!  Lis is on left and Nan is on the right (being all angsty)

Nan:  Can we go inside now?  you know how I feel about the outdoors.

Yes, go on home.  You need to work on your brains now.

Lis:  OMG, I’m so sore.

Val:  You know, you really should be eating a more balance meal, Nan.

Nan:  whatev, I’m outtie.

Lis:  Wait!!!  I need your help with my homework.

Lis:  Explain Valenzetti’s Equation again?

Lis:  It’s just so hard!!!

Nan:  You’ll get it sis…eventually

Nan:  Oh, shit! 

My sentiments exactly.  Poor Nanette got caught out after curfew and was promptly returned home

Val:  what exactly do you think you’re doing out this late?

Nan:  Ugh!  Can we talk about this inside?  The Plague!

VaL  No, we’re going to discuss this right her and now missy!  Do you know how worried I’ve been?

Nan:  Geez Mom.  Chill out.  I was only at the gym.  Beside it’s not even my fault I was out this late.

Val:  Don’t you back talk me.  Or you’ll get it.

Nan:  Ack!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Violence is never a solution. 
It was totally my fault.  I’m the one who sent her to gym after curfew.

Nan:  I hope I’m never the heiress

Val:  I’m just so tired…

Wow!  Who’d have thought Val would turn to violence.  Poor Nan.  Now she doesn’t even want to be the heiress.  I know I promised an Heir Poll this chapter.  But since I spent most of my playing time trying to fix the school bug, it’s just going to have to wait.

Next time…Corbin grows up into a teenager and we have an heir poll (I promise!)

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  1. Gargantua
    Jul 08, 2010 @ 08:43:55

    Ya know, after all the eating we did over your visit, I’m feeling a bit pudgy myself. I can sympathize with the twins. I made myself exercise yesterday and I, too, am sore. 🙂


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