Chapter 1.5: Exciting Times

Valery and Gordon had a wonderful time at their sleepover last night.  Even though I wouldn’t let them get it on.  I mean, we’ve got to keep our illustrious founder pure for her wedding night.  No Seksi time in the founder’s house until it’s all legal.  lol

Val: I had an awesome time last night.   Would you like to go house hunting with me?

Gordon:  Of course!  Can I go in my underwear?

Val:  Hells yeah!  Work what your mama gave you!

Later that day…

Val:  Wait, wait.  I have an awesome idea.

Gordon: Dude, what are you doin’?

Val:  Will you make me the happiest girl in all the universe and be my husband?

Whoops…that’s what happens when you got a clumsy sim.  *shakes head*


Gordon: YEEESSSS!!!!  *squeals delightfully*

It was so cute, he did this little happy dance.  I totally ❤ him

Girl!  Show us the bling bling!!!

Gordon: OMG, I’m going to attack you with love now.

Val: *Gasp* *giggle*

Val:  You’ve made me so happy!!

Gordon:  I feel all warm and fuzzy

Val:  now give us some tongue bb

Gordon: Gladly!

Gordon: you worked so hard concocting this elaborate scheme.  Here,  let me give you a massage.

Val:  ahhhhh…

Valery and Gordon decided that if they were going to get this legacy a goin’ then they shouldn’t waste anytime getting married.

Val:  I join my life with yours.  Where ever you go, I will go.

Gordon: Whatever you face, I will face.  I take you as my wife and will give myself to no other.

Gordon: I will love you forever

Val:  And I you.

The First Kiss as Man and Wife

Awww, I LOVE this couple.  They’re just so cute together!!!!

Valery: OMG!!  I can’t believe I’m an old married woman now!!!!

Val:  My husband is fine.  Go me!!!

Gordon:  Can we do it now?  I mean, let’s share our mutual love by procreating.

Woooo Hoooo!!! Baby makin’ time!!!

Met Gordon Boudreaux

Isn’t he the dreamyest?  Yum!

Gordon didn’t really add anything to the household (other than his bangin’ body) since he was still unemployed when he and Val got married.  So no walls yet.  Not that it really matters ’cause all they need is each other right now.

There’s nothing better than waking up next to the love of your life.

Well, almost nothing better…

Unfortunately, they couldn’t stay in bed all day cause Gordon had to go to work.  He got a job at the local diner as a spice runner (or something like that).

Boy is goin’ places!

While Gordon was at work, Val had the day off and spent most of it doing chores. Boooo!

Val:  Scrubbing bubbles my ass.  I’m doin’ all the scrubbing.

Val: Sweet, I got skill points and Mood points.  Now on to my arch nemisis…

Val:  Unclog you damned contraption.  Unclog I say!!!

Val’s 1st painting.  I think we’ll put right above the toilet.

Val:  Whoa, you didn’t waste any time getting comfortable after work.

Gordon:  Clothes are so restricting.  Especially when you’re trying to get your groove on.

Seriously!  It’s almost impossible to keep this man in anything other than his underwear.  Also, these kids love to dance.  They did it for hours!!


Shorty got low, low, low…

And kickin’ it Old Skool with The Running Man

Looks like our girl Val’s got some serious moves in her repetoire.

Sweet!  I think we all know what this means.  SQUEEE!!!

Val: Dear God!  Will it ever end?!


Val:  You better flush you porcelain devil.  I am not unclogging that!!  Ugh, I should leave the cooking to Gordon from now on.

Yeah sweetie, I don’t think all that hoarking was from your awful cooking.

Val:  Oh hey, you were right.  I’m pregnant!

*rolls eyes*  I am all knowing

Gordon:  ugh, I had to unclog this damn toilet again.

Val:  Guess What!?  I’m preggo!!

Gordon: STFU!!

Gordon:  I’m so excited!!  Must go read pregnancy books right now!

Gordon:  I love you bb

Val:  And what a better way to show I love you than having your spawn.

Gordon:  Hi Baby.  I can’t wait to meet you.

Val:  he’s soooo cute!

Gordon:  Now be a good baby and don’t make Mommy barf anymore

Val: AMEN!

Gordon: What’s that Baby?

Gordon:  It says there better be walls by the time it’s born.

Yeah, yeah.  I’m working on it.  You’ll just have to wait until payday.

