Chapter 2.0: Trapped in the Parenthood

Sorry it’s taken so long to post this next chapter.  I had some major issues when I installed Ambitions.  I love my AwesomeMod but it’s only in testing right now and hates me.  BUT…thanks to Chisagi over at the Chimeree legacy, I was motivated to download the NRaas Industries story progression mod and I LUVS IT!!

Now let’s see what these crazy kids have gotten themselves into…

Val:  Lisette needs me!

Gordon:  Lisette needs me!  Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!

Gordon: But, but….I wanted THAT baby.

Val:  YES!! I win the good baby!

Gordon: BUT I WANTED THAT BABY!!  Damn you woman!

You guys have two babies.  Let’s not put preconceived notions into our reader’s minds.  Lisette is not a better baby than Nanette.  You should learn to share.

Realizing that I was right (as usual), Gordon decided to be a good daddy and take Nanette out to dinner with him.  Unfortunately, he forgot the diaper bag…

Gordon:  Oh sweet baby Jesus!  What is that smell?!

Guy Whose Name I Forgot:  Ick, you’re baby smells.  Go Home!

Meanwhile, back at the house Val was….

Val:  Bluuuurrrffffggggg…

See, I told you.  Just ’cause you reheat the mac & cheese doesn’t make it safe to eat.  Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson about eating food that’s emitting radioactive green fumes.

Oh, wait…

Val:  Oh hey, I’m knocked up again.  Maybe we’ll have another set of twin girls.  That would be awesome.  I love my girls.

Yeah…let’s not.

Val:  Gordon hasnt seemed to notice my craptastic maternity wear.  Maybe I should tell him we’re expecting.

Gordon:  You look different.  Did you do something to you hair.

Val:  Yeah about that.  We should talk.

Val: You’re going to be a daddy again!!!

Gordon:  dwwaaahhhh???!!!!!

Gordon: Are you sure?

Gordon:  This is very exciting.  I love being a dad!

Val:  Really?  I was expecting you to run out of the house screaming in terror.

Gordon: Aww, you’re so cute.

Gordon:  I think we’re great parents.  The two we have are still alive, aren’t they?

Val:  *le sigh*

Gordon:  I know you did this on purpose.  I’m watching you…very closely.

Oooo, I’m shaking.  Threatening people in your skivvies is not very effective.  Put on some clothes Man!  ‘Cause we’re havin’ a partay!!

Yes, it’s time for the Girls to grow up into to toddlers.  I’m so glad,  babies suck!

But first Valery needs to change out of this damn pink jacket.  It’s awful.

Oh No!! The Drawer of Doom has struck again.  Not Cool, She’s preggo!

Gordon:  That’s my baby

Gordon:  Yes!  My first born is having her first birthday.

Gordon:  Yaaayyyyy


Valery:  that is very annoying

And now it’s time to see how little Lisette turned out

Lis:  Dear God!  I’m bald!!!

Lis:  But I’m adorable!!!!

Okay, she totally looks like Gordon.  But now that I think about it she might have Valery’s nose.

Pick a winner sweetie!

um, ew

One last look before we do some hair therapy.

She does have very pretty lilac colored eyes.

Much better!  I just lurv this hair.  It’s just too cute.

Now it’s Nanette’s turn.  Gordon is just as enthused about her growing up as he was with Lisette.

Val:  Why are you such a freak?

Nan:  Dude, I look like a dude

Uh, yeah.  we’ll fix that for you sweetie pie.

Nan:  Thanks, I’m just too cute of a little girl not to have a cute haircut.

Yes, I agree.

Like I said this hairstyle is cute on everyone!

Now, let’s not waste anytime getting those girls ready for middle school.

Val:  That’s it bb.  Come to Mama.

Val:  Who’s Mama’s little angel?  I’m gonna eat you up!

Lis:  It’s me, It’s me!!!

And while Lisette was learning to walk, Nanette was being a cheekie monkey

Nanette:  Hello, I’m having fun

Nanette:  pssst, wanna see something awesome?

Yes, yes I do.

Nanette:  I has a cow!!!!! hahahaha

Yeeahh, that a horse.  Let’s get daddy over here to work on some vocabulary.  But you are still incredible adorable.

Nanette: Waaahhhh!  I’m starving to death!!!

That is much less adorable

Nanette:  No, no, no!

Looks like possession runs in the family.

Nanette:  hurmph

Gordon, please appease this child before she goes all Damien on the household

Nanette:  FOOD!!Nanette:  This pleases me.

You are very creepy…

And guess who’s having a birthday?

Gordon:  Yes!  It’s my turn

Gordon:  Whoa, that tingles

Gordon:  Oh, yes.  I’m quite the manly beefcake.

Yes, you are.  De-lish!

The next few days were filled with skilling, feedings and cranky babies.  Gordon and Valery had just put the twins down for bed when…

Val:  Oh, that hurts a bit.

Gordon: What is this?!

Val:  No wait, false alarm

Gordo:  Are you sure?

Val: Aaacckkkk!  I was wrong.

Gordon:  I’m not falling for that again.


Next time we have a baby!!!!  Another stuff happens, I’m sure.

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  1. Gargantua
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 06:51:26

    You should tell Gordon that his readers don’t mind him running around in his underwear all the time. Really. 🙂 I do fail to understand why the game ages the kiddies up with the absolute worst hairstyle – or no hair at all…


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