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Chaper 2.1: Will the Kids Ever Grow Up?

Ahh, there’s nothing like a little one to bring life to a home.  That  is unless you already have 2 small ones at home.  Then it just sucks the life out of you.

Meet Corbin Boudreaux

Named after Gordon’s favorite uncle, Corbin is derived from an old French nickname for someone with dark, or raven colored hair.  Maybe he’ll turn out like his papa.

He’s a clumsy loner who prefers the catchy tunes of Pop music.  He enjoys sushi and the color Lilac.

Valery looks like she’s still under the influence of some heavy drugs.  But Gordon looks a little disappointed.

Gordon:  I wanted a girl. 😦

I was having a hard time telling Lisette and Nanette apart.  So I changed Lisette’s hair.  She looks cute,no?

Lis:  You did well.  I approve!

Lis:  Now leave me be.  I’m skilling.

Okay, well, while you’re skilling to you’re hearts content, someone’s growing up…

Val:  GULP!

Oh yes!  Sorry for the lack of cake girlie.  The twins have me hoppin’.

Are you ready?

Val:  YESSS!!!

umm, okay?   that expression is a little scary. *raises eyebrow*

Val:  mmmm, new sim smell.

Val:  oh yes,  This will do.  This will do.

Valery’s birthday went unnoticed by the entire household, meaning Gordon.  He was busy being an awesome papa to Nanette.

Awww, daddy’s girl.

Gordon:  Let me tell you of a time and wonderful place…

Gordon: before my soul died and I could play video games all day long.

Gordon:  A time when Papa was an awesomely cool guy.

Nan:  But Papa.  you’re an awesomely cool Dad now.

Gordon:  *gasp*

Gordon:  And you an awesomely cool kid.

Nan:  Can I go play with my blocks now?

Gordon:  No, first we need to get you potty trained.

Nan:  Potty training is hard work.  But also gives me time to think.

Nan:  Like how much I despise the plague called THE OUTDOORS.

I think that’s enough thinking right now.  Go play with your blocks.  <creepy kid>

Nan:  Where’d it go?

Aww, there’s my sweet girl!

And it looks like Gordon’s got a surprise for Val…

A babysitter!!!

Sitter:  Don’t worry.  You’re children are in safe hands.

This was the best babysitter ever.  He was very attentive to all the kids.

To say sorry that he missed her birthday, Gordon’s taking Val out on their first date since the twins were born.

Gordon:  Hurmph, but I work here.

Val:  Don’t ruin this for me.

Gordon:  Happy belated birthday sweetie.  I love you.

Gordon: Now give us some sugar!

Gordon had another birthday surprise for Val…

He took her to the playground to swing their worries away.

Gordon:  So, I was thinking.  Since we’re such awesome parent, we should have another baby.  What do you think?

Val:  You’re kidding right?  Are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind?!

Yeah, I think date night is officially over.

Smooth Gordon, smooth.

Guess who grew up while  Val and Gordon were on their date?


Corbin:  You’re going to give me better hair right?

Of course, dear one.

Much Better.  He’s sooo cute!!!  He’s definitely taking after his Papa.  I’m kinda sad that none of the kids have taken to looking like their mother.  I’d love to have some green-eyed babies.

Corbin:  Now, what hole does this one fit into?

I adore this picture.  Just look at his little lips.  I could just eat him up!

Corbin:  om nom nom nom

And guess who else is growing up?

The Twins!!!!

Lisette:  Yaayy!  I hope I stay cute.

Val:  Can we hurry this up.  She’s a little heavy.

Lis: You blow one out and I blow one out.

Val: OMG, I’m going to drop her.  A little help Gordon.

Gordon:  TOOOOTTT!!!!

What he lacks in helpfulness he makes up for in enthusiasm.  lol

Gordon:  WoooHoooo!!

Lis:  He’s going to be very embarrassing when I’m a teenager, isn’t he.

Sooner than that I think.

Lis: I am not amused.  Can I have my pigtails back?

Curse you EAxis!!

There we go.  So much better.  She looks very angst ridden, no?

Lisette rolled Easily Impressed to add to her Artistic and Clumsy traits.

Oh look, Gordon put on some clothing.  Totally autonomous and out of character for him.

Gordon:  Yay!

