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Chapter 2.4: It’s a Birthday Extravaganza!

I’m not going to bother with a recap of last chapter since I JUST posted it.  Jeez, this is why I have a Table of Contents…lazy bums 😉

Lis decided that if she was going to be heiress then she better go find a potential spouse. 

Screenshot-3I mean, she’s so excited to go to the park that she’s floating on air!

Screenshot-11 And from afar she spots this guy…Miraj Alvi.  He’s got an interesting look about him.Screenshot-13 Lis: Nice to meet you Miraj.   Would you be interested in going to the movies?

Miraj:  Is it a 3D movie?  If not then no, I’d rather stay here and loiter at the bookstore.Screenshot-14

Lis:  Well does your friend Julien want to go to the movies?

Miraj:  I have a better idea.  How do you feel about 3-ways?

Lis:  Ew, I’ll go by myself thank you. 

What a turd!!!

But Lis is a trooper and decided to put her angst into songScreenshot-15

“Chivalry’s dead,

Dead like my soul

All the boys suck

‘cause they only want to fu”…

WHOA, WHOA,  let’s try to keep it PG-13 here.  Oh, wait we did have Sim Porn last update.  Carry on….

Lis got bored with her guitar and rolled a wish to go shopping.  So she headed over to that consignment store.  They were closed but look who was chillin’ in the sitting areaScreenshot-16

It’s Gargantua and Geobe Stormcaller! 

Lis:  Hi, I like you already Gargantua.  You’ve got just the right amount of snarkatude.  And any friend of a Amanda’s is a friend of mine.

Geobe: Dude, I feel like I’m stoned.

yeah, you kinda look like it too brother.

Meanwhile, back at the house…


Aww, autonomous make out.  So cute!


Val:  I rolled a wish for another baby and Amanda said have at it.  Let’s make this on count!

Gordon:  Yes!

Yeah, I’m a sucker.  I may live to regret this later but they’re adults now and less fertile than they use to be.  Plus Gordon got a promotion to Sous Chef so what a better way to say thanks for the hard work than letting him impregnate his wife.

I actually like to be surprised when my Sims are pregnant so I turn off the sound after they do the deed.  yeah, I live life on the edge.  That’s just how I roll.


The next day Val got promoted to Top Secret Researcher.  And them promptly got a call from her boss.  Val is to immediately report to Al Simhara to help Badawi find 3 ancient relics.Screenshot-21

Val:  The office better reimburse me for these expenses

Amen, sister!

But before she left, Val saw Gordon off to work.   Screenshot-22

Yep, he’s riding Vals bike to work.  Didn’t you know?  Pink is the new manly black.


Val took some rockin’ pics of her flight into Al Simara.


It seems that Badawi left some very important papers in a tomb somewhere.  How forgetful.  But Val was more than happy to oblige since this did seem like a very important mission from her office.


Val:  No need to worry Mr. Badawi.  My sharp mind and highly developed Jedi skills will find your papers in no time.

And then she proceeded to trip over her feet.  It totally made me LOL.


Val:  So how do I look on a motorbike?

It suits you very well, dear.  Now please keep your eyes on the road. 


Val: Whoa, that’s big.


Val: I shall leave no stone or hidden compartment unturned!


Val:  What the…?


Val:  AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Well, look on the bright side.  You unlocked a door.

Val: I am unamused.


Val:  Wow, I really did not think my outfit through at all.

Here are a few sights from the tomb


Luckily, Val found what she came for and headed back to the town square to deliver the papers.

While there she rolled a wish to charm a snake.  Yes, she’s being quite the daredevil on this trip.


Val:  So how does this work?

I think you just put your lips on it and blow


Maybe you’re not supposed to blow that hard.  You’re going to burst a blood vessel.


Val:  Ack, I think this one is broken

Or maybe it’s user error.


Val:  Nope, inconceivable.  I bet there’s not a snake in there.


Val:  Holy shit!  That damn snake just bite me!  This is stupid, I want to go home

So with a snake bitten hand a bruised ego I let Val pick whatever she wanted for dinner…


Val:  There’s nothing that some Chunky Monkey ice cream can’t fix.

