Chapter 4.10: Holy Shit, it’s an Update!

Wow, that was an incredibly long hiatus!  It’s kind of ridiculous that I started this legacy in May 2010 and am just now on Gen 4.  Ack!  I need to get this thing going! But first I just wanted to share a brief look at what I’ve been up to since my last post almost 2 YEARS ago!!  Nursing school has pretty much eaten my soul… and my social life.  Also, SnapChat is awesome.

rest areaDeep fear of public restrooms.  This was a major breakthrough.

explosive puppy poopSpent all day cleaning up human poop only to come home and clean up puppy poop. There was so much *shudder*

mad cheddar at casinoThis looks like play, but I assure you there was nursey stuff going on the next day.  Also, there was absolutely no excuse for crazy eyes ‘cause I only won $23.  lol

have a nice dayExams can suck it hard.

WTH was I thinkingDaily sentiment.  But I’m loving it!

Enough crazy time with Amanda.  Who’s ready for a legacy update?

So just to recap: Lafayette is the new Gen 4 Heir.  He married Bethany, who’s a quirkly little Ghostbuster.  We love her immensely.  Randall and Gaston are now elders clinging to their last breaths (not really but that was pretty dramatic right?).

I thought we needed a quirky little house to go with our quirky little family.  And I found the Wheelhouse.  It’s an amazing Steampunk Victorian home.

Screenshot (2)

And it comes with these sweat ridesScreenshot-2 (2)Screenshot-10

Screenshot-11Bethany:  Let’s woohoo in the car!

Lafayette:  Okay, but hurry before the Dads get there first.

Screenshot-12Gaston: Let’s woohoo in the elevator!

Randall: You read my mind.

Screenshot-15Lafayette: Baby, you really crank my tractor.

Bethany:  Aww, you say the sweetest things.  Let’s go check out that time machine.Screenshot-21Bethany:  You wanna piece of me bro?

Lafayette:  God, I love you!

Screenshot-22Lafayette: So, do you think this thing is safe?

Screenshot-29Bethany:  Dunno.  Press that button.  And that button there. And turn that thingy over there.

Screenshot-24Time Machine: Vwarp…Vwarp….Vwarp…

Screenshot-27Lafayette:  Dear God!! The Humanity!!!

Screenshot-28Bethany:  That was frackin’ awesome.

Lafayette:  Let’s never speak of that again.


Screenshot-33Lafayette: Ready to go again?

Seriously?  They love doin’ it in the time machine.  I finally had to just start cancelling actions ‘cause this is a legacy not a porno.

Screenshot-38DV: I just don’t even.  Who is this woman?  Why is she in our home? More importantly where is her shirt?!

Screenshot-40DV: And pants!!??  Mr. Unicorn is scarred for life.

And then this happened:Lafany have a child from the past

Welcome to the family Beauxregard Boudreaux!Screenshot-41And this is about where I totally lost my saved game.  I imagine it had something to do with the 2-year hiatus. *face palm*

So now the Boudreauxs live here:Screenshot-46

Screenshot-63Randall:  I am telling you Beth.  There was something other worldly in the sky.  And it was not a teapot!

Bethany:  It’s not that I don’t believe you.  But…

Screenshot-64Randall: Fine, why don’t you call the crazy police and have them come take me away.

Bethany:  That is always an option.

Bethany has no time for Randall’s shenanigans.  There are more important things to do at the new house.

Screenshot-69Bethany:  Look at the awesome things I can do!  I’m getting pretty good at this thing.

Screenshot-85DV: Uh, is that suppose to happen?

Bethany:  Everything is fine.  Trust me. I’m a pro.

Screenshot-87DV: Yep.  Looks fine to me.

Bethany:  You are not helping this situation.

Screenshot-91Bethany:  OUCH!  MY SPLEEN!!!

Screenshot-92Bethany:  Dear God the humanity!  Turn it off!  Turn it off!

Screenshot-99DV: *laughing hysterically* Are you okay?

Bethany:  Just… just don’t look at me.

Yeah, this is a ridiculously short chapter.  Mainly because it’s taken the good part of 2 days to get my game updated and everything installed the way it should be.  But I did finish the Family Tree. It’s so complete you may question if I did the work myself.  I did.




Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving from the Boudreaux family to yours. 

We’re thankful for all of you that follow our shenanigans and yet you still come back.  Post a link to your TS3 Wishlist in the comments section below and you just might get gifted 🙂

Small Hiatus

I know, it’s awful right?!  Don’t worry, the Boudreaux’s are coming back.  However, I must put them in cryofreeze for right now while I do a modeling comp.  Well, not me personally, my model Tobias.  Simtech is running a Manly Man Modeling comp.  You can read all about it here.   Signups don’t end until tomorrow so if you’re interested you should totally join us in the fun!

Chapter 4.9: Crotchety Old Men and Strippers Galore

Last time on The Legacy:  Randall aged into an Elder (with his smexy teapot pants) and Sabine and Tony got married.  Suzette aged up to a YA, move out and married Chrystal Seaweedy.  They’re now expecting a little one.