Val:  Can we get this over with please.  I have some gardening to do.  Otherwise, I’ll never get that promotion.

Lis:  Tooot…

Corbin:  blast off!

Val:  On three….1…2…3….

Whoa, alien limbs

Nan:  Seriously?  A little help please.

I love this hair.

Where do the girls get this mouth from?  I don’t think it really looks like Val or Gordon.

Nanette rolled Perceptive to her Artistic and Hates the Outdoors traits.

Lis:  I’m tired of eating cake.  Why can’t we have Goopy Carbonara for a change?

Nan:  nom nom nom

Nan:  Do you think they’ll have art classes at school?

Yes, it’s the girls’ first day of school

Nan:  What if they don’t have art classes?

Lis:  Then we never go back.

Or maybe just never go to school.  Unbeknownst to me, the girls skipped school all together.  They decided to stay home and make fun of the housekeeper.

Meet the Housekeeper

Lis:  Dude, check out the sailor hat.

Nan:  Maybe he’s on shore leave.

Lis and Nan:  Tee hee hee

Lis:  This guy is totally slackin’ off.  Let’s call Papa and tell on him.

you are such a tattle tale!  But, seriously.  He is not doing his housekeeperly duties.  (yeah, I like making up new word.  suck it!)

Gordon:  Your cleanliness is lacking.  I’m going to have to let you go.

Housekeeper:  It’s because of my uniform isn’t it?

Gordon:  No, it’s because you’re a sucky housekeeper.

Gordon:  you can’t see me, but I’m judging you right now.

Housekeeper:  His judgement hurts.

Nanette took advantage of her “day off’ from school to start a painting.

I see a tree and water.  It’s already significantly better than Val’s first painting.

Shall we revisit?

And while Nan painted, Lis played with CorbinLis: BOO!!

Corbin: Ahhhhh…

Lis couldn’t let Nan get a head of her on skilling so she decided to sit down and write a book

Lis;  I’m calling it “A Tale of Two Sisters”

Val:  I’m bored and i want to play on the computer.

I’m sure you can find something else to occupy your time.

Uh, no.  Go tend to your garden.

Besides, Gordon is busy right now…

Gordon:  That’s it buddy.  Come to Papa.

Corbin:  I is stinky.  lol

And it also looks like you’ve hit puberty early.  Nice 5 o’clock shadow there champ.

And now I leave you with a few glimpses of the Boudreaux Family’s subconcious…

Wow, Gordon can’t stop thinking about babies.  Well, I hope his heart is prepared to break.  ‘Cause no more babies until Gen 1 gets married.

Next time:  The Twins and Corbin grow up (again), A new house is built and (could it be?) a legacy poll!!!

Chapter 2.0: Trapped in the Parenthood

Sorry it’s taken so long to post this next chapter.  I had some major issues when I installed Ambitions.  I love my AwesomeMod but it’s only in testing right now and hates me.  BUT…thanks to Chisagi over at the Chimeree legacy, I was motivated to download the NRaas Industries story progression mod and I LUVS IT!!

Now let’s see what these crazy kids have gotten themselves into…

Val:  Lisette needs me!

Gordon:  Lisette needs me!  Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!

Gordon: But, but….I wanted THAT baby.

Val:  YES!! I win the good baby!

Gordon: BUT I WANTED THAT BABY!!  Damn you woman!

You guys have two babies.  Let’s not put preconceived notions into our reader’s minds.  Lisette is not a better baby than Nanette.  You should learn to share.

Realizing that I was right (as usual), Gordon decided to be a good daddy and take Nanette out to dinner with him.  Unfortunately, he forgot the diaper bag…

Gordon:  Oh sweet baby Jesus!  What is that smell?!

Guy Whose Name I Forgot:  Ick, you’re baby smells.  Go Home!

Meanwhile, back at the house Val was….

Val:  Bluuuurrrffffggggg…

See, I told you.  Just ’cause you reheat the mac & cheese doesn’t make it safe to eat.  Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson about eating food that’s emitting radioactive green fumes.

Oh, wait…

Val:  Oh hey, I’m knocked up again.  Maybe we’ll have another set of twin girls.  That would be awesome.  I love my girls.

Yeah…let’s not.

Val:  Gordon hasnt seemed to notice my craptastic maternity wear.  Maybe I should tell him we’re expecting.