Truer words have never been spoken. my friend.


Oh hey!  Guess who’s birthday it is?


Gordon: It’s mine!!!!

Yes, our favorite Legacy co-founder is turning….elderly.  dun dun dun

Which means of course there should be lots of partying with hot chicks


Gordon:  Woooooo, shake whatcha Mama gave ya, Girl!

Gargantua:  I’m too sexy for this party.  No way I’m disco dancing.



Lis:  I wonder if Marty’s single?

Gargantua:  Toot {I wonder if there are zombies in space}


Gordon:  Hmmm, what should I wish for? 



Wow, Arlo & Judy Bunch are really gettin’ down over there.


Gordon:  Whoa, bad touch, bad touch!


Gordon:  Hey, my wish came true!  I’ve still retained my smexiness.

Nan:  Dude, I never want to get old.

Lis: OMG!  Mom has to have sex with that!


Gordon:  A little support girls?

Lis:  Poor Mom.

Nan:  I hope when I’m heiress they don’t make me get married.


Gordon:  Well screw them.  I’m eating cake.

Oh, Judy.  Those pants are not flattering…on anyone.


Uh oh.  Pile up at the Lobster Thermidor Gordon made for his party. Screenshot-61

Gargantua:  I should have limbered up before all that dancin’

Judy:  This place is a pig sty

Suck it Judy Bunch!  There are a lot of people here right now.  I can’t possibly clean up everything!


But my simself will try.  She’s such a good guest.


I think the general census is that the party was pretty awesome.  Yeah,  those Boudreaux really know how to throw down.


Gordon:  So, when do you think Amanda’s going to realize that she didn’t get a portrait made of me when I was young and hot.



Gordon:  So, whatcha get me for my birthday?


Gordon: Excellent…


Gordon: I hope I get a nice urn when I die

Val:  I wonder if all that radiation exposure made me infertile?

One can hope.


Gordon and Val are constantly thinking about babies.  It’s so cute.  Too bad they’re in a legacy.  Otherwise, I’d just let them breed away.


Okay, I was not prepared for this. 

Valery’s birthday totally snuck up on me.


Val: Oh my gosh, Gordon and I can be old together now!


Val:  Wait, what if I loose my hotness?


Gordon:  I’m going to have a hot elderly wife.  YAY!

Lis:  Another birthday?  These things really get old.

Corbin: I am this close to being heir.  YES!


Val:  Oh, I lost my hotness.  This sucks.


No you didn’t.  You’re a sweet little old lady now.  You’re adorable!  And you’ve retained your hot rack.  So score!

In celebration of his birthday, Corbin decided to get a tattoo.  


Hi.  Welcome to Tats R Us.  I’ll be your tattoo artist today.  So what do you have in mind?


Apparently Gordon still has his rockin’ abs.  Skin replacement fail 😦


Gordon:  I got a Grim Reaper ‘cause I ain’t afraid of death. 

And it’s in his favorite color, Turquoise.


Tattoo artist:  Dude your totally old!!  HAHAHA!

Gordon:  I will destroy you little man.



Lis:  Oh hey, what’s going on?


Everyone:  SURPRISE!!!!


Lis: Why do you hate me?

Michael:  I’m still so depressed that Nan only likes me as a friend.

Stiles:  Why am I here with all these people?


Oh look.  There’s Geobe and Gargantua’s little girl Gillian.  She’s so adorable! 

Gillian:  I wasn’t invited but I came anyway.

Sorry, I didn’t realized you existed until right now.  Welcome! 


Lis:  Hm, perhaps I should wish for no more birthday parties.

Oh yeah, I gave Val a makeover.  I’m totally loving her glasses.  Although, I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t get her hair the right shade of grey/red.  *le sigh*


Val:  Yes!  Closer to have a less full house.

Uh, yeah.  That’s not really how legacy’s work sweetie.


Michael:  I’m having so much fun.  maybe I’ll get to be in the legacy.

Marty:  Please let the Twins grow up to be hotties.  yeah baby!