Lafayette aged into a YA and became the Gen 4 official heir!




Random Story Progression Updates:

Ever wondered what a Grim looks like under those robes?Screenshot-3

Ack! Nothing!!  I guess Grim Tobey is retiring.  Could this graduate be the new Grim to take the next Boudreaux?

Sabine has Ella

Sabine gave birth to a little girl named Ella.

kenton boudreaux joins helsing

Ugh!  Kenton has joined the enemy.  I’m blaming the Shutter genes for this lack of familial pride.

And speaking of the Shutters…

lenny and georgie are having a baby

Georgie is expecting a baby!




And now on to our irregularly scheduled legacy…


Lafayette: Bethany, I have an amazing idea!

Bethany:  *skeptical look* I’m listening…


Lafayette:  I think we should get married.

Bethany:  Holy shit!


Bethany:  Yes, of course!


Bethany:  That was the best idea ever.


Lafayette: Yes, it was.


DV: So, Bethany Atkins, you’ve just become the next legacy spouse.  What are you going to do now?

Bethany: mmmm, I have a fantastic idea!


Bethany:  SHIT!  Bad idea!


DV: That’s a snazzy outfit you got on.

Randall:  Arg, I’m a swashbuckling teapot.

DV: *facepalm*



So after I all my yelling about not letting the family have a dog, Gaston decided to have the lat word.


 Gaston:  I will hug you and love you and call you George.


 Stray:  But I’m a girl…


DV: Is this really safe?

Gaston:  What?  I can’t just leave him wet.

DV: Well, if you get electrocuted and die then don’t come crying to me!



Wooooo!!!!  It’s a bachelorette party!!


Tonya Stormcaller:  Can you believe we still get invited to these things?

Gargantua Stormcaller:  It’s so awesome!  Now let’s dance!

stripper Jack Hammer

 DV: Whoop Whoop!  It’s a stripper!!


 DV:  You are a sexy beast.

Stripper: Yes, I know.


 DV: Everyone really likes the stripper.  Except that rude girl laughing.  On a side note, there are 3 knocked up Boudreauxs in this picture.


Sim!Garg: Yes! Best Boudreaux party ever!


 DV: Sabine and Jolie aren’t too interested though and opt for some games.

And then there were two…


 Stripper #2: Alrighty Ladies.  Let’s get this party started!


 Bethany:  Who the hell is this yahoo?


Tonya:  Seriously Mom?  I can’t take you anywhere!

Bethany: Is she dead?


 DV: Oh God!


 DV: Nope, we’re good people.  She’s just danced herself into a coma.


 Lafayette: I’m so glad she’s not dead.  Where would we bury the body?

DV: O_o


 Bethany:  Hey there Georgie.  Wanna glass of champagne?

Georgie:  No thanks.  I really shouldn’t be drinking until after the nooboo arrives.


Bethany: Who said anything about drinking?


 Georgie:  Don’t you dare Bethany Atkins!!


Screenshot-36DV: Glad you decided to return to the party Sim!Garg.

Sim!Garg: Well, I didn’t want to miss Stripper #1.  He’s already down to his skivvies.

DV: Um, yeah.  Go have another drink.


 Stripper #2:  Hey there sexy lady.  So you seeing anyone?

Jolie:  Yeah, my husband.

Stripper #2:  *sad face*


 DV: It’s Gordon!!

Gordon:  How you doin’?


 DV: Where are you going?

Bethany:  I can’t be late for my first day on the job.

DV: If you can tell, she’s in the Ghosthunting profession.


 Georgie:  Oh gawd!

Suzette: Whoa, that smarts.


 DV: What’s wrong with you Randall?

Randall: I wanted to be the next Boudreaux to have a baby.

DV: You are way too old.

Randall:  You’re mean.

DV: And your a crotchety old man.


 DV: Georgie was so exhausted she hopped into a bunk and went to sleep.


 Gordon:  This stinks!  I wanted the top bunk!

DV: What is up with the moody men?  Put away your vagina Gordon and pick another bed.

Beth promo 1

 DV: Bethany is doing really well on her first day.  A promotion already.


 Sim!Garg:  ehh..I’ve seen bigger.


 Jolie: Frammit!  I broke the dishwasher and now there’s water everywhere.

DV:  It’s okay.  Leave it for the maid.


Sucky Maid: Yeah, I’m on my break.


DV: Worst maid ever!!  She tossed her juice on the floor and then left without doing a damn thing!



egg and cheese plants

 DV: Oooo, cheeseplants



Screenshot-53Graham: These Late Night elevators are so fucking slow!  Do something Uncle Gaston.


 Gaston:  My pleasure…


 Randall:  No, it’s all mine.


 Guy:  I think I’ll take the stair.

Tony:  That’s kind of awesome.


 Lafayette:  I do not like you vampire.

Tony:  Yeah, well your bachelor party music sucks ass.