Gordon:  You look different.  Did you do something to you hair.

Val:  Yeah about that.  We should talk.

Val: You’re going to be a daddy again!!!

Gordon:  dwwaaahhhh???!!!!!

Gordon: Are you sure?

Gordon:  This is very exciting.  I love being a dad!

Val:  Really?  I was expecting you to run out of the house screaming in terror.

Gordon: Aww, you’re so cute.

Gordon:  I think we’re great parents.  The two we have are still alive, aren’t they?

Val:  *le sigh*

Gordon:  I know you did this on purpose.  I’m watching you…very closely.

Oooo, I’m shaking.  Threatening people in your skivvies is not very effective.  Put on some clothes Man!  ‘Cause we’re havin’ a partay!!

Yes, it’s time for the Girls to grow up into to toddlers.  I’m so glad,  babies suck!

But first Valery needs to change out of this damn pink jacket.  It’s awful.

Oh No!! The Drawer of Doom has struck again.  Not Cool, She’s preggo!

Gordon:  That’s my baby

Gordon:  Yes!  My first born is having her first birthday.

Gordon:  Yaaayyyyy


Valery:  that is very annoying

And now it’s time to see how little Lisette turned out

Lis:  Dear God!  I’m bald!!!

Lis:  But I’m adorable!!!!

Okay, she totally looks like Gordon.  But now that I think about it she might have Valery’s nose.

Pick a winner sweetie!

um, ew

One last look before we do some hair therapy.

She does have very pretty lilac colored eyes.

Much better!  I just lurv this hair.  It’s just too cute.

Now it’s Nanette’s turn.  Gordon is just as enthused about her growing up as he was with Lisette.

Val:  Why are you such a freak?

Nan:  Dude, I look like a dude

Uh, yeah.  we’ll fix that for you sweetie pie.

Nan:  Thanks, I’m just too cute of a little girl not to have a cute haircut.

Yes, I agree.

Like I said this hairstyle is cute on everyone!

Now, let’s not waste anytime getting those girls ready for middle school.

Val:  That’s it bb.  Come to Mama.

Val:  Who’s Mama’s little angel?  I’m gonna eat you up!

Lis:  It’s me, It’s me!!!

And while Lisette was learning to walk, Nanette was being a cheekie monkey

Nanette:  Hello, I’m having fun

Nanette:  pssst, wanna see something awesome?

Yes, yes I do.

Nanette:  I has a cow!!!!! hahahaha

Yeeahh, that a horse.  Let’s get daddy over here to work on some vocabulary.  But you are still incredible adorable.

Nanette: Waaahhhh!  I’m starving to death!!!

That is much less adorable

Nanette:  No, no, no!

Looks like possession runs in the family.

Nanette:  hurmph

Gordon, please appease this child before she goes all Damien on the household

Nanette:  FOOD!!Nanette:  This pleases me.

You are very creepy…

And guess who’s having a birthday?

Gordon:  Yes!  It’s my turn

Gordon:  Whoa, that tingles

Gordon:  Oh, yes.  I’m quite the manly beefcake.

Yes, you are.  De-lish!

The next few days were filled with skilling, feedings and cranky babies.  Gordon and Valery had just put the twins down for bed when…

Val:  Oh, that hurts a bit.

Gordon: What is this?!

Val:  No wait, false alarm

Gordo:  Are you sure?

Val: Aaacckkkk!  I was wrong.

Gordon:  I’m not falling for that again.


Next time we have a baby!!!!  Another stuff happens, I’m sure.

Chapter 1.5: Exciting Times

Valery and Gordon had a wonderful time at their sleepover last night.  Even though I wouldn’t let them get it on.  I mean, we’ve got to keep our illustrious founder pure for her wedding night.  No Seksi time in the founder’s house until it’s all legal.  lol

Val: I had an awesome time last night.   Would you like to go house hunting with me?

Gordon:  Of course!  Can I go in my underwear?

Val:  Hells yeah!  Work what your mama gave you!

Later that day…

Val:  Wait, wait.  I have an awesome idea.

Gordon: Dude, what are you doin’?

Val:  Will you make me the happiest girl in all the universe and be my husband?