Wait, isn’t he supposed to married or something?  Creep.


Lis: Yes!  Once step closer to victory!!


Stiles:  Why do you insist on inviting me to these things? 

Well, you don’t have to come.


Wow, talk about being built like a brick house.  She is ginourmously tall.


Nan:  Okay, my turn.  Everyone’s attention towards me now.

Amanda: TOOT!


I adore this picture.  getting them side by side, Corbin looks like he’s got Val’s nose and lips.  But everything else is Gordon.


Nan:  Yay, please let me be as Amazonian as my sister.


Wish granted!

Geobe: My God!  Please let her see me before she steps back.


Another successful party. 

And now time for double makeovers!!!!  This is totally my fav part. 


Lis rolled Technophobe and wants to be a Home Design Hotshot


Nan rolled Dislike Children and wants to be a Master of the Arts.

They’re both so unique and different.  It’s going to be hard to choose one to carry on the legacy.

Val and Gordon bought Nan and Lis a drafting table for their birthdays. And Lis didn’t waste anytime getting to work on skills. Screenshot-118

Lis:  I am determine to be awesome!

And Nan went back to her easel and started a new paintingScreenshot-119

Nan:  Let’s put a happy little cloud right here.


And this is the partially completed painting.  Is it me or is she getting worse?


Gordon:  Yeah, I’m still hella fit for an old man

Nan:  Dad, no one says hella anymore. 


Gordon:  Darling, you are the love of my life. 


Lis:  Get a room!  Gosh!


Val:  Oh dear.  I’m not as limber as I use to be.


Lis:  You could throw the ball anytime now Mom.



Gordon:  Hi there readers.  Watch and learn how to make a smooth move on a woman.


Gordon:  Hey baby.  You’re the rainbow afro to my squeaky red nose.  Let’s go do it.

Val:  Oh, G.  You say the sweetest things.



Val: What?  You have to throw them a bone every once in a while.


Oh and Gordon just got a promotion to Executive Chef.  Go Gordon Go!!  It won’t be long now before he maxs his cooking skill.  Squee!



And this is a painting that Val finished.  I like it a lot.  And I named it something awesome but forgot what it was.


Val:  So when do you think you’ll get your own place?


Nan took advantage of the fact that Lis and Val were having dinner together and go to work and a sketch at the drawing table.  Bring back alien abductions!!!


Nan:  I am so glad I don’t have to ride that crappy bus anymore.


Nan:  you wanna go play some football?

Corbin:  Shut up!  I’m trying to study!  There are simply too many people in this room!


Aww, Gordon looks so cute on his pink motor scooter.  Look at his fancy new Executive Chef’s hat.  It’s says, “Yes, I am the man in charge.”


Val:  Hi, yes.  I’d like to place a catering order.  The occasion? My son’s birthday is tomorrow.


Nan:  Did I hear that right?  The time is almost here for our heir poll.

I know!  It’s so exciting!

Oh yeah, and Gordon maxed his Cooking Skill.  YAY!

  gordon maxs cooking skill copy


This is his nifty certificate he got in the mail.  It’s proudly displayed next to the oven.  Hopefully, it won’t catch on fire.


Unfortunately, Gordon was still at work when the guests started to arrive.  This will be the first birthday he’s missed in the household.  But that’s what happens when your the man in charge.  


Emma:  Let’s get this party started bitches.


Lis:  Are you sure he’s married?  ‘cause I really like him.

No, I am not sure.  But if you’re heir I’ll help you to annihilate his marriage.

Lis: Fair enough.


Amanda: I wonder if this place has a bomb shelter?

Um, I have no clue what the hell Gargantua’s problem is.  Perhaps she’s just jealous of my awesome legacy.  Yeah, that’s it.


Nan:  Hurry up and blow out the candles! 

Yeah!  Stop being such a tease Corbin.


See, even Michael’s excited to issue in the new generation Screenshot-158

Michael:  Yay,  I’m still hold a flame for Nanette.  She’s my one true love.

Um, creepy much?