Screenshot-60Lafayette: Is Dad okay?

Gaston: Yes son.  He just thinks he’s a dog right now.

Lafayette:  Uh, ok…


 Lafayette:  Well, I guess it’ll be up to you make the speech.


 Gaston: Only if you promise me grandchilren.

Lafayette: Done!


 DV: It must have been a pretty unmoving speech.  Everyone ignored him.

Bouncer: I’m on to you Kenton Boudreaux.


 Randall:  That’s a fantastic idea Mr. Spout.


 Randall:  Hey there sexy lady.  Drinks all around!  And make mine flamin’.


Randall: Excellent….


 Randall:  What is that awful music?


 Unknown Guest:  Yes!  She’s so hot!


 DV:  Really?  You set up behind the bar?


 DV: Oh gawd!  See, not every Boudreaux is good looking.  This is Georgie and Lenny’s son, Derrick.


 Lafayette: This bar has a really nice view.

DV: Stop being skeevy.



It's Gaston's Bday

DV: Sweet, now I don’t have to throw another party.


Gaston:  OH! My back!


DV: *shudders*

Gaston: Fix it!!


Gaston: Whew.  That’s better.

DV: Infinitely.


Gaston: I remember when I was young and handsome like you Kenton.

Kenton:  You smell like old people.

Gaston:  You’re a jackass.


Randall: So I said, “What the hell!  Bring on the chicken grease!”

Lafayette: nom, nom, nom



The bachelor party was finally over.  Lafayette was so hopped up on energy drinks that he couldn’t sleep.  So he broke out the telescope.

Lafayette names a star after beth

DV: Aww, that’s so sweet.





DV: Ack!  I didn’t take any pics because I was too busy trying to save the legacy heir.  But yeah, there was a huge fire.


DV: and the firemen came.

fined for calling the fire department

DV: and then scolded us.


DV: Screw you Carmello Mallory!  You’re a sanctimonious bastard! And you’re name sounds like a candy bar.

Carmello:  And I taste just as good.

DV: *saving Carmello to bin*



bethany promo 1

DV: Bethany got another promotion.  She’s now a Spooky Noise Silencer.



gaston's team won game

DV: Gaston’s Team kick ass on their latest game.  Not bad for an old man!



Uh oh.  Sim!Garg is getting down.  Must be a Boudreaux party!


Sim!Garg:  Not just any party.  It’s a Boudreaux Wedding.


Randall: Look it here, Bartender.  These are pics of my kids.  Soon I’ll be able to throw these out and replace them with grandchildren.

Bartender:  Don’t you already have 2 grandchilden?

Randall:  Those don’t count.  They’re not legacy nooboos.

DV: Randall!!



Gaston:  Frammit!  This steam is fucking hot!


Gaston:  Come on!  I just won a game.  I need some energy for my son’s wedding.  Randall!  Go put on your formal wear.


Randall: Ponies don’t have formal wear.


Graham:  You so crazy Uncle Randall!






Today, Lafayette, I join my life to yours, not merely as your wife,
but as your friend, your lover, and your confidant.
With you I will walk my path from this day forward

I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have,



Today, Bethany, I join my life to yours, not merely as your husband,
Let me be the shoulder you lean on, the rock on which you rest, the companion of your life.
With you I will walk my path from this day forward

I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have.


Sabine: It’s so beautiful!! *sobbing*

Suzette: Seriously?

Georgie: *sniffle*


And by the power vested in me by, uh, me.  I now pronounce you Legacy Heir and Spouse.



Next time on The Legacy:  An update from Lis & Matt. And a new house for the new couple.

Thanks for reading!



Just a little something…

It’s been practically forever since I updated The Boudreauxs.  It makes me sad too.  But I’m slowly writing the next update.  I’m taking a summer class right now, Human Anatomy and Physiology II.  It’s pretty much kicking my ass.  So I study all the time, which leaves very little time for simming.

So, I thought I’d make a little post to tide us over until the next chapter is up.  Here is a list of the more, uh, “interesting” search terms that bring people to my site (in no particular order):

yeti girl

seksi mens

wonder woman sexy gargantua

built like a brick house

woman sliding down the pole photos

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women built like brick shit house

maria boobs

girl with laser beams


1.4 times .21

depressing birthday party photos

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“i’m just as baffled as you are”

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i finally got her to go skinny dipping

geobe sex videos

i really have to pee on you

hot bunny women skinny dipping

pictures of big shovels

Some of these are really baffling and I have no clue how they relate to my legacy.  Probably a good thing my mother doesn’t read my blogs.  lol   Until next time…



Viva la France!

(click to enlarge)


On the back: View of “La dame de fer” from the jet.


On the back: The backyard of the estate we’re renting.  It’s every bit as palatial as it looks!


On the back:  Matthew and I took Vlad to the park.  You can see “The Iron Lady” in the background.


On the back: The view from the second story balcony of the estate.  Beautiful!


Where We Are Now…

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Where in the World are they

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