Whoops…that’s what happens when you got a clumsy sim.  *shakes head*


Gordon: YEEESSSS!!!!  *squeals delightfully*

It was so cute, he did this little happy dance.  I totally ❤ him

Girl!  Show us the bling bling!!!

Gordon: OMG, I’m going to attack you with love now.

Val: *Gasp* *giggle*

Val:  You’ve made me so happy!!

Gordon:  I feel all warm and fuzzy

Val:  now give us some tongue bb

Gordon: Gladly!

Gordon: you worked so hard concocting this elaborate scheme.  Here,  let me give you a massage.

Val:  ahhhhh…

Valery and Gordon decided that if they were going to get this legacy a goin’ then they shouldn’t waste anytime getting married.

Val:  I join my life with yours.  Where ever you go, I will go.

Gordon: Whatever you face, I will face.  I take you as my wife and will give myself to no other.

Gordon: I will love you forever

Val:  And I you.

The First Kiss as Man and Wife

Awww, I LOVE this couple.  They’re just so cute together!!!!

Valery: OMG!!  I can’t believe I’m an old married woman now!!!!

Val:  My husband is fine.  Go me!!!

Gordon:  Can we do it now?  I mean, let’s share our mutual love by procreating.

Woooo Hoooo!!! Baby makin’ time!!!

Met Gordon Boudreaux

Isn’t he the dreamyest?  Yum!

Gordon didn’t really add anything to the household (other than his bangin’ body) since he was still unemployed when he and Val got married.  So no walls yet.  Not that it really matters ’cause all they need is each other right now.

There’s nothing better than waking up next to the love of your life.

Well, almost nothing better…

Unfortunately, they couldn’t stay in bed all day cause Gordon had to go to work.  He got a job at the local diner as a spice runner (or something like that).

Boy is goin’ places!

While Gordon was at work, Val had the day off and spent most of it doing chores. Boooo!

Val:  Scrubbing bubbles my ass.  I’m doin’ all the scrubbing.

Val: Sweet, I got skill points and Mood points.  Now on to my arch nemisis…

Val:  Unclog you damned contraption.  Unclog I say!!!

Val’s 1st painting.  I think we’ll put right above the toilet.

Val:  Whoa, you didn’t waste any time getting comfortable after work.

Gordon:  Clothes are so restricting.  Especially when you’re trying to get your groove on.

Seriously!  It’s almost impossible to keep this man in anything other than his underwear.  Also, these kids love to dance.  They did it for hours!!


Shorty got low, low, low…

And kickin’ it Old Skool with The Running Man

Looks like our girl Val’s got some serious moves in her repetoire.

Sweet!  I think we all know what this means.  SQUEEE!!!

Val: Dear God!  Will it ever end?!


Val:  You better flush you porcelain devil.  I am not unclogging that!!  Ugh, I should leave the cooking to Gordon from now on.

Yeah sweetie, I don’t think all that hoarking was from your awful cooking.

Val:  Oh hey, you were right.  I’m pregnant!

*rolls eyes*  I am all knowing

Gordon:  ugh, I had to unclog this damn toilet again.

Val:  Guess What!?  I’m preggo!!

Gordon: STFU!!

Gordon:  I’m so excited!!  Must go read pregnancy books right now!

Gordon:  I love you bb

Val:  And what a better way to show I love you than having your spawn.

Gordon:  Hi Baby.  I can’t wait to meet you.

Val:  he’s soooo cute!

Gordon:  Now be a good baby and don’t make Mommy barf anymore

Val: AMEN!

Gordon: What’s that Baby?

Gordon:  It says there better be walls by the time it’s born.

Yeah, yeah.  I’m working on it.  You’ll just have to wait until payday.

Gordon: Here wife of mine.  Let me rub your aching back.

He’s so attentive.  I think he’s going to make a great Dad.

I sent Val and Gordon to the park so they could socialize a little before the baby is born.

I mean, seriously?  She’s huge!

Val:  God, I’m huge!  This is so uncomfortable.

Val:  You need to hurry up Baby

Val:  Mamma’s got skills to work on.

Val:  Maybe if I wish really hard

That’s right girl.  Mind over matter.

Gordon:  So do you think swinging’s safe for the baby?

Val:  Sure!  Maybe it’ll send me into labor.

Gordon:  That’s terrible!  Maybe you should go back to the house.