Yep, he’s still pretty much a clone of Gordon.  But with Valery’s lips.  But he’s still very handsome.

Corbin rolled Neurotic and his LTW is to own a Private Museum.  Hmmm, interesting.


And the party was another hit.  Although, I had expected Gordon to be home by now.  Let’s see what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself into.


Dude, you’re playing football?! 

Gordon:  I’m having so much fun!

You missed your only son’s birthday party to play football?  With who?


Hank Goddard?!

Hank: Evening ma’am

*rolls eyes*  Gordon, go home.


Speaking of homes.  Let’s take a look at the newly renovated legacy house. 


I like it. 


And now for the part we’ve all been so anxiously waiting for.  *drum roll please*

I like to introduce to you the candidates for Generation 2 legacy carryoner (I made a new word again).  Lisette, Nanette and Corbin have put on they’re very best attire.  Don’t they look smashing?

I’ll post a poll up on boolprop also.  Voting will end on Thursday, or possible Friday.  It depends as I’m putting in 10 hour days at the office this week. 








May the Most Likeable Sim Win!!

Chapter 2.3: Everyone’s Got Skillz

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been forever since I posted but sometimes life just gets in the way.  I mean, I have 4 dogs and a newly acquired kitten my husband “found”.  My theory is he stole it off of someone’s porch.

Also, I was dreading posting this ‘cause there are soooo many pictures and wordpress will only let me insert one pic at a time into a post.  But no Fears!  I have discovered Qumana and now I can just drag and drop into the blog editor.  AWESOMENESS!!! I am retracting Qumana’s awesomeness.

I uploaded all my pics and got halfway through writing and it freaked out and now I can’t even edit the damn post.  So then I had to start over.  I’m so pissed right now.  So now you guys are only getting half a chapter ‘cause it like 10:00 and I have to go to work tomorrow.  Screw you Qumana!!  I am now using Windows Live Writer which still sucks but not as much.  Screw you too Windows!

Now to refresh your memories, last chapter Corbin Grew up, the Boudreaux’s got a second floor added to their house, the kids skipped school…a lot, The Twins grew up to overweight teenagers and worked on their fitness, and Val almost bitch slapped Nan on the front lawn for breaking curfew.  What a whore.

Screenshot-3Corbin: Homeschooling is hard 😦

Hey do you want be a loser when you grow up?  Now stop complaining and do your homework.

While Lisa and Corbin did their homework, Nan went tot he gym again.

Screenshot-4Nan: I’d like to play baseball with him wink wink

Simis: well, I am very handy.

ewww, creep.  She’s your son’s age and you’re married.  Besides, she’s giving googley eyes to Connor over there in the corner.

Screenshot-5Hmmm, maybe not.

Nan: oh oh here I come.  I’m a maneater.

Screenshot-6Connor: I’m so confused.  Why is she talking to that old man

Nan: I don’t have time for little boys.  I need a man.

Whoa, slow down there girlie.  Ugh, I feel sick.

So while Nan flirted with a man old enough to be her father, back at the house….

Screenshot-7Gordon and Val got into a little tiff

Val:  God, you never put the toilet seat down!

Screenshot-8Gordon: And you never leave it up!

I don’t know who’s stare is more intimidating.  mmmmm, G is so handsome.

Screenshot-10But all is well by the time bedtime comes around.  Val took her grandmother’s advise to never go to bed angry.  Looks like it worked ‘cause they’re both dreaming of babies…again.

Screenshot-11Lis:  Hi Readers.  Lovely day isn’t it?  You guys know I’m so much better than the others right?  I’m totally going to be the heiress.

Wow, what’s up the all the cockiness today?

Screenshot-12 Lis: so papa, what are the basic building blocks of cooking?

Gordon: Well, it starts with high quality cookware.

Lis: Really?  I thought it was high quality ingredients.

Screenshot-13Gordon: That too.  When are you going to give me grandchildren? Amanda won’t let your mother and I have any more kids

Yeah, I’m horrible.  But 5 is enough right now.  Geez, get off my back Gordon.

