Chapter 1.3: Fun with Ants and Seksi Mens

You know what? I think you need to get out and meet some of your neighbors. Maybe you should go to the park. Plus you’re starving to death and you have no fridge.  So go be charismatic and maybe someone will feed you.

Val:  Hi, I’m valery.  You have very large biceps.  I think we’d make pretty babies.

Hank:  Um, yeah.  I’m Hank.  You have very large hips.  They’ve eaten your wrists.

Val: …

Morgana: OMG!  Hank have you seen the new girl’s hips?  They totally eat her wrists!!!

Hank:  I know Right?!!

Val: Dude!  I’m standing right here!

Hank:  Let’s be best friends

Val:  You’re a cock blocking whore.  I’m plotting your death right now.

Val: I enjoy yellow smiley heads and building blocks and counting with the building blocks

Morgana: *yawn*

Hank: …?

Val:  This place sucks.  No one understands me.  My hips aren’t that big.  Are they?

Don’t worry Val.  I’m sure you’ll find someone who loves counting too *wink wink*

Val:  You’re right!  But what about my hips?

Oh Look!  A picnic!!! *averts eyes*

I can’t remember this chicks name but she looks handy so that’s what I’ll call her.

Handy:  So I totally just planted these seeds and I’m so excited.  They came in this little ouch and everything.

Thomas:  Really?  I’m am in different.  Who the hell is this?

Val:  This burgers delish!  I was famished.

Thomas & Handy:  WTF?!  Who the hell are you?

Handy:  Great another dirty dish to clean.  *rolls eyes*

Val: Rude much?

Thomas: God what is up with teddy bears.  Their so soft and fluffy and cuddly.  I hate them so much!  You know what else I hate that’s soft and cuddly?  Babies!!!

Thomas:  What?  What’d I say?

Val:  Awkward.  Oooo, look!  Ants!

Valery:  Fun Fact…if a man could run as fas for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse.

Thomas: Freak

Val:  You suck

Thomas:  Hi Sweetie!

Val: Uh, why am I not surprised?  Suck it slut!  I’m outtie.

okay, well that didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

Val:  I am never listening to you again.  These people are terrible.  I need a nap.

Awww, she so cute when she sleeps.

I bent the rules a little ’cause I created quite the handsome dish for our lovely founder to procreate with.  I also may have created other couples to make pretty babies so that future Boudreaux’s might have the option of making more pretty babies.  So sue me!  i only picked on of his traits, family oriented, and rolled all the rest.  So it’s not really that bad.

And after lurking around community lots for several days I finally see our unsuspecting victim right now.  Let’s hope Valery’s in a good mood after I wake her Up

Wake up Sleepy Head!!  Hottie @ 6:00!!!

Val:  Waaaiiiittt uuuup!!!

Gordon:  Be still my beating hearts

ooo, maybe he’s a time lord *squee*

Val: *huff* Oh…*puff*  Hi.  I just saw you from way across the other side of the park and thought I’d run over here at top speed and introduce myself.

Gordon:  Love me…

Val:  Hi, I’m Val.  You’re pretty.  I wanna have your babies.

Gordon: You’re funny.  I like a girl with a sense of humor.  And mustaches.

Gordon:  I also like a girl that got a little junk in her trunk.

Val: *blush* aww, shucks.

Val: OMG!!! Please tell me you’re single!

Gordon:  I certainly am. Let’s practice making babies!

whoa there Gordie!  I know this is a legacy and all but I’m not sure Valery’s ready for that kind of commitment yet.

I get weak in a glance
Isn’t this what’s called romance
Oh, I’ll be found
When I am lost
In your eyes.

Well, that was quick…

Valery:  So it’s getting kinda late and I was wondering if you want to come over to my place.  You know, just to continue our conversation.

Val:  But I kinda don’t have a roof…or walls…or a table

Gordon: Walls are overrated.  Besides I’m an exhibitionist!

Val: Um, great. Llet’s go!

Next Chapter: Head squeezing and face sucking.  Two of my favorite things 🙂

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