Val:  *rolls eyes*

Val got a call from a friend from work, Susan Wainwright.

Val:   And I told her that we better have a least a crib before this baby gets here.

Cheese and crackers woman!  I told you I’m waiting on payday.  Perhaps you should have waited a little bit before getting knocked up.  Money doesn’t grow on trees you know!

Oh, wait…

Gordon:  I have to go work now.  You should go home and get some rest.

Val:  I has a good husband. 🙂

Val:  Wheeeeee!  Look how high I am!!

yes, I see that.  And I’m totally telling Gordon

Val:  Uh oh…

Val:  Oh God!  I’m not ready!!!   I changed my mind.

Too late chickie babe!

Kaylynn Langerak:  What is this??!

Val:  *puff*   *puff*   *puff*

Kaylynn:  What do I do?  What do I do?

Val:  aaaeeeeeiiiii!!!

Val:  Hospital Now!!  Don’t forget to call Gordon!!

You got it!!


Gordon:  I am determine not to miss the birth of my first born

I heart you…

Luckily, Gordon made it just in time.  Good thing his work is right across from the hospital.

Help me welcome the new generation of Boudreauxs!!!

Val:  Super Mom

Uh No, you’re just super clumsy.  Be more careful!!!

Val: It’s all good!

Meet Lissette.  She’s named after Valery’s lovely grandmother.  It means My God is a Vow in French.  Lissette rolled Artistic and Clumsy.  Looks like she’s taking after her Mommy.  So cute!!!!!

She love listening to French music while dining on Goopy Carbonara.  She also enjoys the simplicity of the color white.

Wait what?!

Gordon:  Surprise!!! It’s twins!!!!!!

Crap!  But I only had one name picked out 😦

Meet Nannette.  Her name means Grace in French.  She rolled Artistic and Hates the Outdoors.  Hmmm, looks like Artistic might be a Family trait.

Nannette loves the saucy melodies of Latin music.  She also loves eating Falafels and the passionate color of Red.

And here’s our first family picture.  If you’re wondering, I did indeed build them a small little loft-like house.  Of course, there’s only like 8 simoleons left.

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to see what these precious little girls inherit from their insanely hot parents.

Random Pic from the Park

Kamakazie butterflies:

Next chapter we’ll be exploring the joys of parenthood and skill building!

Also,  I edited the photos a little ’cause they looked so dark on my laptop.  How do they look on your end?  Too Bright or Just Right?

Chapter 1.4: A Few of My Favorite Things

I just realized that I totally forgot to take pictures of Valery’s first day of work.  She’s in the science field and right now is a lab rat (or whatever they call it).  It’s what she rolled so how could I say “No”?

And now to our regular broadcast….

After a cozy little cab ride, filled with doe-eyed glances and hair flipping, Valery and Gordon have ended up back at her place.  They didn’t waste any precious time (after all this is a legacy)getting to know each other.

Val:  I love  giant vegetables.  Yum!

Gordon:  Reeaally…I love big shovels!  It’s like we’re made for each other

*cough cough*  yeah, it’s so weird!

Val:  Guess what?  I also love Ur-anus tee hee

Gordon: OMFG!!!!!  No you de’int!

Val:  Yeah, I totally went there.

Val:  I’m so frickin’ delighful!!

Gordon: Wanna know a secret?

Gordon: you’re hair is like spun silk.  So soft.  I think I’m gonna cry…

Gordon: and your head, it’s so, so round and sqeezable.

Val: I like your head too.  ’cause it’s attached to that fine ass that I’m totally gonna tap later.

yes, you want her

Look at her, you know you do

It’s possible she want’s you, too

There is one way to ask her

It don’t take a word

not a single word

Go on and kiss the girl

Gordon:  Wooohooo…that kiss just totally blew my mind.

Val:  Hells yeah!  That’s why I’m the founder bitches!

Val:  And I think you’re wonderful too, Gordon.  Would you like to stay the night?

Gordon:  Hold me Valery.  And never let go.

But she did.  ’cause Gordon had to do this:

Dude brushed his teeth like 5 times before he decided to do this:

This man is a dancin’ fool!  he kept waking up poor Valery, who had to go to work early the next morning.  She would turn off the radio and then he would turn it back on.  Eventually, the both went to bed.