Screenshot-14Lis:*ignoring you*

Screenshot-15Corbin: Are there going to be lots of people at school?

Nan: Oh yeah, tons!

Corbin: I hate people

Poor little loner Corbin.  All those people gave him a terrible moodlet.

I know some of you are a little confused as to why the kids are going to school.  Apparently, my game was glitchy, so I packed up the family and house and moved to a new Sunset valley.  And TADA, they can now go to school.

Val gets singed at work copyOh dear!

Screenshot-16Umm, “slightly” singed?  *giggles* nice ‘do Val.

Val: I am not amused and I need a shower.

and then I got this message:

nan goes to michaels copyYes!  Go make friends/potential husbands!

Screenshot-17 Nan: What’s up with all the llamas?

Screenshot-18Michael: Uh, they’re fuzzy and cute.  What’s not to like?

Hmm, it kinda looks like Michael is suffering from Sims 2 Fish Lips.  Poor kid.  Perhaps I’ll fix it later if he make it into the legacy.

Screenshot-20Awww, here’s little Bella Bachelor.  She’s adorable!  I think I may have just found a girlfriend for Corbin.

Screenshot (2)Although some might think it awkward but Nan doesn’t hesitate to ask Simis for help with her homework.

Nan: Yes, I am a devious one.  muhahaha

Simis: You see, time dilation can arise from a relative velocity of motion between the observers.

Screenshot-2 (2)Nan: But I need help with Geography.

Simis: oh, then I’m afraid I can’t help you.  Geography is not my strongest subject.

Screenshot-3 (2)Lis: OMG!  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?!  I’m going to need some help!

You should go see Simis.  He seems to know all about it.

Screenshot-4 (2)Oh hey.  I forgot Corbin’s birthday.  I’m awful!!

Corbin: Woo hoo!

Screenshot-5 (2)Lis: Yes!  Now I’m even closer to obtaining my rightful spot as heiress.

Corbin: Wooooo…

that’s quite some sparkly birthday hang time buddy.

Screenshot-7 (2)Oh No!  He’s chunky too!  And an exact clone of his Papa *le sigh*

Corbin is now an artistic, ambitious, clumsy loner.  Very nice.

Screenshot-9 (2)Lis:  Barf!  You’re cleaning skills leave a lot to be desired Mom.

Val:  You’re a terrible child!  Now go finish your homework.

Screenshot-15 (2)Lis: This stinks worse than the bathroom.  When I’m heiress, I’m totally banning homework.

This is not an election and you are not running for office.  Okay, maybe it is and you kinda are.  But I don’t think that’s a major voting point for the readers.

Screenshot-20 (2)Lis:  You know, we really ought to be working on our painting skills.

Screenshot-21Lis: ‘cause I have big ideas I tell you!  They’ll blow your mind!

Screenshot-23Lis: Did you check out Corbin’s last painting?  What a dork.  His perspective was soo off!

NAN:  HAHA, he’ll never be heir with skills like that!

Screenshot-25Val:  The fish just are not biting today.  I really need to be working on my gardening skills.

Well, you can’t fertilize your garden without the fish.  So keep on…

Screenshot-26Val:  Humph, this is going to take all day *grumble grumble*

and it did…

The next day Corbin went home with some girl that I don’t remember her name.  I wrote it all down in my notebook but then my dog Callie ate that particular page so I got nothin’.  Whoever she is, she did have a very fancy house.  I’m sure I could boot up my game and look but I’m too lazy, so suck on that.

Screenshot-27Unknown chick:  OMG!  I can’t believe Corbin Boudreaux is going home with me.  He’s soooo cute!

Corbin: Ugh, why is this chick insisting on sitting next to me?  God, I hate people.

Screenshot-28Oh look who came home with Nan today.  It’s Michael!

Michael:  I like your house.  The open wall plan on the second floor is very avant garde.

Screenshot-29Nan: So are you single?

Michael: Yep

Nan: Cool


Screenshot-30Michael:  So would you like to go hiking sometime?  I love being in nature.

Screenshot-32 Nan: Um, you mean The Outdoors?