Gordon: Here wife of mine.  Let me rub your aching back.

He’s so attentive.  I think he’s going to make a great Dad.

I sent Val and Gordon to the park so they could socialize a little before the baby is born.

I mean, seriously?  She’s huge!

Val:  God, I’m huge!  This is so uncomfortable.

Val:  You need to hurry up Baby

Val:  Mamma’s got skills to work on.

Val:  Maybe if I wish really hard

That’s right girl.  Mind over matter.

Gordon:  So do you think swinging’s safe for the baby?

Val:  Sure!  Maybe it’ll send me into labor.

Gordon:  That’s terrible!  Maybe you should go back to the house.

Val:  *rolls eyes*

Val got a call from a friend from work, Susan Wainwright.

Val:   And I told her that we better have a least a crib before this baby gets here.

Cheese and crackers woman!  I told you I’m waiting on payday.  Perhaps you should have waited a little bit before getting knocked up.  Money doesn’t grow on trees you know!

Oh, wait…

Gordon:  I have to go work now.  You should go home and get some rest.

Val:  I has a good husband. 🙂

Val:  Wheeeeee!  Look how high I am!!

yes, I see that.  And I’m totally telling Gordon

Val:  Uh oh…

Val:  Oh God!  I’m not ready!!!   I changed my mind.

Too late chickie babe!

Kaylynn Langerak:  What is this??!

Val:  *puff*   *puff*   *puff*

Kaylynn:  What do I do?  What do I do?

Val:  aaaeeeeeiiiii!!!

Val:  Hospital Now!!  Don’t forget to call Gordon!!

You got it!!


Gordon:  I am determine not to miss the birth of my first born

I heart you…

Luckily, Gordon made it just in time.  Good thing his work is right across from the hospital.

Help me welcome the new generation of Boudreauxs!!!

Val:  Super Mom

Uh No, you’re just super clumsy.  Be more careful!!!

Val: It’s all good!

Meet Lissette.  She’s named after Valery’s lovely grandmother.  It means My God is a Vow in French.  Lissette rolled Artistic and Clumsy.  Looks like she’s taking after her Mommy.  So cute!!!!!

She love listening to French music while dining on Goopy Carbonara.  She also enjoys the simplicity of the color white.

Wait what?!

Gordon:  Surprise!!! It’s twins!!!!!!

Crap!  But I only had one name picked out 😦

Meet Nannette.  Her name means Grace in French.  She rolled Artistic and Hates the Outdoors.  Hmmm, looks like Artistic might be a Family trait.

Nannette loves the saucy melodies of Latin music.  She also loves eating Falafels and the passionate color of Red.

And here’s our first family picture.  If you’re wondering, I did indeed build them a small little loft-like house.  Of course, there’s only like 8 simoleons left.

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to see what these precious little girls inherit from their insanely hot parents.

Random Pic from the Park

Kamakazie butterflies:

Next chapter we’ll be exploring the joys of parenthood and skill building!

Also,  I edited the photos a little ’cause they looked so dark on my laptop.  How do they look on your end?  Too Bright or Just Right?

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebodysangel13
    May 16, 2014 @ 10:58:30

    Just discovered this legacy, thanks to Gargantua, and I love it so far! Twins on the very first pregnancy, that’s some bad luck right there. And here I thought Gordon was lucky. But hey, this way they can concentrate on their careers now, since they already have an heir and a spare, y/y?


    • deviouslyvivid
      May 16, 2014 @ 15:53:12

      Welcome! I’m really happy you’re enjoying my little legacy. I must warn you, updates are few and far between ’cause nursing school sucks. Garg is amazing! And I’ll have to give her extra hugs for sending you my way.


  2. Gargantua
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 04:42:16

    I’m glad to see you are having such fun. And you are quite right, Gordon is a handsome fellow. I say that if he wants to live in his underwear all the time, we let him! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how well you manage twins without cheats. I’m thinking it might require more fortitude than I’ve got.


    • deviouslyvivid
      Jun 07, 2010 @ 12:48:18

      Well, I played a bit last night. Twins without cheats is certainly challenging. Particularly now that they’re toddlers. I’m terrified to let them have more kids. the YA seem to be much more fertile than the Adults.


  3. mmmtoast
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 16:02:20

    Gordon is officially my favorite sim ever. The expressions on his face crack me up. Also, the pictures look good to me. I’m loving this blog, keep it up!


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