Which gave me possibly one of my favorite pictures so far…

Aren’t they the cutest!?  Gordon dreamt of Valery and babies all night long.  Unfortunately, Valery only dreamed of loving her new house and photography.

Could there be wedding bells in our founder’s future?  Tune in next time…

Chapter 1.3: Fun with Ants and Seksi Mens

You know what? I think you need to get out and meet some of your neighbors. Maybe you should go to the park. Plus you’re starving to death and you have no fridge.  So go be charismatic and maybe someone will feed you.

Val:  Hi, I’m valery.  You have very large biceps.  I think we’d make pretty babies.

Hank:  Um, yeah.  I’m Hank.  You have very large hips.  They’ve eaten your wrists.

Val: …

Morgana: OMG!  Hank have you seen the new girl’s hips?  They totally eat her wrists!!!

Hank:  I know Right?!!

Val: Dude!  I’m standing right here!

Hank:  Let’s be best friends

Val:  You’re a cock blocking whore.  I’m plotting your death right now.

Val: I enjoy yellow smiley heads and building blocks and counting with the building blocks

Morgana: *yawn*

Hank: …?

Val:  This place sucks.  No one understands me.  My hips aren’t that big.  Are they?

Don’t worry Val.  I’m sure you’ll find someone who loves counting too *wink wink*

Val:  You’re right!  But what about my hips?

Oh Look!  A picnic!!! *averts eyes*

I can’t remember this chicks name but she looks handy so that’s what I’ll call her.

Handy:  So I totally just planted these seeds and I’m so excited.  They came in this little ouch and everything.

Thomas:  Really?  I’m am in different.  Who the hell is this?

Val:  This burgers delish!  I was famished.

Thomas & Handy:  WTF?!  Who the hell are you?

Handy:  Great another dirty dish to clean.  *rolls eyes*

Val: Rude much?

Thomas: God what is up with teddy bears.  Their so soft and fluffy and cuddly.  I hate them so much!  You know what else I hate that’s soft and cuddly?  Babies!!!

Thomas:  What?  What’d I say?

Val:  Awkward.  Oooo, look!  Ants!

Valery:  Fun Fact…if a man could run as fas for his size as an ant can, he could run as fast as a racehorse.

Thomas: Freak

Val:  You suck

Thomas:  Hi Sweetie!

Val: Uh, why am I not surprised?  Suck it slut!  I’m outtie.

okay, well that didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

Val:  I am never listening to you again.  These people are terrible.  I need a nap.

Awww, she so cute when she sleeps.

I bent the rules a little ’cause I created quite the handsome dish for our lovely founder to procreate with.  I also may have created other couples to make pretty babies so that future Boudreaux’s might have the option of making more pretty babies.  So sue me!  i only picked on of his traits, family oriented, and rolled all the rest.  So it’s not really that bad.

And after lurking around community lots for several days I finally see our unsuspecting victim right now.  Let’s hope Valery’s in a good mood after I wake her Up

Wake up Sleepy Head!!  Hottie @ 6:00!!!

Val:  Waaaiiiittt uuuup!!!

Gordon:  Be still my beating hearts

ooo, maybe he’s a time lord *squee*

Val: *huff* Oh…*puff*  Hi.  I just saw you from way across the other side of the park and thought I’d run over here at top speed and introduce myself.

Gordon:  Love me…

Val:  Hi, I’m Val.  You’re pretty.  I wanna have your babies.

Gordon: You’re funny.  I like a girl with a sense of humor.  And mustaches.

Gordon:  I also like a girl that got a little junk in her trunk.

Val: *blush* aww, shucks.

Val: OMG!!! Please tell me you’re single!

Gordon:  I certainly am. Let’s practice making babies!

whoa there Gordie!  I know this is a legacy and all but I’m not sure Valery’s ready for that kind of commitment yet.

I get weak in a glance
Isn’t this what’s called romance
Oh, I’ll be found
When I am lost
In your eyes.

Well, that was quick…

Valery:  So it’s getting kinda late and I was wondering if you want to come over to my place.  You know, just to continue our conversation.

Val:  But I kinda don’t have a roof…or walls…or a table

Gordon: Walls are overrated.  Besides I’m an exhibitionist!

Val: Um, great. Llet’s go!

Next Chapter: Head squeezing and face sucking.  Two of my favorite things 🙂

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