Screenshot-31Nan:  Yeah, listen Michael.  I think you’re a great guy and all but clearly this isn’t going to work. But let’s still be friends.  So, is your Dad still married?


Nan: This is somehow your fault Amanda.  The Plague?!  SERIOUSLY?!

You’re so dramatic!

Oh hey look!  My simself had a baby boy named Leon!!!

simself has a baby boy leon copySimself, I approve!  I’m sure he’s named after Leon Kennedy of Resident Evil fame.

Screenshot-34I had to make Val go tend her garden again.  She’s never going to get promoted.  Why must she be so stubborn?!

Screenshot-37Corbin totally ignored fancy chick and opted to sit at her fancy dining room table and read about inventing.  She didn’t seem to mind so whatever. Screenshot-39Synchronized thinking

OMG! Zoey and Francis had a baby boy.

francis and zoey have a baby copyOf course, this means nothing if you’re not familiar with Left 4 Dead.  And if you don’t play it then you suck.  But seriously, go buy it now.  You’ll thank me later.

Any who…

Screenshot-50Gordon visited the local library to beef up his cooking skills *haha I made a punny*

Poor Stiles.  He looks a little disturbed.  Perhaps he’s intimidated by Gordon’s smexyness?

After coming home from  the library Gordon showed off his fancy cookin’ skillz.  (I spelled skillz with a z ‘cause that’s how awesome his skillz are.  I’m just sayin’)

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53 Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-58I mean, he’s like the Neo of cooking!  AMAZING!!!

The next day while the kids were at school I noticed that Corbin had a positive moodlet.  Hmmm, something’s going on ‘cause he hates crowds.  So I  decided to take a look.  Yeah, I’m a regular Nancy Drew.

Screenshot-59And the kids are playing on the playground.  NOT skipping school but I guess they just didn’t go back to class after recess maybe?  But Lis and Nan were on the jungle gym chatting about art and stuff.  And Corbin (you can barely see him over there on the left)  was sliding down the slide.

And then the bell rang.

Screenshot-60 She’s so cute!  Oh, btw, I totally used Nraas to make her thinner  She was spending way too much time at the gym and I’m an instant gratification kind of girl.  You got a problem with that? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Screenshot-61Corbin:  I got to work on mah fitness too!  And get a job.  It’s very important to me.

And while he was jogging I noticed the fish were incredibly active.

Screenshot-62Check out some serious action shots.  Yeah, i go mad skillz too.  lol

Screenshot-63Screenshot-64Screenshot-65Lis rolled a wish to learn a guitar skill.  Luckily, Val and Gordon have been making some decent simoleons so I gladly granted her wish.

Screenshot-66Screenshot-67Lis: I shall express my teen angst through song and melody.

Screenshot-68Nan, in the meantime, was expressing her teen angst through art. Screenshot-69Nan:  it seems to be missing something.  But what?

Screenshot-71Corbin: I love books!  Maybe they’re hiring.

And indeed they were.  So now our little ambitious sim has a job.  Yes, I’m very proud.

Screenshot-72Corbin:  Getting a job makes me hungry.  Who’s that?!  He’s intoxicating.


Screenshot-74I don’t know who she is.  Go find out.  It looks like she’s got romance on her mind.

Screenshot-76Corbin: I think i will!  I mean, it’s only one person right?  I can do this.

GO Corbin GO!

Screenshot-77Meet Jamie Jolina.  A little heavy handed on the makeup but none the less very pretty.

Screenshot-78Corbin: So, do you enjoy coming to the park a lot?

Jamie:  Did I leave my iron on?

Screenshot-79 Corbin worked some of his Boudreaux magic and found out that Jamie is a Trauma Surgeon.  Another possible spouse added to the list 😉

Jamie had to go to work shortly after they’re introduction so I made Corbin go to the theatre to make more friends even though he didn’t want to.  And look who he found….my simself!

Screenshot-81 Amanda: Why am I here and not at home with my new baby?

Screenshot-83Amanda:  Girls like to kiss, kiddo.  Remember that, it’ll come in handy in the future.

