Chapter 1.2: New Town, New Beginnings

So last chapter was super short because I suck and by the time I posted that little blurb it was waaaayyyy past my bedtime. Let’s just hope the suck level gets better for future posts LOL.  And now on to our story…

When last we left Valery she was cursing that damned alligator for making a tasty snack out of her precious mémé.  She’s made her way to Sunset Valley and purchased a pretty little plot of land with her inheritance.

Welcome to your new home!!!

Val: OH, pretty view! Um, but where am I supposed to sleep?

Well, I thought you might enjoy sleeping in Central Park for a little while. It also has a great view.

Val: Ugh, I CAN NOT work work under these conditions!

Calm down girlie! Or I’ll make you marry that cyclone guy and have a ton of babies.

VaL:  hurmph

Ta Da!!!  I gave you walls to your toilet and everything.  Yeah, I’m awesome.

Val:  yeah, we’ll just see

Val: Yes!! A candle, just what I wanted!  Let’s check out the other goodies.

Val:  *cringe* What have I done to deserve this?  This is not acceptable!!

Val:  Why do you hate me?!  OH CRUEL FATE!!!

umm, okay.  I didn’t think it was that bad.  Why don’t you go check out the shower.  It’s all wet and stuff.

Val:  Damn you, damn you to hell!

Seriously, I had to go back and double check her traits.  ’cause this is far from charismatic behavior.  But her traits had not changed.  So clearly she’s possessed by the devil.

Perhaps you just need to go rest for a bit.  You’ve had a rough time of it lately.

Val:  I am not amused.

Well, it can’t be all that bad.  Val seems pretty comfy and also had no modesty what so ever.  Perhaps a skirt is not the most appropriate attire for this camera angle.

Val:  tralala……house…friends…computers…..

Yes, you will have all of those soon, very soon.  Muahahahahahaha!!!

Next chapter:  Picnics, benches and BOYS!!


In the beginning…

Welcome to The Boudreaux Legacy. This is my first Legacy challenge and hope you all enjoy it!

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our unsuspecting legacy founder, Valery Boudreaux

Orphaned as a young toddler, Valery was raised by her beloved grandmother Claudia. Valery had a wonderful childhood in a small Louisimana town steeped in Sim Creole culture. Unfortunately, one dusky evening while crawfishing Valery’s mémé was brutally eaten alive by an alligator.


As you can see Valery was very distraught. Unable to handle living in a town that so much embodied her dearly departed mémé, Valery decided to sell the family home and start over anew in a delightful coastal town called Sunset Valley.

I’m Special

So I just spent the last 3 hours screwing around with PhotoShop making my header. I’m pretty darn proud of it

Under Construction

Be sure to stop by later when I get my act together and actually post something interesting.   Well, right now, let’s just aim for post something.

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