Chaper 2.1: Will the Kids Ever Grow Up?

Ahh, there’s nothing like a little one to bring life to a home.  That  is unless you already have 2 small ones at home.  Then it just sucks the life out of you.

Meet Corbin Boudreaux

Named after Gordon’s favorite uncle, Corbin is derived from an old French nickname for someone with dark, or raven colored hair.  Maybe he’ll turn out like his papa.

He’s a clumsy loner who prefers the catchy tunes of Pop music.  He enjoys sushi and the color Lilac.

Valery looks like she’s still under the influence of some heavy drugs.  But Gordon looks a little disappointed.

Gordon:  I wanted a girl. 😦

I was having a hard time telling Lisette and Nanette apart.  So I changed Lisette’s hair.  She looks cute,no?

Lis:  You did well.  I approve!

Lis:  Now leave me be.  I’m skilling.

Okay, well, while you’re skilling to you’re hearts content, someone’s growing up…

Val:  GULP!

Oh yes!  Sorry for the lack of cake girlie.  The twins have me hoppin’.

Are you ready?

Val:  YESSS!!!

umm, okay?   that expression is a little scary. *raises eyebrow*

Val:  mmmm, new sim smell.

Val:  oh yes,  This will do.  This will do.

Valery’s birthday went unnoticed by the entire household, meaning Gordon.  He was busy being an awesome papa to Nanette.

Awww, daddy’s girl.

Gordon:  Let me tell you of a time and wonderful place…

Gordon: before my soul died and I could play video games all day long.

Gordon:  A time when Papa was an awesomely cool guy.

Nan:  But Papa.  you’re an awesomely cool Dad now.

Gordon:  *gasp*

Gordon:  And you an awesomely cool kid.

Nan:  Can I go play with my blocks now?

Gordon:  No, first we need to get you potty trained.

Nan:  Potty training is hard work.  But also gives me time to think.

Nan:  Like how much I despise the plague called THE OUTDOORS.

I think that’s enough thinking right now.  Go play with your blocks.  <creepy kid>

Nan:  Where’d it go?

Aww, there’s my sweet girl!

And it looks like Gordon’s got a surprise for Val…

A babysitter!!!

Sitter:  Don’t worry.  You’re children are in safe hands.

This was the best babysitter ever.  He was very attentive to all the kids.

To say sorry that he missed her birthday, Gordon’s taking Val out on their first date since the twins were born.

Gordon:  Hurmph, but I work here.

Val:  Don’t ruin this for me.

Gordon:  Happy belated birthday sweetie.  I love you.

Gordon: Now give us some sugar!

Gordon had another birthday surprise for Val…

He took her to the playground to swing their worries away.

Gordon:  So, I was thinking.  Since we’re such awesome parent, we should have another baby.  What do you think?

Val:  You’re kidding right?  Are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind?!

Yeah, I think date night is officially over.

Smooth Gordon, smooth.

Guess who grew up while  Val and Gordon were on their date?


Corbin:  You’re going to give me better hair right?

Of course, dear one.

Much Better.  He’s sooo cute!!!  He’s definitely taking after his Papa.  I’m kinda sad that none of the kids have taken to looking like their mother.  I’d love to have some green-eyed babies.

Corbin:  Now, what hole does this one fit into?

I adore this picture.  Just look at his little lips.  I could just eat him up!

Corbin:  om nom nom nom

And guess who else is growing up?

The Twins!!!!

Lisette:  Yaayy!  I hope I stay cute.

Val:  Can we hurry this up.  She’s a little heavy.

Lis: You blow one out and I blow one out.

Val: OMG, I’m going to drop her.  A little help Gordon.

Gordon:  TOOOOTTT!!!!

What he lacks in helpfulness he makes up for in enthusiasm.  lol

Gordon:  WoooHoooo!!

Lis:  He’s going to be very embarrassing when I’m a teenager, isn’t he.

Sooner than that I think.

Lis: I am not amused.  Can I have my pigtails back?

Curse you EAxis!!

There we go.  So much better.  She looks very angst ridden, no?

Lisette rolled Easily Impressed to add to her Artistic and Clumsy traits.

Oh look, Gordon put on some clothing.  Totally autonomous and out of character for him.

Gordon:  Yay!

Val:  Can we get this over with please.  I have some gardening to do.  Otherwise, I’ll never get that promotion.

Lis:  Tooot…

Corbin:  blast off!

Val:  On three….1…2…3….

Whoa, alien limbs

Nan:  Seriously?  A little help please.

I love this hair.

Where do the girls get this mouth from?  I don’t think it really looks like Val or Gordon.

Nanette rolled Perceptive to her Artistic and Hates the Outdoors traits.

Lis:  I’m tired of eating cake.  Why can’t we have Goopy Carbonara for a change?

Nan:  nom nom nom

Nan:  Do you think they’ll have art classes at school?

Yes, it’s the girls’ first day of school

Nan:  What if they don’t have art classes?

Lis:  Then we never go back.

Or maybe just never go to school.  Unbeknownst to me, the girls skipped school all together.  They decided to stay home and make fun of the housekeeper.

Meet the Housekeeper

Lis:  Dude, check out the sailor hat.

Nan:  Maybe he’s on shore leave.

Lis and Nan:  Tee hee hee

Lis:  This guy is totally slackin’ off.  Let’s call Papa and tell on him.

you are such a tattle tale!  But, seriously.  He is not doing his housekeeperly duties.  (yeah, I like making up new word.  suck it!)

Gordon:  Your cleanliness is lacking.  I’m going to have to let you go.

Housekeeper:  It’s because of my uniform isn’t it?

Gordon:  No, it’s because you’re a sucky housekeeper.

Gordon:  you can’t see me, but I’m judging you right now.

Housekeeper:  His judgement hurts.

Nanette took advantage of her “day off’ from school to start a painting.

I see a tree and water.  It’s already significantly better than Val’s first painting.

Shall we revisit?

And while Nan painted, Lis played with CorbinLis: BOO!!

Corbin: Ahhhhh…

Lis couldn’t let Nan get a head of her on skilling so she decided to sit down and write a book

Lis;  I’m calling it “A Tale of Two Sisters”

Val:  I’m bored and i want to play on the computer.

I’m sure you can find something else to occupy your time.

Uh, no.  Go tend to your garden.

Besides, Gordon is busy right now…

Gordon:  That’s it buddy.  Come to Papa.

Corbin:  I is stinky.  lol

And it also looks like you’ve hit puberty early.  Nice 5 o’clock shadow there champ.

And now I leave you with a few glimpses of the Boudreaux Family’s subconcious…

Wow, Gordon can’t stop thinking about babies.  Well, I hope his heart is prepared to break.  ‘Cause no more babies until Gen 1 gets married.

Next time:  The Twins and Corbin grow up (again), A new house is built and (could it be?) a legacy poll!!!

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