Corbin:  This seems inappropriate.  Stranger Danger!

Screenshot-84Corbin: So what do you do for a living?

Amanda: I’m a Kitchen Scullion.

Um, eww….

Screenshot-85Corbin:  Cool, my Dad use to do that job.  I just got a job at the bookstore.

Amanda: Really?  My LTW is to be a published author.  Why am I not working at the bookstore?  Stupid EA.

Back at the house, Nan was putting the finishing touches on her painting.

Screenshot-86Nan:  Humph, I don’t like it.

I’m sure it’s fine.  Let’s take a look…

Screenshot-89Um, yeah.  Let’s sell this one shall we?

Nan: Good idea.

Now for some SIM PORN!!

Screenshot-90Hello Gordon’s fine bum!

Screenshot-91The Twins do their best ABBA impression.

Screenshot-93Gordon: Can you believe you mother hasn’t fixed that computer yet?  I need my game fix.

Screenshot-94Nan: Papa!  You have got some serious nose hair!

And this was his response:

Screenshot-96Screenshot-97HA HA!  He’s so charming.

I couldn’t decide which one I like more so I posted them both.

Screenshot-98 Nan:  Moose Ears!  LOL

And, dear readers, I leave you on that note.  It’s almost midnight and I’m going to struggle to get up for work tomorrow as it is.

Next time, the kids FINALLY grow up into Young Adults.  And I FINALLY post an Heir/ess poll.

Chapter 2.2: The Kids are Unruly

Corbin Says “Hi, welcome back!”

Corbin:  Guess wha taday is?  It’s ma burfday.

awww, you’re adorable.

Gordon and Corbin give us their best sultry, seduction looks.  They’re quite the handsome fellows.

Gordon:  OMG, I love birthday parties!!!

Corbin:  Me too!!!

Lis:  Yay

Nan & Val:  TOOOOT!!!

Make a wish!!!

Corbin:  Yay, Imma be a big boy

As you can see Nan and Lis were running to catch the bus.  Looks like they’re actually going to go to school today.

And there goes Val off to work

Corbin:  It tickles…

Ack!!  Alien limbs again.  WTH!!??

Corbin:  Hey whatsup?  Check out my cheekbones.

Yes, I think your destined to be like your Papa.

Gordon:  Hey there Rock Star.  Are you ready for school tomorrow?

Corbin:  Oh Yea,  as soon as I get a new hair do.


Corbin:  But first I have to clean up.

Oh, he’s shaping up quite nicely.

Corbin added Ambitious to his Loner and Clumsy traits.

I think we’ve got a heart breaker on our hands 🙂

Now that Corbin is school aged we really need more room.  Alas, we are still pretty poor…

So Gordon and Val get a spacious loft style room.  You know, to enjoy the lovely vista view.

And here’s a view of the first floor layout.  The kids all share a room for right now.

It’s okay to be jealous of my mad house building skills.  lol

Well,  the girls skipped school AGAIN today!!  What the hell is going on?!!!  They need constant supervision.

At least Lisette is being good by reading a book.

Nan:  You know what we need in our new room?  A disco ball!

Nan:  You can make that happen, right?  I’d hate to see anything happen to this little pony.

Ahhhhhhh, you’re still creepy.

Sine Nan decided to skip school again today I decided to make her finish her painting (also to get her away from the little pony).  She’s artistic after all.

I call it ‘Ode to Duck Hunt’

Val came home to a disaster at hand…

Val:  Stupid sink.  I’ll fix you for good this time!

Corbin:  Uh, Mama…There’s something wrong with the shower.

The Face of Determination

Val:  Okay, everyone off to bed…NOW!

I was so impressed with Nan’s first attempt at painting that I let her frame it and put it on her wall.

She apparently had no problems with painting of the outdoors.

And them Gordon came and woke her up…

Nan:  But Papa, I didn’t leave the dirty dishes on the table.  Corbin did that.

Uh, what is that?  Does she have a gut on her?  When did the kids get fat?!

*le sigh*

Okay, I’m following these little bastards to school today.  No more skipping!!!

This is the friendly bus driver, Adriane Easter.

I’ll be riding with kids today

Adriane:  I don’t blame you.  These kids can be unruly.  Hop on board.

Is everyone accounted for?

ALL:  Yes, ma’am

So this is what I found out.  The kids couldn’t even get into the school.  They just kept standing in front of the door.  So now I have to figure out what the heck is going on.

In the meantime, I’m going to let them go to the playground and maybe get some exercise.Lis:  This is way better than doing homework!!!

Corbin:  Thanks for sucking EA!!!!

I still can’t figure out why they won’t go to school.  But I downloaded Nraas Industries Career mod.  It lets you homeschool the kids.

So it’s back to the house with ya!!!

Lis:  This sucks.

Nan:  And one and two and one and two…

Lis and Nan:  huff….puff

Lis:  I’m going to die if I don’t stop.

No you’re not.  Keep jumping butterball! muhahahahaha!

Oh crap!  The twins’ birthday caught me by surprise.  This should be interesting.  I’ve never had a fat kid grow up.

Lis is up first….

Oh dear.  The only thing I have to add is that she rolled Neat.

At leat she still has those pretty lilac eyes.

And Nan is up next….

Oh Sweet baby Jesus.  That outfit is not flattering.

Nan rolled Commitment Issues.

Okay, so I guess it’s a good thing that they’re being homeschooled.  Now they have more time to work on their fitness.

Lis:  Okay, how does this thing work?

Lis:  Whoooaaaaahhhh

Ouch!!!!  Treadmill burn on the knees is never fun.  I speak from experience.  True story,  I suffer from a total lack of grace and coordination.

Lis:  I will win, oh yes, I will win

You go girl!

I thought I’d better get Corbin into shape before he grows into a teenager too.

Corbin:  Papa,  there’s someone at the door

Gordon:  Hey, what’s going on?

Evil Doer:  Oh, hello sir.  I’m from the firm of Take and UrStuff.  I believe you have something of ours.

Evil Doer:  Haha, now it’s here, now it’s not.

Gordon:  HEY!!!  THAT’S MY STUFF!!!!!!

Evil Doer:  It’s been a pleasure serving you.  You have a great day sir.

I have never had that happen before.  I’m always such a good bill payer 😦

I sent the girls to they gym to work on their fitness some more.  I mean, it is almost time for the heir poll.

Lookin’ good Ladies!!!

Ow (looks away) Walk it off girl, just walk it off.

Much better!  I’m so proud of you guys!  Lis is on left and Nan is on the right (being all angsty)

Nan:  Can we go inside now?  you know how I feel about the outdoors.

Yes, go on home.  You need to work on your brains now.

Lis:  OMG, I’m so sore.

Val:  You know, you really should be eating a more balance meal, Nan.

Nan:  whatev, I’m outtie.

Lis:  Wait!!!  I need your help with my homework.

Lis:  Explain Valenzetti’s Equation again?

Lis:  It’s just so hard!!!

Nan:  You’ll get it sis…eventually

Nan:  Oh, shit! 

My sentiments exactly.  Poor Nanette got caught out after curfew and was promptly returned home

Val:  what exactly do you think you’re doing out this late?

Nan:  Ugh!  Can we talk about this inside?  The Plague!

VaL  No, we’re going to discuss this right her and now missy!  Do you know how worried I’ve been?

Nan:  Geez Mom.  Chill out.  I was only at the gym.  Beside it’s not even my fault I was out this late.

Val:  Don’t you back talk me.  Or you’ll get it.

Nan:  Ack!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Violence is never a solution. 
It was totally my fault.  I’m the one who sent her to gym after curfew.

Nan:  I hope I’m never the heiress

Val:  I’m just so tired…

Wow!  Who’d have thought Val would turn to violence.  Poor Nan.  Now she doesn’t even want to be the heiress.  I know I promised an Heir Poll this chapter.  But since I spent most of my playing time trying to fix the school bug, it’s just going to have to wait.

Next time…Corbin grows up into a teenager and we have an heir poll (I promise!)

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